What Is Going On In Your Life?
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    [b]I am so sorry to hear that Suze, I hope all gets better for ya in a hurry.

    WooHoo!!! 1700 posts
    :flex: [/b]

    Now that was mean. [/b][/quote]
    :notworthy: My apologizes if that came out wrong, Suze knows I care.

    Glad to hear that all is on the mend.
  • Well those of you who were around in the Livechat a few days ago saw me in a stupid depression. I have come to let you all know that it has finally subsided. My heart is much lighter now and I finally figured out what was making my weekend so bad. Hopefully this weekend won't be a relapse. :peace:
  • my ps broke and igot nothing to do thats what is happening in my life :bash: :bash:
  • Originally posted by Devilchild@May 5 2003, 02:07 PM

    [b] :notworthy: My apologizes if that came out wrong, Suze knows I care.

    Glad to hear that all is on the mend.

    I know you care Dear, I never took it the wrong way at all! :wub:

    Dunno what's gotten into me the past few days but boy am I in a funk!! Haven't been on here in a few days... not even on my computer!! Haven't played any PS either! Just don't seem to care about anything, or to put it more accurately, I can't seem to muster up any 'care for anything'. Just feel like crawling into a dark cave and sleep and :cry: for a couple of months and hope that when I crawl back out I feel better. This is no fun, I hate it!!! Nothing is enjoyable to me; cooking, playing PS, reading... even eating!! Now ya know it's bad when I don't even care to eat!!! ........

    OH POOH!!!!!
  • Sincerely i've had a major breakdown... Nah.... only kidding... My mom just realised I've been reading to much Games Magazines... and asked me why am i reading so much the magazines...one answer E3... :rules: ... well, word is that I won 2 games at a magazine contest... Phantasy Star Onlive Ver. I and II for Gamecube and 007 Nightfire for PS2... Well, i can admite 1 thing... life is full of surprises... nobody understands me.... lol
  • I just took a big dive in a couple days. I was all happy for a good amount of this week until about yesterday. My cousin(who is a day younger than me) has caused a big stir up in my family and I have been trying to act nice to him..though at the same time...I wanna tell him exactly how bad he is. I've been having mixed feelings about that subject for awhile. Usually this time would be the mood I would be in in order to compose a new poem...but I simply can't put my emotions down on paper because I honestly don't know what I'm feeling. Also just today my grandpa got taken into the hospital. I can't bring myself to go visit him because I don't wanna see the attrocious site of him after a heart attack...much less see him in pain. This week has been my biggest downfall of a week as it can get. It can only get worse from here on out.. :cry:

    If any of you have read Sandra Cisneros's The House on Mango Street the way Esperanza acted in the chapter titled "The Monkey Garden"....That's exactly what I feel like right now. I just wanna roll up and die.
  • Am sorry to hear about your Grandfather Red. But if I could offer just one little piece of advice????
    That would be, to go visit him. I know you expressed your reasons, why you'd rather not. And although I understand them, I do however think, maybe in this case you should try and over-look them? I'm sure a visit from you, would definitly 'make his day :D and no doubt greatly aid in his recovery!?
    Just think on it a little? See how you feel in a day or so, maybe?
    As for your cousin, mayhap he does need a bit of 'shake-up'! If he has been as detrimental as you say, then talk to him. You don't have to relay it all, you pick and choose which/what disturbs you the most about him. Or let him have it all.....if you wish? There is another way? And that's to try and avoid him! Not so easily done with a family member.....but still, you could give it a go?
    I doubt if I've helped much? I hope so. But if you ever need me......you know where I am.

    Congrats on the new games!!!! :clap: I hope you enjoy them.

    Am so sorry to hear you're not quite feeling yourself!!!
    :hug: :hug: You know, I'm always here (or a phone call away.) if you ever need me!!! Don't hesitate......(wish I could be more articulate right now, but it's quite late, well it is if you've spent nearly 24hrs straight....awake! And me poor old brain left for bed 3hrs ago :blink: the body is just to dim to figure it out yet...hehehehe.)
  • Darkness and Light, Life and Death, good and Bad, Right and Wrong. Who makes the decisions for you? Depression is a terrible thing and it's one of those things that make you feel like nothing you do is the right thing and it feels like oyu're dying and falling into the darkness that spans your mind. How can one feel so bad? Why can't i fix the problem if i know what it is? Sometimes life isn't as easy as making a choice that is set out in front of you. Life is sometimes a very dark ideal in itself. Why must one feel so much pain to be happy? Or go through so much crap to make others happy? All answers that aren't easily answered by someone that isn't you. People always ask, "what's the secret of life?" Well, it's as easy as looking inside yourself and finding your deepest and darkest fears and making those fears what you live your life for. That sound weird enough for you? Well, i'll put it like this, if your fears are hidden, how will you ever overcome them and know what true happiness could feel like? You can't expect for everything in life to go right, nor can you expect that you'll always be happy. This world is full of death, fear, and darkness that transcends every thought and fear that you could ever have. The only way to overcome the world and it's problems is to understand that nothing you do will ever stop those problems, not at least while you're still on Earth. Suicide? Just another form of the darkness that consumes all that is known as death. Escapism? Suicide is not a form of this, Suicide is a form of murder, you're basically ending your own life but that won't solve your problems but just causing more. I won't get into my thoughts on death since we all have different beliefs but i think you all understand. What comes out of life? Wisdom? Possibly, but what is wisdom without life, and with life comes light. Just remember that life always will bring happiness to you, even if it takes it away in the next instant. All you can do is live your life for that fleeting bit of happiness. Do everything you can to live your life for the knowledge of happiness.
  • i know its hard red, but think of how happy ur grandpa will be to see you !!

    i didnt really want to go with my parents to visitr my great grandmother in hospital at christmas, she was hardly recogniseable but im glad i did as she passed away soon after and im so glad i got this last chance to say goodbye
  • Kenny,

    I have this to say, go visit your Grandpa. You won't regret it and I know he certainly won't.


    I don't know if you or anyone has ever mentioned this to you before but have you ever tried or considered counselling?

    You seem to go through this 'depression' state every few months. Try some counselling it should help your depression and possibly your insomnia.

    As for myself... I have quit smoking. I feel great and feel like I could do anything. :flex:
  • Congrat's on the no-smoking, Rex!!!! Thats wonderful to hear :clap:
    I'm hoping to join that 'club', in not so distant future???
    I'll probably resort to 'patches', or gum though. Don't think I could do it 'cold-turkey'? Not that I don't have "will-power".....have lots of that!!!.....Just suffer from a lack of "Won't Power"!!! As in, 'I won't have another ciggie.....hehe.

