Lord Of The Rings
  • ok the way this works in Lord of the Rings Trivia only Lord of the Rings or other tolkein book questions please thank you.

    What was the name of the hobbit boy that smegol killed to get the ring?

    This is kindof a hard question but I didn't want people to be able to just watch the movie and know the answer.
  • absolutly correct had to wait a while but at least there is one Lord of the rings fan here! You my friend have the floor! :notworthy:
  • Alright, thanks, Heres a really tough one, what was the name of Sauron's only Vampire Servant. Thats really tough, I'll be suprised if anyone gets it right away :unsure:
  • I don't recall any reference to a vampire in any of Tolkiens works. Are you sure about that?
  • I have my own personal obsession with vampires and I don't know of any in all of Tolkeins works but I will look! :shy:
  • nope he is right it does exist. Here my friend is the answer!

  • Great job sniper viper, your turn to post agian, and I do believe thats the exact paragraph from the encyclopedia of Arda, am I right?
  • corect !! hehe well i love lord of the rings but i havent been around so throw one at me k :rules:
  • ok you caught me, I did use the encyclopedia which can be found maybe in its entirety on the internet, if you look hard enough.:clap: However I didn't copy, I simply read and explained.

    For any other people out there that read this, it is ok to look up the answers, it just shows how much of a Tolkein psycho you really are.

    Anyway here is my next question

    Who was Gandalf's cousin?

    And like unto Gandalf he had another name. One of Gandalf's was Mithrandir, what was his other name.

    Koodos to those who can answer the first but to get the floor you must answer the second.

    Please if you had to look it up tell me, it will give me a warm and fuzzy feelin inside. :shy:
  • Hey sniper viper I'm gonna answer this one again, just cause.

    Gandalf's Cousin is of course Radagast the Brown, and Gandalf has more than 2 names there are three more, Incanus, Olorin, Tharkun. All different names for Gandalf, Incanus was his name in the south. Olorin, was his name when he was of The Maia. Tharkun is his dwarvish name. finito :clap: I just looked it up hehehe
  • Da Pusher

    I want the other name of Radagast.

    Then you can have the floor.
  • Aiwendil, ta da.
  • sweet give it to the starvin masses! Make it a really hard one.
  • Originally posted by Sniper Viper@Jul 18 2003, 07:24 PM
    Who was Gandalf's cousin?

    That question is a bold and illogical leap. Nowhere in the text(s) is any kinship of Gandalf's established, other than to say he was "of the people of," as the Maiar were "of the people of" the Valar. (Olorin, of Manwe and Varda/ Curumo, of Aule/ and Aiwendil, of Yavanna) In diologue, Gandalf may refer to Radagast as his cousin, but that is simply a literary device of Tolkien's to show similarity/familiarity/history. The Istari were five very different (and arguably unrelated) "people," and though they left their home with a single purpose, their newfound limitations led them astray, and only one returned.

    Gandalf was cousin to Radagast no more than he was cousin to Sauron or those two fools who vanished into the East.

    I like the premise of this thread.

    Ps. Deagol and Smeagol were/are certainly not hobbits, though their people may be hobbit-like.
  • Ok, one thing, it is said in the Hobbit, quote i guess, "You may have met my cousin Radagast" he says this to Beorn, For a fact.

    Anyways heres the new one, two part question. What was the most well known name of The Lord of The Nazgul, and what is his original name, before his corruption.
  • As for Gandalf's conversation with Beorn, it's a perfect example of Tolkien's use of the aforementioned literary device, don't you think? In Gandalf's description of Beorn to the Hobbits, he's described as unlearned but trustworthy, and a fierce ally. Precisely the type to oversimplify an explanation to.

    Also, kudos to you, for it seems you have access to volumes I do not. I know of no name for the Witch-King. Khamul the Shadow of the East is the only one named in my limited library.

    I retract my kudos. After a little online research, I think I've found the source of your information, and it is not "text". Writings other than Tolkien's are no more legitimate for this thread(IMO) than the films, regardless of their professed intent, or perceived accuracy. Murazor is a pretty cool name, though.

