Yu Gi Oh For Playstation
  • :doh: ive beat it but when i get codes and hints alot of them wont work like obelsic the tormentor as well as card codes. any suggestions? :doh: :doh: :doh: :doh:
  • I dont know much about the game, but if you are going to ask a ps1 question please ask it in the ps1 question section of the forum. :)
  • You're going to be a little clearer with your question here. Maybe there are some specific hints or tips you would like. I haven't played the game but i can find you the info if you know exactly what you want. Also, moving this into the PSOne Gaming question area. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • i sugest you dont use codes and think of a good stratagy like placing a good magic card like dark hole and then place your bad monsters and then flip dark hole

    or you can place a monster with 2000 atk or higher and make it stronger with a magick cards

    its like when you play the real game think of all of your cards then make a stratigy

    so if you need more tips like these let me know aghit oh 1 more tip

    you have have to use traps and magicks in order to make it possibole so like dain keto the cure master use her when you have 1000 life points or less then your up to 2000 life points ok

    mastered duelest