  • I started 'quitting' on Wednesday (had my 'last one' on the way home from work) and I was at a wedding reception last night and had two. I was very surprised that they didn't do for me what I thought they would have. I got a head rush from the first one and the second one did nothing for me at all. No satisfaction, no head rush, nothing.

    It is really a great feeling. Already my lungs feel different.

    Just so you know I will not be one of these anti-smoker preachers.
  • Good for you Rex. I'm glad you finally reached to where you don't feel satisfied with cigs anymore. I hope your lungs continue to feel nice.

    Well guys. Thanks for all your caring PMs and sympathy over IMs. I have finally found out that my grandpa is home and doing well. Although his heart pencentage of it working has decreased (used to be 30%..but based on his recent angeogram[spelling?] it is 25%) I am glad he is finally home and he still lives amoung me and my family.

    As far as my cousin goes...I have finally blown that problem off my back. I talked to him recently and found he is doing better and he has changed so much. He is exactly like the cousin that was once my best friend. It's a miracle what him being single can do to how he acts. I am glad he has changed for the better.

    Don't feel so much on the deep end anymore. In fact, a few days ago I got a letter saying I was nominated for Who's Who Among American High School Students. They're giving out over 200,000 dollars in college scholarships and all I could say when I read it was "W00T!!"

    Once again, thanks to all of you who posted here, sent me a PM, talked to me over IM or in the Livechat. Your sympathy has helped me greatly. I would say Thank you though I'm sure a Thank you will not suffice to how much greatfulness I feel towards all of you. :hug:

  • Bid, are you persistant, or are you obstinant!? Remember,.......
    "The difference between perseverance and obstinacy is that one comes from a strong will, and the other from a strong won't."
    --Henry Ward Beecher
  • I used to smoke cigarettes a long time ago... one day I just started chewing toothpicks instead and it worked. I still smoke my cigars... mostly when fishing or on the boat. Very rarely at home at if so, it's outside while relaxing.

    As far as goings on. I'm off graveyards until July or August. Now on days which is *much* better for me and the family.

    Trout season is here and me and my oldest son will be hitting the lakes more and more. Plus the weather is getting nice finally. I think this year my 4 yr old daughter will be joining us alot more as she has really began to show interest!. I already have pictures of her with her first fish right next to my son's. :clap:

    The boat is ready and I'm off to the lake today! Life is good!
  • Well right now in my life... i'm about to start my GCSE exam's, i have my first tommorrow (a lovely Spanish oral!) and considering i've been doing Spanish for 2 year's, and i still can't count to 20. I think i might struggle...

    Over the next month i've got 13 exam's... wish me luck!! :blink:
  • Good luck dan hope you do well! :peace:

    It must be so boring just revising, revising, revising all the time :tired: :bash: :doh:

    Oh well hope you do well!
  • Originally posted by ali-g7@May 12 2003, 07:59 PM
    It must be so boring just revising, revising, revising all the time

    You're right, it probably would be! ;) Hmmm... :D :unsure:
  • [quote]Originally posted by Daniel M STAFF@May 12 2003, 10:28 AM
    [b]Over the next month i've got 13 exam's... wish me luck!!
  • HaHa dan!

    I have found another person who dosn't revise :rules:

    Join the club! :P :D
  • Managed to blag my through the oral exam and did very well!! Thanks to a prepared 30 second speach and some revising at 11 p.m last night!

    I'm very happy at the moment!! I've got another exam tommorrow, a business studies exam... it's multiple choice, and here's an example of a question from a previous year's paper... however i don't think you'll learn much from it!!! LOL!

    Question 1.


    The text shown is...

    A Lower case bold
    B Upper case bold
    C Lower case italic
    D Upper case italic

    Question 2.

    You can contact Mr Green by sending an e-mail tp

    A Ridgewood Community Hall
    B [email]frankgreen@miniserve.com[/email]
    C 01768 923450
    D Barmford

    Question 3.

    Joan Neary has asked for her details to be removed from the mailing list. To do so her details must be.

    A Duplicated
    B Recorded
    C Deleted
    D Copied

    Question 4.

    Cables used to connect computers are a hazard if they

    A Lie across the surface of the floor
    B Are placed in the channels under the floor
    C Are in cable ducts along the back of desks
    D Run along the ceiling then straight down to each computer[/b]

    I kid you not... these are actual exam question's!!! There's 40 question's altogether.

    Answer's on a postcard... ;) :woot:
  • Watch out Dan, don't let the apparent easyness of the exam fool you.

    Buisness and economics practice some kind of upside down logic and for all you know the most stupid answer can be the correct one.
    It is the work of evil forces I tell you, be ware.

    Did I mention that I have failed two economics exams?! ;)
  • What! Thats the exam! Even I know most of the exams awnsers on there and i'm only 12! :2cool:

    Well done on revising 11:pm at night. Your just like me! I revise at about ten till about 10:10 :tired: but I still do well!
  • The exam was, how can i put it... a piece of p!ss! :D

    So.. that's 2 down, 12 to go!!! :unsure:

    And i have 2 On Monday alone... Spanish, reading and listening, followed by P.E. half an hour after!! ARGH!!!

    I'm gonna drift off this topic and onto another for a moment, with a random rant about the exam board!!! It has one month and a half to fit in all the GCSE exam's, and what does it do?? Put two on at the same day, at the same time and check this little run out...

    Monday 2nd June : Science Paper 1
    Tuesday 3rd June : Graphics Paper 1
    Wednesday 4th June: Maths
    Thursday 5th June: English Language Paper 1
    Monday 9th June a.m. : Science Paper 2
    Monday 9th June p.m. : English Language Paper 2

    : :cry:
  • :swear: hell!


    And I thought having end of year exams were bad! :cry:
  • I'm gonna drift off this topic and onto another for a moment, with a random rant about the exam board!!! It has one month and a half to fit in all the GCSE exam's, and what does it do?? Put two on at the same day, at the same time [/b]

    There probably because there differnt boards Dan, I had 3 board when doing my GCSE's last year. AQA, Edexcel and OCR.

    Now back to the topic, What happening in my life?

    AS level exams, had a modual re-sit today for Genral studies, have the other two moduals next wed. And on the 4th i have my 'Nazi' source paper for History and also my 'British forign policy and imperialism 1846-1902' exams.
    WooHoo :cry:
    I hate exams!!!!!!!!!! In class im fine, i can talk the hind legs off a donkey about all of the above subjects, ask me to write it down in an hour? :tired:
  • Originally posted by Theve1tch@May 14 2003, 07:25 PM
    And on the 4th i have my 'Nazi' source paper for History and also my 'British forign policy and imperialism 1846-1902' exams.

