• While out shopping on Monday (for Wild Arms 3) I was told by a certain store's clerk that Wild Arms 3 had only about a few hundred 'copies' (legal ones) made, so it's a relatively 'rare' game and would be hard to find, I should go to an electronics specialty store, it's not being mass-produced and shipped to stores like Wally-Mart etc. Have any of you heard this? I was surprised to hear it..... especially when I went to Kay-eee-Mart and found it!! It was in the bottom row, not up front where the games are usually put 'face-forward' so you can see the fronts, but in the BACK row all the way on the bottom!! Good thing I'm stubborn! hehehee
    I sat down on the floor and peered through the glass, head tilted sideways to read the titles through the dirty glass,..... saw "Wild Arms....." GLARE!! Was that a 3!?!?!?
    Told my son to run and get the clerk, to unlock the glass door, and there it was!!! :woot: Only $25 too!! Why was it shoved all the way in the back of the bottom shelf!?!?!

    Well, anyway, I was just wondering if you all had heard that 'story' too...about it being pretty 'rare'. ??
  • Wild Arms 3.Rare.Then how come I see it in nearly every store around here.
  • I have not heard this. But based on my idea, I think your store clerk is a little queezy in the head. If they had only about a hundred legal copies of the game, then why would they put the game on demo disc and ship it out to tens of thousands of gamers...in which only a small percentage would decide they didn't like the game? I have not heard this story...and now that I've heard it I don't believe it...although it doesn't bother me since I'm not shopping for PS2 games anyway.

    Congrats on your new Wild Arms game Suze, keep an eye out for Jet. He's the coolest.
  • Wild Arms 3 is most definitely not a rare game. Published by Sony, WA3 was highly touted when it was released. Sure it's not one of Sony's top sellers but it's still being produced and shipped to stores. The price on the game has been lowered due to the lower than expected sales. I paid $34 for mine when it came out(after my discount).

    Oh, and enjoy the game and if you have any questions then feel free to ask me.......Cause i probably got stuck there at one point too. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.

  • Just as I suspected... the guy was is a total dweeb!!! Well, I figured I'd find out the truth if I asked in here! Thanks all!!

    Oh, and an extra thanks to you Mad, for the offer of help!
    I've only just arrived to Jolly Ranger (if I recall the name correctly) last night, but I'll get more gaming time in this weekend! :woot: Excellent so far, and yes Red, Jet is cool, but I think Clive is my favourite so far... love those glasses!! :D