    Khamul is the only one of the nine named in the text.
  • I find that a bit insulting, yet you are right, you got the most well known name down somewhat, The Witch-King of Angmar and yes his name is Khamul, you have the post.
  • I apologize if I have offended you, but I feel close to these stories (as most do, and I'm sure you do, too) and I strive for accuracy. That being said, I must object to Khamul being named as the Witch-King of Angmar, for it is not so.

    I quote from Unfinished Tales I,

    "Therefore when Osgiliath was taken and the bridge broken Sauron stayed the assault, and the Nazgul were ordered to begin the search for the Ring. But Sauron did not underesteem the powers and vigilance of the Wise, and the Nazgul were commanded to act as secretly as they could. Now at that time the Chieftain of the Ringwraiths dwelt in Minas Morgul with six companions, while the second to the Chief, Khamul the Shadow of the East, abode in Dol Guldur as Sauron's lieutenant, with one other as a messenger."

    However, I will take the asking privelege:

    Why was Mormegil's blade black?
  • Eol the dark elf forged it and he put his dark heart into the sword. It would not abide with the wielder long nor would it like the wielder.

    The reason it was black however was because it was made of a steel as strong as the dwarves's, galvorn, which is a jet black metal.

    Is that good enough!!
  • Originally posted by WreckinBall@Jul 21 2003, 09:48 PM
    Writings other than Tolkien's are no more legitimate for this thread(IMO) than the films, regardless of their professed intent, or perceived accuracy.

    Oh, those of quick mouth and slow eyes. :blink:

    In case you're confused, the "(IMO)" part of my previous post means specifically, "In My Opinion." By stating my opinion, I am putting words nor anything else in your mouth, and I am put off by the accusation/invitation. When one starts a trivia thread, accuracy is usually important. With you and yours, it is obviously otherwise.

    As for your answer, it is close enough.
    The right to ask is yours.....
  • ok what was the name of the settlement in the westfarthing, that was the location of the Great Smials?
  • Originally posted by Sniper Viper@Jul 30 2003, 07:24 PM
    Opinions are like butt holes, everybody has one and usually they all stink!

    I'll trust to your expertise on that matter.

    I think you should read a little closer, or perhaps not take things so personally. Everything out of my mouth has certainly not been negative, especially towards another member (until now, I suppose). As for being too precise, I don't think I am, nor do I think one can be. One is either correct or not, and apparently you are offended by being held to such a standard. That really is a shame. These forums are truly in decline if a member cannot be held accountable for his/her statements without sinking to name-calling, and BTW (that means "By the Way"), starting a thread generally doesn't give a member the right to determine which answers are correct or not, nor any sense of ownership of the content. Usually, it's a good way to exchange information with other members.

    As for the rest, I refer to a signature used previously by a member here: " Arguing on the internet is like racing in the Special Olympics, even if you win, you're still retarded."

    Life's too short to deal with you and your ilk. Have fun with your made-up trivia. I'm sure you'll enjoy your thread, for I've been told that ignorance is bliss.

    Rotsa Ruck!
  • Originally posted by WreckinBall@Jul 31 2003, 07:47 AM
    As for the rest, I refer to a signature used previously by a member here: " Arguing on the internet is like racing in the Special Olympics, even if you win, you're still retarded."

    I'm flattered.

    Anyway, is the answer Tuckborough.
  • yes the answer is tuckborough

    you have the floor Knight of Gondor! haha little spin on ur name!
  • [quote]Originally posted by Sniper Viper@Jul 31 2003, 01:38 PM
    [b]thank God he is gone!

    anyway yes the answer is tuckborough
  • Floor's open.
  • In that case I'll take the helm again and ask to what Valar did Sauron belong to before he joined Morgoth?
  • u r gifted plz take the floor this time :clap:
  • What two languages did Tolkien base his elfish on.
  • welsh and finnish?

    I think that is right
  • As far as I know it is.Although it was based on Karelian which is a dialect of Finnish.
  • I did not know that.

    ok next question.

    who was the only rider sent by Steward Cirion of Gondor to return from seeking aid from the northmen in war?
  • Borondir was the only one of the six to return.

    Good question.
  • exactly correct and thank you!

    You have the floor. :clap: :shy:
  • Thank you.

    What city was home to the folk of the Hammer of Wrath?
  • Ummm, Gondolin.
  • Aye, GK. Nicely done. Ask as you will.......
  • Since I'm out of questions; What is the page amount of the original 1'st print of Fellowship of the ring.
  • Ha!........I'm out.
  • I have no idea!