    Well that shouldn't be too much of a problem Matt, especially as you think in the same way as Hitler and all! :lol: :woot: ;)
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    [quote] <!--QuoteBegin-Theve1tch</i>
    @May 14 2003, 07:25 PM
    And on the 4th i have my 'Nazi' source paper for History and also my 'British forign policy and imperialism 1846-1902' exams.

    Well that shouldn't be too much of a problem Matt, especially as you think in the same way as Hitler and all! :lol: :woot: ;) [/b][/quote]
    Why i oughta............ :swear: Go to concentration, do not pass go, do collect 200 mark.
    Now Dan, look outside befor you next post, the man across the road is a member of the SS! keep that in mind when posting and you may be worked to death rather then just gased! :D :P

  • Hey all!!! This one has had a break long enough, so let me revitalize it!!

    The Polish Moron is at it again!!!

    Yesterday morning, while getting ready for work, I had stepped out of the shower (best way to dry off), put my right foot up on the ledge of the tub to dry off my leg, and my foot sliiiiipppppeeddd!!!!!! Into the bathtub went my right foot went, at a funky angle so that my toes were bent at the bend where the bottom of the tub meets the side. Along with that, my ankle turned inward, my upper body went down (since there was nothing to hold on to to stop the fall) and down I went, on my chest, onto the ledge of the tub, with my head half in the tub at a jaunty angle so that my left temple struck the corner of the ledge of the tub!! :doh: (at this point I was facing the back of the tub). This wasn't enough though, you see. My right foot, at its odd angle inside the wet tub, then decided to slip even farther, making me fall a bit more into the tub. I thrust out my right arm to the back wall of the tub in hopes to stop the farther fall, only to have it get caught up there, bending my right shoulder backwards, and in doing so, I slipped farther off the ledge of the tub, causing me to strike the front/top of my head on the back ledge of the tub, thereafter landing on my face into the tub. Double :doh: Well, after contemplating the EMT's finding me naked in my tub, or worse yet, having my son come home from school finding me lying in there nake, I hauled my carcass out of there, dressed and got ready for work, only to arrive late! (of course!!) The Dr. that I work with was already there, and took one look at me and asked "What the H3LL happened to you!?!" He sent me downstairs for X-rays, and we came to the conclusion that I have:
    Sprained 3 of the toes on my right foot,
    sprained my right ankle AND my right shoulder,
    AND got a concussion!!!!!!
    (oh yeah, and assorted bruises in some strange places!)

    I AM IN PAIN!!!!! :cry:

    I won't be on here long this evening, as sitting here with my foot hanging down like this makes it hurt, but I've missed you guys so much, I just had to pop in!!! :wub:

    Hope everyone is doing much better than I am!!!!!!!

  • I havent posted anything in this site for awhile I miss it. I'll probably be posting less since im so busy, and im not too proud.
    I dont know though...im still going to come here and post some new things. Thats one, and the other i dont want to discuss. I think i should just post more often in this site.
  • Well, earlier in my week I was against my dad. I told him off. Got grounded...and felt like crap. Then my mom found out that I have been depressed for a few months and so she said I need to go to counselling. The counselor didn't help me at all...he merely gave me some homework of which I don't think will help me..but I'll do it anyway. I can tell ya one thing now though...I'm gonna be sooo happy when I'm finally out of school.
  • Originally posted by Susan B STAFF@May 31 2003, 01:18 AM

    Well, after contemplating the EMT's finding me naked in my tub, or worse yet, having my son come home from school finding me lying in there nake, I hauled my carcass out of there, dressed and got ready for work

    Unusual for you Suze, i heard you like being naked :lol: :woot: ;)

    Hope you get much better soon Suze!!! I'm sure it's nothing a fresh batch of cookies and a LiveChat session can't heal!

    As for me... well i've just had 1 week break from my exams, but they start again on Monday... i've got 8 left, and 6 of them come in 8 days.

    Monday 2nd June : Science Paper 1
    Tuesday 3rd June : Graphics Paper 1
    Wednesday 4th June: Maths
    Thursday 5th June: English Language Paper 1
    Monday 9th June a.m. : Science Paper 2
    Monday 9th June p.m. : English Language Paper 2

  • Howzit !!!!

    It's been quite a few months since I last posted, so one heck of a lot has happened in the past few months. Think I'll need a few hours to go thru' it all and I don't want to bore you all so just the important things ok.

    First thing (and biggest).......... I am now divorced, got finalised last Friday. The last few months have been a bit blury as I have been partying hard so I don't think about the lying, stealing, cheating :swear: . Altho' I thaught it suked in the beggining I have come to realise she actually did me a favour. (many fish in the sea).

    My next door neighbour went mad and rammed her BMW M3 thu' my driveway gate and only because I told her to mind her own business. I always thaught she was a few beers short a six pack but that was a little bizare. She put a blanket over the bonnet of the car so she would not damage it :think: Duo' ! Not very bright.

    My beatifull GSXR is scrapped because some eeejit messed diesel in the road. When I hit the diesel, the front end slipped out and the bike slid under a car parked at the traffic light..... crunch. My luck she had a tow bar fitted to her car which just made things worse. I was not hurt tho' so that is a cool thing.

    On a happy but painfull note, I pierced my tongue last week and it rocks. The fact that I could not eat or talk properly for a few days is the price that has to be paid I guess.

    Well I still type as slow as a one fingered blind so I had better get going but will be back as soon as possible.

    Cheers, and it was good to see some familiar names round here.
  • Yey! Welcome back Shagger!! :D :D :D

    Nothing much going on in my life (I'm a boring git you see), but I took exams last week. Something to do with my high school, I dunno what though.

    And I'm also very happy cuz in seven weeks I break up for the summer, and I get loads of free time to be a slob and have nothing to do! ^_^
  • my life is about to take a drastic up-turn. Once windows 2000 is finished dling i can play my fav game. DIABLO 2!!!! :lol:
  • Welcome back Shag, sorry to hear about your misfortunes and I guess I'm happy to hear about your divorce.

    I got a CAT scan today for that thing on my neck that I described on the first post in this thread. I am really hoping to hear what the f :swear: k it is this week. So far I have been told a whole whopping absolutely nothing at all.

    So far I have had an ultrasound, biopsy and now a CAT scan.

    I would at least like to know what they have ruled out.
  • Well, In my life my friend just broke up with her boyfriend and hes pissed at me for like, hugging her and givin' her my sweater when shes cold and stuff, plus, I'm watching Pulp Fiction, Love that movie! :peace:
  • Sorry about your divorce SHAGGER...although I'm so happy you've returned! I was starting to miss ya!

    I just finished a huge project that I have been putting off for awhile...but I am finally happy that I got it all done. Now I just have another project to do. I am not afraid of doing the other project though. I'm afraid of presenting it.

    I just got RPGMaker in the mail after winning the bid off eBay. Makes me soo happy...and summer is almost here. I pray it comes quicker than it is.
  • I have been spending my time trying to get my dad to buy me a Ps2 since my Ps1's laser died a couple of months ago and dad cant be bothered repairing it! Anyway that is about it apart from a lot of school etc.

    :peace: OUT!
  • Woo hoo!! I am finally out of school! Although the last day of school was hardly how I expected it to be. During our last finals period, all of us were taking our final when suddenly a bell sounded. It wasn't our regular bell, nor the dismissal bell..the bell was just going off for no reason at all. Then, when the bells stopped, the PA came on saying that all classes had to go to their designated evacuation areas. My science teacher took us out to our are, called roll and everyone was there...then we heard a mutter about there being a bomb in front of our school. I heard from many people:

    "There's a black box with a blinking red light in the front of the school and they're calling the bomb squad if they're not already there."

    I looked around everywhere for my sister after hearing there was a bomb and I couldn't find her..but I later saw her anyway...and she was in one piece. The next twenty minutes was spent walking around the area talking to friends that were there...and hearing more about the "bomb". Then after awhile, the PA came on again saying we could leave once the bell rang. The bell rang and we were excused..although they wouldn't let us go back into the school to get our stuff for a few hours.

    So yeah, that's my day in a nutshell for ya. I'm here and alive and Daggers Lover is still alive too...but I'm confused as to what actually happened aside from my own personal experience.
  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! When i installed Win 2000 my internet screwed up because it wasnt a complete version. I hate Kazaa!!! I will have to wait to play D2 online. I need another new OS and i need more RAM. I can do without a sound card for now and i still need to buy the battle chest.

    As for my non-gaming life, ITS SUMMER!!!! im currently out of school. When i get back i'll be a Junior. Just two more years and i will be free.
  • Well, all I've been doing recently has been assignments, tests and studying. There has been way too many of them, and this week I have five tests and assignments to do, mixed with the five I did last week. Yep, it has been a lot of fun. I just spent five hours making a 10 minute video, I don't know why it took that long, but it did.

    Only two more weeks until the official holidays, so I can't wait until then. Movies, Playworks and Sanity, here I come.

    I can't believe I nearly forgot this, John and I are creating and managing a Reserve Grade Cricket team. We have so far gotten 8 definite yes' and one maybe. We shouldn't fair too badly because it is a very strong team (the people of which we have the definite yes')...although 15 and 16 year olds against 20-25 year olds, it does seem a bit unevenly matched sometimes. Well, I really hope our team does well.
  • With Fathers Day here my family just grew by 2.

    After our kitty heartbreak... we decided to venture out the real world and instead of kitties... we added two puppies to our clan.

    Both were being adopted from in front of our local grocery so no one can say they owned them. They are sisters and just about 8 weeks old and have already won our hearts. :wub:

    The names were easy when we got them together and saw how they acted.

    Bandit is all white female with black spots over each eye.

    Smokey is all black female with a white star on her chest.

    Yeppers... Smokey and the Bandit have taken over the house and all we can say is they are :stink: ing machines!! I never knew puppies could have so much output for so little input.

    Boomer still has yet to decide how he wants to handle them but has made it clear that even though he is a cat... he is still top dog in the house. :flex:
  • Whoop-dedoo!!!! After 14 fun-packed exams, I'M NOW FINISHED!! :disco:

    All i can say, is thank god that's over, now have a painful 2 months until we hear the results, and find out if they're the results we wanted... the wait is going to be unbearable and the results day is going to be the most nervous of my life, but at least the exams are over. What's done is done and i can start to enjoy summer!!

  • Well now I went to see another Doc about this thing on my neck, he looked at my CAT scan and did another biopsy since the first one didn't tell him anything.

    I got a call yesterday and the second biopsy didn't tell him anything either, so now I am scheduled for an open-neck biopsy on the 10th of July. There they will take a piece of whatever it is out and send it away for testing.

    Depending on what it is I may have to have surgery to have the whole thing removed and possibly be laid up for a couple of weeks. :unsure:

    On a lighter note we are going to the Molson Indy again this year in Toronto. I just hope that I feel up for it since it is only a couple of days after I have this open-neck biopsy.
  • well i'm glad i came back to APi about now it's a grate site like aof the new updates. But to get oun w/ what is going on in my life is about this time in july i'm going to be having back sedury again for the 2nd time, and this time that are going to work on my whole spine. :bash:
    and i'm going to miss school :clap: but i'm going to be home schooled for about a mounth untill i can get my strainth back and then i'm going to bo go to school for half a day for 2 mounths. and then a whole 7 hours. If you want to know more info i've been talking to speedy about it for about 6 weeks now you can talk to her or im or pm me. Well i'll see you all later :punk: P.s. when i'm in the hospital i'm going to miss my b-day it's on august 1st so you can pm me happy b-day then
  • I found a computor at work and am at the moment typing very softly so as no one will tell me to go back to them old croons.

    Work aint such a pain in the neck as this here summer heat that's been pouring over me. I am doing my best to stay indoors but since the rest of the family loves being outside they some times gang up and drag me away from the PS2.

    Next weekend I'm planning on sevearly reduce the amount of alcoholic bevrages stored in my fridge when an good old friend of mine comes to visit. That will probably be fun.

    Other then that I havn't got much more planned other then the usual shoveling stuff into one end and hosing it of the other end of demanted people (and myselrf).

  • Now i have my comp fixed. I now have Win 98. Lately i have been playing a MUD called Winterkill. It is a good game; i have been playing it off and on for about 3 years, but i havnt played it with this much dedication. Once you get started it gets really good. Well right now my mom doesnt have a job, so my older bro is the only one working. I hope we can make this months rent.:cry: Well thats about it for now.:)
  • After 2 years on a waiting list for availability in my area.... I finally got a cable modem and high speed internet!!!! :woot:

    I was going through withdrawls from from my DSL when we moved here and even tried tried starband for a while.

    Regardless... it's finally hooked up and i'm hitting 1722 kbps download speeds!! whahooooo!

    Online gaming is back to a new level and now I can try this socom and red faction online.

    Bye bye dialup![U]
  • Well, its been a sweet, sweet holiday so far... and its only been the first 5 days, can't wait to see what else can happen.

    First. I was over at Egg's place, movie marathon all through the night. Now thats the stuff. Got through 11 (12, 13) or so movies in under 24 hours. Including tea and breakfast. It was sweet. My sweet-tooth got the best of me, we had :swear:-loads of lollies, chocolates and soft-drinks. I got home, couldn't eat a thing after it. It was a sweet two-days overall.