    :doh: :think: :unsure: :cry: :shy:
  • Can I take the fact that you two don't have an idea about the answer as a hint to change the question.
  • could be? or just say the answer and give another I can't find anything on the original copy anywhere!
  • I've never seen a first edition, nor do I know where to find one. However, that doesn't mean that another member here cannot answer it. I say, give it a day or two for others to chime in (not that anyone cares to hear what I say, but it might work)
  • I wouldn't know, I'm niether old enough or rich enough to know that, because either you'd have to be old enough to buy it when it wasnt worth as much, or rich to buy it now. or just plain lucky and have had a chance to look at an original copy.
  • I e-mailed Gabriel Knight to post another question but it seems that he hasnt gotten it or doesn't have another so...

    I guess if you want to wait for his question that is fine but I'd like to see this thread umm moving to say the least. wreckinball, you answered the last question correctly before Knight got one so I think you are entitled to decide whether or not we wait or you can post a new question if ya like.
  • Our statements will keep the thread on the front page, and I prefer to stand on precedent and wait for GK to exercise his earned prerogative as the poser (poseur? :woot:) of the question. Let's give it a day or two.
  • Okay you vultures, new question.

    What is Mithril.
  • It's a multi-used metal found in few places in Middle-Earth. The richest deposits were found(?) deep below the inhabited areas of the Dwerrowdelf, and was mostly responsible for the great wealth of Khazad-Dum, as it is highly valued and brought wealth to those who mined it.
  • Correct, continue.
  • Thank you very much, don't mind if I do......

    In FOTR, at the council which decided the fate of Sauron's ring, whom of those present (who have been named in text) had first-hand knowledge of what happened when the city of Gondolin was destroyed.
  • Galdor and I think that was it wasn't it I mean Elrond was born close to that time but it was after the fall, and Glorfindel was a name of a person that was at the counsil but according to text the Glorfindel that was present at the battle died at the hands of the King of Balrogs.

    And through a little further research it seems that the spirit of Glorfindel was re-embodied by the Valar to create Glorfindel of Rivendell. Ha there it is so Galdor and Glorfindel kinda!

    Good question, had to pull out the books for that one!
  • Pull some more.

    Galdor is right.

    I'll give you Glorfindel, as I'm not willing to undertake the debate. However, fair-haired Glorfindel did not die at the hands of Gothmog. Perhaps you confused him with pointy-helmed Ecthelion?

    One more name is needed to satisfy the question as I posed it.
  • You are exactly correct I was a little hasty in my info gathering and put the king of Balrogs when actually it just said a balrog.

    The last person by process of elimination is Erestor although I would love to find out where info on his role during the time of the fall of Gondolin if you'd be so kind.

    Just curious do you buy the whole spirit revived by Valar or are you sayin it is a different guy all together his mommy and daddy just named him after a great legend from the past?
  • Of Erestor all that I know (that is, if I'm not confusing him with another) is that he was Elrond's chief councillor, and that he was more or less "on loan" from Cirdan. Why Cirdan did not go to the council is the mystery to me. However, Erestor is not the Elf of whom I ask. The agelessness of the Elves is the tripping-up point here.

    As to your question, no I do not buy the "resurrected by the Valar" thing. If Glorfindel had indeed been resurrected, why would he return to Middle Earth? Also, when and how did he return to Middle Earth? He would have had to have been shipmates of the Istari, and it says in text that only Cirdan marked their arrival. Tolkien did mention in some notes and in a letter or two (I could be wrong, again :bash: ) that Glorfindel revisited Gondolin after it's sacking with Earendil, and that would definitely require him to be both alive and in Middle Earth. That being said, this is exactly why I said I didn't want to get in a debate, because viable cases can be made for both sides, and in the end, all that's left is conjecture.

    In my opinion, it's a different Glorfindel. Do you think the slayer of one of Morgoth's Valarauki would run from the Nazgul? I think he could do to all nine what Eowyn to the leader, even with a wounded Hobbit in-tow.

    As for the question:

    2nd Hint: The character I'm looking for resided in Gondolin among the people of the House of the Tree.