    Second. I got a letter from my school. Not exactly a thing I wanted to see. Especially seeing as my mum got one and I got one...I was very worried. But anyway, they both held different stuff. Anyway, I have been invited to study Chemistry 1012, I think...I know its Chemistry 101 something. During Year 11 and 12, only have to pay $100 of which the school subsidises 50% so I only have to pay $50 for a University Course. No hex fees, nothing. Just do it during school, be willing to put in extra work, and I get credits for it. WOOOOHOOOOOO!!!! . I am so gonna take that.

    Third. Went to the movies yesterday, saw Bulletproof Monk and Bruce Almighty. Not the greatest movies, but they were alright. There were 5 people at Bulletproof Monk, not including my friends and I. And about 30 not including us at Bruce Almighty.
    Bulletproof Monk: For once, we weren't told to shut up. But we were being, really, really loud. Okay, maybe they respected our observations. But seriously, I'm surprised we weren't told to shut up. This chick we were with had these bells on her wrist...loudest freaking things you've ever heard. Any of you see Bulletproof Monk? Seriously, what did you think of that Nazi fellas haircut. We were in stitches over that. It was the funniest thing in the movie.
    Bruce Almighty: What can I say, we got weird looks. Thats all.

    Fourth: Just ordered my copy of Talib Kweli - Quality. I can't wait for it to get here. Just about to order Snoop Dogg - Doggystyle when I get some more money.

    Fifth: Weirdest conversation I ever had. And if one thing I said they are gonna take seriously, I am gonna be poor for a very long time. Last time I ever say...I will buy you a silver ring and a gold ring...to two people. Please be joking, please be joking...they've gotta be joking .

    EDIT: :swear: I wrote a lot.
  • Well I am trying my hardest to have a mid life crisis (since it is my 40th birthday tomorrow) but it just ain't happening!

    Got a few things that need ironing out with the fam but all things considered, life is pretty much okay right now.
    Having said that, it is chucking it down with rain right now and has been all week which is a stark contrast to the past month of glorious hot sunshine we have had here "darnsarf"!!
    I have even had to get my jumpers out again - ooeerrrr!

    Come back sun, all is forgiven!

    Rex, my thoughts are with you for your next biopsy...reckon what it is, is that you actually have a 'manitou' growing there! LOL!
    Seriously, I really am keeping my fingers crossed that all is well for you.
  • Well, I am the most worried little chicka that has ever walked the Earth right now.

    I am bound for my summer trips and they are great and all, but my grandpa is having trouble again and to add to that enchilada, my oldest dog is "not going to last the summer" according to my parents. I'm gonna be leaving this Thursday and I'm sooo not looking foreward to it. I'm more partial right now to stay at home where I can be with my grandpa and with my dog. I'm not exactly wanting to leave from the safety and comfort of my home..but eh...I dunno...I figure I'm just worrying about nothing right now.

    The crap with my cousin got settled luckily, although it will never be completely settled, he is taking responsibility for his own mistakes and weaknesses and has agreed to be completely stripped of his money rights at this age.

    That's what's going on in my life.
  • For once, we weren't told to shut up. But we were being, really, really loud.[/b]

    So you're that annoying kid that wouldn't stop talking and making smartass comments while I was trying to watch Matrix Reloaded :bash: heh heh heh ;)

    As for me, well, I seem to be going through a "I just don't give a f***" stage - not in an agressive way, i'm just my normal laid back self, but without caring about much/anything. Couldn't come at a worse time really, i'm half-way through year 12, not doing fantastically well, it's almost uni course picking time and I have no idea where i'm going or what i'm doing. So here I am barely passing (for the moment) and it just doesn't bother me. Maybe i'm stressed and I just don't know what stress is? Maybe I play too many games? Maybe the dream world i've been living in is finally taking it's toll on my real-world experience? Who knows. I guess that's why I like having a rut, to forget that time is passing.

    And thats the deepest thing you're ever gonna hear from me, so treasure it ^_^
  • ...Like anyone will read this and give a Edited for Language anyway...
    Oh, well, tough Edited for Language, cause YOU asked (who ever started this topic, that is)
    what's new in MY life? nothing; same old darkness, same old blood and gothic fun...the only time i HAVE fun...my friends (the three i have) are dissipating: two of them are already hating me, and hey, what do i care? do i need them? hell no. i don't need anyone, see. i do hate love...but i accept it if i do love someone. i'm only sensitive with things i care for *caresses the Clock Tower game...and my best friend* then again, i show no emotion, since i suck at it...*sigh sigh sigh* all in all, life sucks, and i can't wait to get outta here and into my own life (still living with parents, still in school, but will soon be in Norway in a gothic bar banging my head to Cradle of Filth and chatting maybe with A (meaning ONE) friend of mine)....
    HOWEVER, i am excited about my novel...it will be published soon (mwa heh heh, look out world)...
  • erm, i thinku need some help there. Cradle of filth is pants :)

    lets see, been on a stupid health and safety course on work watching videos about how to not fall of a ladder and trap my fingers in a cement mixer (why we would have a cement mixer in a pharmacy is anybodys guess!)

    just been driving mainly!! put about 200 miles on my car in two weeks!! its great fun window down metallica on stereo and stey fidling with the buttons to try and get his electric window to go down

  • I have a headache >sob< :unsure:

    Apart from that, I am job and house hunting.
    Had an interview yesterday for Editorial Assistant (on a health magazine)...went pretty well but have to wait and see if I get a secondary interview.
    Have also applied for two Deputy Editorships, so fingers crossed.

    Almost found two houses today...I say almost because they were just out of my price range - bah!
    The search continues.
    It is quite depressing to know that out of 650 properties I have looked at, 95% are at the opposite end of town to where I need to be.
    Again I say bah!

    Oh well something will come up.

    Odd, that cement mixer....not in the makeup department was it? I was wondering where Liz had left it!

  • Life's hectic.

    Been fighting with bureacrecy for the past week about re-establishing an archery club.Next week I'm leaving for Italy and after that I need to do various things that I dislike.

    Also I have blisters in my armpit which hurt and I have diarrea.
  • Wow Gabriel, it seems thing just arent going your way lately. Well just hang in there, thing can only get better. :)
  • I don't have cancer!!! :flex:

    As it turns out this thing in my neck has been is just reactive lymph nodes. My Doctor does not know what they are reacting to but it is no cause for concern. It will either get better on its own, stay they same or get worse. If it gets worse or causes me any pain or discomfort I am supposed to let him know.

    When I had my open neck biopsy my Doctor and the Pathologist thought that they would be dealing with lymphoma (cancer of the lymph nodes) after they seen with their own eyes exactly what it looked like. They took a piece and had it tested.

    After not shaving for a week :angry: and dealing with a very stiff neck I got my six stitches removed. Part of my left cheek and my left ear have been numb ever since I asked the Doctor who took out my stitches about it and she said that they most likely cut a nerve and it will grow back over time. What a pain in the a**, because my ear is constantly itchy and it hurts to shave. :angry: This nerve won't be growing back fast enough.

    Other than that a few rounds of golf and work have been filling up my time.
  • That's great you don't have cancer Rex!

    As far as my life goes now...everything is just fine and dandy. My cousin and I have ammended our friendship and his girlfriend is being much nicer to me as a result. I dunno if it's because he's going to be a father soon or because he's just sick of me and him being at Cold War.

    As you have probably already seen..I have survived the Washington trip..but the last two days weren't so bad actually...if I hadn't have gotten carsick. I have a busy week this next week though.

    I have to go see the oral surgeon about my wisdom teeth because my mouth has been hurting really bad as of lately so I think the suckers are finally coming to greet the world. :doh: However, on the bright side, after I see the surgeon I have Sr. pictures. I am planning on taking a picture with my doggy and with my drama uniform on as well...so that will be a ball and I can't wait. The day after that, I have a drama performence in Central Cali so I'll be there all day and then the day after that is Senior Freshman day with the marching band...so I have to go then too. Good thing is that I won't be getting bothered by the usual annoying people because they are underclassmen...but I can't teach...so I just hope I dont' get frustrated.
  • I'm so pleased to hear that you've come back with the 'all clear', Rex. Thats wonderful news!

    As for me, I've just finished some nasty exams. So life has returned a little more to the 'norm'.
    Jordyn had her first skating competition on Saturday, and won both her classes! I'm so proud of her. She's doing really well and shows great promise.
    To celebrate her success, we all trucked out for a lovely meal, ( via the mall, so mummy could collect the latest Tomb Raider game......pathetic excuse to slap a game on the credit card, I know! But I was already there, purchasing her Yu-Gi-Uh game, what was one more? hehe)
    I finished the game this morning......am now eagerly awaiting the next installment!

    Hope all goes well at the dentist for you. I've had all mine removed (wisdom teeth, that is.), funny enough though about a year and half ago, apparently one of them grew back! Strange but true. According to the dentist (albeit rare.) in some cases wisdom teeth have been known to grow back........unfortunately for me, my lot always seem to become impacted and need to be removed!
  • I have somehow seemed to anger the mighty Thor into overloading the electrical system with a flash of thunder and thereby frying some very importent pice of plastic card in my computer.

    It's in the shop now and I should (or rather "we should", since it really is the property of my girlfriend) be getting it back in a week or so.

    Other then that I am happy to announce that I have but 5 days left at work (then I have 5 days holiday and then school starts).

    For those of you who knows the story of my co-worker (Sus, for instance) I am very glad to announce that my drinking problems went away the very same day she did.

    Now I gotta catch a bus to work so that I can sit on my butt for a couple of hours doing nothing, maybe I'll try to kickstart the computor at work or something. I noticed I've got alot of catching up to do.

    -Rex, I am so glad it was nothing worse living in your neck, I've been honestly worried from time to time about that bould. Glad you're OK.-
  • I am now in what people would like to call, the middle of "recovery" from my teeth coming out. I got the teeth out yesterday and they didn't hurt...but I couldn't talk right as the words "My stuffed animal" was mistaken for "Tylonel". I haven't been babied since I was probably seven..so being babied for today and yesterday is going to be fun! On the bad side, I am missing my camp and consequently I have to make up all the time tomorrow...but waking up this early is just....blegh...so yeah. I am not looking foreward to that.

    School starts in a week...so I'm getting ready for what I've heard is the easiest of my four years...and I can't wait.

    However, before school starts, my friend is going to be having a birthday party...and funny thing is..she invited my sister and my best friend...but not me. According to my best friend, she has been talking loads of crap on me and that reason makes me glad that I'm not going. Thankfully my sister won't be going either because my sister doesn't want to listen to all the bad stuff she has to say about me. My best friend is going to this party as a "spy" I guess you could say, as she always is a spy. My best friend will be listening to all the crap that's being talked and report it back to me sometime before school.

    Another good note, I have gotten the will in me to stop cussing (except for crap) and thinking like a pervert. So I'm happy for that...though I'm not sure everyone else here is..I am proud that I have somehow stopped myself.
  • Right now...
    High school starts in a week. Hopefully I'll be able to survive my freshman year, if not, yay! No more suffering!
    Then there's peir pressure which leans me towards horrible and stupid decisions. Drugs being one of them.
    And of course there's the stress and depression mixxed in with everything else. Social Anxiety Disorder is gonna kill me. Bleh.. Life is crumbling into teeny bits from when I was a wittle boy..

  • My Dear Meow, never fear, your APi Mum is here to the rescue!!!!! :hug:

    Firstly, your freshman year should be great!!! A new school, new territory to mark as your own! Growing up isn't all bad, there are many benefits that go along with it, like GIRLS!!!!! heeeheee There will be a lot more of those creatures to meet at your new school, quite a viariety to choose from, a whole lot more than in your Middle School/Junior High School.

    The peer pressure/drugs decision is easy: Don't do what you feel is not right, and if people don't like it, F*CK 'EM!!!!! Simple!! :D There are lots of people in school who feel the same way you do; they won't want to get into that 'druggie' crowd any more than you do, and we all tend to gravitate toward each other, so don't worry. You'll find your 'clean-headed' friends in no time and have a ball!!!!! There are many ways to enjoy life without drugs and alcohol, and quite frankly, it's much easier to enjoy things in life when you're clear-headed enough to KNOW that you're enjoying them!! Make sense? When it all boils down, the ones who do well in school, without worrying about what the bozo's who are braindead think, are the ones who will be hiring the bozos..... or NOT!!!! Muaahahahahhahaaahaaa!!! Nice, to think that you may very well one day be on the other side of that desk, looking at a trashed-out ex-school mate, and saying "Sorry, but I can't hire you, you're just not properly qualified, and you're a LOSER to boot!!" heeeeheheeeee!!!!! That is always worth the bit of extra effort to keep your nose clean for just those few extra years before you get out there in the 'real' world!! :D

    You'll be just fine!!! :hug:
  • Somehow you seem to put a different spin on things. I don't know why I'm so afraid, but I am.. And you're right about peer pressuse and such... Hehe. Thanks so much for being here for me, mummy! :hug:

  • You're welcome, Dear! Always here for ya!! :hug:

    I understand about the fear of starting into a new place... been through that enough times myself, but as you well know, it passes soon, and before you know it you'll be feeling right at home at the 'new' school. Then you'll be looking back at your first day and thinking "Wow, I was sure nervous back then, but now I'm ok" and have a good laugh about it!