    Ps. I'm beginning to think my query is in error, but for now, I'm going with it. :shy:
  • I tried to research it but according to the Fellowship of the ring and the whole chapter of the counsil of Elrond the names below are the only ones present. Also according to the book of arda these names that I actually was reading and writing them down as I went were confirmed.

  • Close enough.

    Legolas Greenleaf made his home in Gondolin. He resided with the folk of the House of the Tree, and he made his way out of the sacking in the company of Idril, Tuor, Earendil, Glorfindel, and the rest. He witnessed the fall of Glorfindel and all of it first-hand.

    I mentioned that my query may be in error, as I've found one source that lists two Legolas Greenleafs in the Text. However, as I also mentioned, I'm goin' with it.

    You answered correctly, now you may ask. :clap:

    Ps. The part that's tripping me up is that Legolas counts himself a Silvan Elf and not Sindar.
  • Whew that was a tough one!!!!

    I'm interested in where you found that info cause I'd like to read about that if I could.

    Ok next question.

    Who was the King of Numenor during the time when the three rings were forged and Sauron forged his own master ring? And who took his place as King after he died?
  • Ahem.

    Pardon me Viper, but Sauron's hand never sullied the three. Just as he made the ruling ring alone, so Celebrimdor forged the three. Granted, he was only able to do so with knowledge he gained through working with Sauron/Annatar, but they are his work. Kinda like his grandfather, in that he created three things of great beauty and power that the fate of his people are intertwined with, no?

    As for who was ruling Atalante* at the time of the forging of the three (regardless of who made them) is a very good question. I'm going to guess and say Tar-Surion. He was succeeded by his daughter, Telperien, who became the second ruling Queen of the Land of Gift, Tar-Telperien. However, she received the sceptre while Tar-Surion was still very much alive.

    As for where I found the info., I did it the old-fashioned way, I read it. Look into acquiring the volumes that are the Unfinished Tales, as well as The Book of Lost Tales, I and II, the letters of J.R.R. Tolkien, and the list of what seems like endless volumes which make up The History of Middle Earth. This additional text opens up new worlds of thought and sometimes additional themes and ideas for the characters that are already familiar. Flying ships, steel coated dragons, time travel, all these things were contemplated by Tolkien. It's interesting reading, for sure.

    * Smacks of a legendary lost continent, don't it? :blink:
  • Yeah yeah so I got one little itty bitty thing wrong lol

    Anyways it was a trick question but ur close enough. The question was worded with he when actually it was a she that was ruling at the time. The Second Queen which you did elude to in your answer, is correct and I must give you koodos for that. However, now knowing that u missed it by one generation, can you tell me who it was that suceeded her.

    Oh and I have the Lost tales 1 and 2 and the unfinished tales, just haven't gotten around to readin them yet, heck I'm just a little boy lol j/k anyway I looked in the index (cheating) and Legolas wasn't in there so no no I take that back I didn't actaully look for Legolas cause I kinda ruled him out I'll check on that :shy:
  • [quote]Originally posted by Sniper Viper@Aug 16 2003, 04:22 PM
    [b] The Second Queen which you did elude to in your answer, is correct and I must give you koodos for that.
  • wow ur old lol yeah thats the right answer good job!

    Proceed oh wise and old one j/k.
  • Thank you.

    Name the seven Kingdoms of the Dwarves, and what was rumoured to be at the heart of each of their treasuries?
  • Welp wreckinball that is a tough question and I wish I had time to answer it but, I am leaving for college in about a week and last minute preperation for it is gonna put a big strain on me as it is.

    I guess since this is the one thread I spent the most if not my complete and only time in, I should tell the people who made it stay on the front page. I am probably not going to be posting ever again. I regret to inform the people of this thread and of this site that I must renounce my position as api member. ITs been awesome. However, in my dieing resign I'd like to make one request. That this thread will remain. I believe there is enough interest to make it last. Wreckinball, and Gabriel Knight, and Da Pusher have been the biggest contributers, I hope that if no more come you three will continue to post, and try to stump oneanother with a truly remarkable man and his works.

    Thank you for the brain streaching and the fun, and wreckinball, for the fight lol. I publicly apologize!

    Goodbye, and wish me luck, I'm gonna be up with the big boys.

    Thanks again.
  • Godspeed, and good luck.