    Interestingly, I was discussing this with my son when I first read it this morning, and he told me that there really isn't a lot of peer pressure in the drug department at his school. He says that there are hardly any substance users at his school, and he's never been approached by anyone to try any drugs or smoking. By looking at him and his behaviour and his grades, I'd have to say that, even if he were approached, he's never taken them up on it! (THANK GOD!!!!) You may just be surprised to find that there isn't as much of that sort of trouble (or any other sort of peer pressure) as you may expect. And, may I add, that John is in High School now, where you'd figure the biggest amounts would be!! Well, that just goes to show ya, ya never can tell!

    Here's an idea..... wish I'd thought of this before..... Ask your Mom to take you for a drive to the new school and take some time to at least walk around the grounds to get yourself acquainted with the place as much as possible, and without all those crowds that accompany Open House. I did that with John twice before he started going to High School and he said that it helped more than he could express!!! Though we didn't get to go inside the school (as it was during the summer), we did walk for a couple of hours around the grounds (yeah, it's a BIG school) and we did that twice during the summer. He said that it really helped him a lot to not be as nervous on the first day. It's worth a try!

    Be sure to come back in here and let us know how that first day went!!! :hug:
  • Just got back from a week in the sun. Sun? bugger that! We slept most of the day, drank & danced from 8pm till 7am, so no suntan there but I do have a glow about me (maybe because I got my first tattoo while away, glowing red at the moment)

    Had an most excellent time away with 2 old friends, 2 newish friends & a new-new friend & made a load of contacts with people from around my area (40 mile radius or so) Just can't get away from Geordies, Scots & Irish mental men (was going to gentlemen but that would be lying)

    Now I've got a few days to recover as my sleep pattern has been distrubed & then off to a new line of work & back to education *whip cracks away*

    On top of that I've got 6 Journals to write, 4 of them are live journals for a band (2 members I went on holiday with), my holiday journal (as much as my sober mind will remember) & my new dark, deep hobby journal for a new mate. Then all my dirty clothes to sort out, photo's & a bit of video to edit & put together

    Then I have to go to the doctors to get checked over for the amount of alcohol that I've had & also checked over for other health reasons ;) Play safe people when your away. Don't want extra unwanted baggage.

    Also got a chance to be an Inker (my mother wasn't a tracer!!!!) for a local tattooist as I'm now doing designs aplenty for him & if I want to inflict my art on to his customers I've got to get medical certified before I'm allowed to even shave hair of a person.

    On a whole I'm feeling pretty fine & great at the moment. That's until I look in the real world

    Love everyone
  • [b]Well, I said goodbye to my place of work employment in that special "shove it up your a**es" kind of way and got the usual "welcome back next year" responce.

    Now all I need to do is find a torch and go tell the computer repair men to speed things up a little. I got one week of vacation ahead of me before school locks its tractor beam on me and slowly pulls me into the abyss of nerds and coplicated ways of thinking of trivial matters.

    Now I gotta go plan the "Surstr
  • [quote]Originally posted by manneman@Aug 25 2003, 07:34 PM
    [b] [b]Now I gotta go plan the "Surstr
  • [b]It's like any nordic feast only the theme on this one is more of: "let's see who can eat the most reeking-of- :stink: fish before they pass out of alcohol poisoning".
    You are more then welcome Gabe if you can find the time and meens to haul your skinny butt over to Lule
  • [quote]Originally posted by manneman@Aug 26 2003, 02:20 PM
    [b] [b]You are more then welcome Gabe if you can find the time and meens to haul your skinny butt over to Lule
  • Well hello all, I have been gone for abit, life has been pretty hectic recently, my grandfather and uncle passing away, and in 12 day DC is gonna be married.

    Just thought I would leave a note by here for those that wonder. I hope to be around more soon. catch ya'll later :disco:
  • Congrats DC!!!!!!! in 12 days, thats quick, your soon to be missus musyt be one hell of an organizer :) does she fancy sorting mine out!!
  • Originally posted by Devilchild@Sep 1 2003, 06:16 AM
    [b]Well hello all, I have been gone for abit, life has been pretty hectic recently, my grandfather and uncle passing away, and in 12 day DC is gonna be married.

    Just thought I would leave a note by here for those that wonder. I hope to be around more soon. catch ya'll later :disco:

    :woot: :woot: :woot:
    Of course we all know it is the wedding night you will be most looking forward to!!!
  • Originally posted by Devilchild@Aug 31 2003, 10:16 PM
    [b]Well hello all, I have been gone for abit, life has been pretty hectic recently, my grandfather and uncle passing away, and in 12 day DC is gonna be married.

    Just thought I would leave a note by here for those that wonder. I hope to be around more soon. catch ya'll later :disco:

    Well congratulations to you again DC. I'm glad your life has finally settled in after all the troubles you had before. You guys staying up in old WA?

    My life has been really hard as of lately. Grandpa is in and out of the hospital every week. Last time his difribulator(spelling?) went off and gave him a huge shock that buckled his knees and made him feel really bad. But he's still alive which is good and I'm glad for that.

    My mother has also educated me on the fact that my older dog is gonna get put to sleep very soon...and knowing it before hand helps I suppose, but it still doesn't lighten the blow. (Makes me tear up just thinking about it).

    Senior year sucks. The classes I have are completely NOT what I want to deal with. For example, my government teacher says for a project I have to do a debate. Now, that doesn't phase me, I have no problem in debates...but they're on contraversial subjects(okay, makes sense since you have to have something to debate about) and the TEACHER chooses which view I'm taking. So...if it's something like death penalty that I'm against in my views...and she places me up as a "for" arguement...that's gonna be a living heck. That class bothers me. Another thing having to deal with my senior year is my advanced courses. I'm supposed to have two years of advanced courses and I've already taken one and I signed up for Music Special Studies for this year...yet..I got my schedule at registration that said I had ROP Business. I got ticked off and yelled at my counselor to switch it. He did, but he didn't put me in an advanced course...he put me in a BASIC music class. COME ON PEOPLE!! If I sign up for something then either put me in it or put me in another alternative. The alternative I chose if I wasn't going to be in Music Special studies was Science III. How dumb can these lousy teachers here be?!

    That's about all of my life right now, I've also gotten a good kick off for my last year in the drama group I'm in. We're scheduled for eight performences before the end of December...so that'll be fun...and Band parade season hasn't started yet...so I'm not all grumpy yet...but I know it's bound to happen.
  • Right now I'm bored with assesments for my new job, well at least I do get to work with explosives in a few months time. I've had a great holiday & hooked up with new people & some from near my area.

    Hopefully next week when college starts I'll take a look at film school stuff as I've been given a 16mm film camera & been put in charge of doing bits & bobs for a mates band along with another photo shoot of them & designing there Demo cover. I thought that giving up my last bit of work & getting more time to myself would take the stress off me. HELL NO, but it's stuff I quite like doing.

    I'm also doing a manga/anime space rubber/pvc fetish tattoo design for my other arm as I quite enjoyed getting tattoo'd while on holiday & now that it's healed (not a scab or itch) it looks & feels silky. Got to find a way to have a little brown mole in the design as a few tattooists don't like going over them (could lead to skin cancer later in life) Also when I get paid I'm off to get a small tattoo right on the small of my back or even somewhere private, Going to have the full colour version of the PS logo (Die Hard B@stard Gamer I am) I got inspired from a Quake Buddy who got Unreal insignor on his back & Half-Life insignor above his manhood

    Hey D.C.! good luck on the ball & chain! :clap: I hope there's enough cake & booze for us all here!
  • Good luck on your marriage DC.

    Don't worry bout it RedKennyPup, I know this is a huge cliche but, everything will work out in the end. And if it doesn't, well, go on a rampage, taking out anyone who annoyed you.

    Once again, seeing as it is the end of the term, I have all my assessment again, starting to stress me out (not really, its just annoying). I've got 3 tests and 2 assignments due in this week. Oh the joy! And I've also started my Chem Uni Course, thats just as much fun.
    As well, going for a job interview on Wednesday at Sanity, I hope I get the job. I'm moving house as well, finally gonna get away from that annoying LI, just joking mate. Some of my friends have been messing round with some explosive stuff (I wish I was there), and I've heard all the stories. Starting my cricket season as well, but I can't decide whether to go in U16B, 4th Grade or 3rd Grade. I'll work it out soon enough.
    All in all...I can't wait for the holidays, cause I've got some money to spend, and some friends to hang out with.
  • Been flat stick at work at the moment, add that together with moving into the house and still settling in and the longer hours I work now and it does not allow much time for other things.

    A few people at work have left leaving me the only member of staff that knows how our business runs so my time is much in demand.

    Put my back out again a few weeks ago and both the doctor and the physiotherapist said I need to llose at least 15 kilograms or more to get back to a safe weight for my back. The Fatman is going to really struglle soon having to give up the food :drool: and beer :drool: but I suppose I have to. Its not good when your in your late 20's and told that you have the back of someone in your 60's.
  • Just wanted to bring back a popular old topic.

    Lately I've been concentrating on really hard on school. I finally hit the point in college where I've had to start studying and put in a lot of effort and I don't like it, lol.

    I am getting ready in a few weeks to start contest prep for my bodybuilding show. The show is on Sept. 23 and I am going to start dieting 16 weeks before then.

    I had my one year anniversary of working at red lobster a few weeks ago. I got a bonus check that I used to pay my taxes ;)

    As far as gaming goes, I have been to busy to play games. I don't think I've touched a controller in about a month which makes me sad, but thats life :(

    How about you guys? I've seen a few members from the old days online recently, I'd love to hear how you guys have been. I'd love to hear from some of the new members too!! Don't be shy :D
  • Mike C STAFF said:
    Just wanted to bring back a popular old topic.

    Lately I've been concentrating on really hard on school. I finally hit the point in college where I've had to start studying and put in a lot of effort and I don't like it, lol.

    I am getting ready in a few weeks to start contest prep for my bodybuilding show. The show is on Sept. 23 and I am going to start dieting 16 weeks before then.

    I had my one year anniversary of working at red lobster a few weeks ago. I got a bonus check that I used to pay my taxes ;)

    As far as gaming goes, I have been to busy to play games. I don't think I've touched a controller in about a month which makes me sad, but thats life :(

    How about you guys? I've seen a few members from the old days online recently, I'd love to hear how you guys have been. I'd love to hear from some of the new members too!! Don't be shy :D

    Old threads from the graveyard!

    Come on people lets here what's on the menu of life
  • G'd evening all,
    been a while I know,, Not much happening at the Digger residence. Business as usual.. I guess thats a good thing ;) as were all fit and healthy..

    Still working for the same govt department here in Oz. Still bushwalking, keeping fit and now spending too many hours on World of Warcraft. :D

    errm.. just realised.. I saw Steve_Staff (Gid) name up in thread and thought he was back again.. Didnt realise it was an old thread. Out of interest does anyone know what happened to Steve???
  • Good to hear from ya Digger, glad all is well with you and yours.

    I am awaiting to go see a doc in the AM about my ankle, this has been an on going problem for 6 months now and I am growing very tired of the medical runaround. Other than that I can't complain, I am upright (with the asst. of crutches most the time) and breathing, the Mrs. has a good job at a local area hospital as an OB follow up and pre-surgical insurance authorization admitting clerk. Life is good.

  • what is ging on in my life??? big car problems thats what
  • sombulus said:
    what is ging on in my life??? big car problems thats what

    I hear you on that!

    Got the MOT on mine at the begining of June, but not bothering with it as I know there's too much going wrong with it, plus I'll be away on my honeymoon at that time.

    I've started to get back into biking & using it for work, but Jane has been offered a Job 150 mile away & I'm following here, so I'll have to find a temp job & transport where deemed.

    Already been out into the fields on the bike & managed to ping a spoke off the wheel & taken the caps of the front suspension forks
  • oooooooooo

    well i got 2 job interviews next week - My 2nd hen night in blackpool!! :D and a hair trial for the wedding - and my final final dress fitting

    Adding to that i have been pounding the gym any chance i get to make sure my dress fits well on the big day - and said big day only being 5 weeks away just been busy busy busy!!
  • Hi All.

    Great timing to revive this thread as I just happened to make a drop by toninght. It's been a while since I last logged in. The reason for this despicable behaviour is that I've have gotten myself a real job. I'm nowadays a full time engineer working for a consultant agency. I had a vision of being able to roll back into my old life patterns after a period of settling in, but unfortunatly I seem to have been mistaken. I love my job, it's exactly the thing I want to do and I have lots of really great co-workers, but between bringing home the bacon and raising two children I seem to have completely run out of spare time. :eek:

    I try to keep up the gaming but there is very little room for that. Now that the money is flowing in I figured I had the opportunity of updating myself on the gaming scene (been rummaging through used games- and sales boxes the past 6 years) but I can't bring myself to engage in anything else than short sessions of guitar hero now and then. Picking up some sort of epic saga is simply out of the question. I guess I'll remain suspended in a ten year lag when it comes to new games.

    But in all, life is as it should be and I'm doing great. I hope ya'll are doing fine aswell.
  • Glad to see you!!!!! I haven't heard from you in a while and was wondering how you've been. I remembered you mentioned that you were working on your master's thesis, so I figured thats what you had been up to.

    Good to hear from you :)

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