• I think that this whole pc console thing is gonna fail, coz whats the point in buying a pc console when you already have a pc.

    Anywayz what do you ppl think? Do you think it will be popular? :rebel:
  • Well, u never know... Dreamcast got popular for it's online gaming as an example look at Phantasy Star Online I used to play some months ago just right before the servers went down to the Gamecube servers get online... I say that PC Consoles will be popular we just have to wait and see what the future brings to us.. heh, heh..
  • Massaki, i think that stfs:scarface, here, is talking about the two new consoles that are coming out. DISCover and Phantom, both of which boast the ability to play unmodified PC games from the past and games that will be released in the future.

    Basically they're PCs that aren't made for anything except for gaming on your tv. DISCover will be sold retail in three different models(low-end, Middle, and high-end) depending on what you plan to use it for. Phantom has to be ordered online through either Phantom's website, Infinium Labs' website, or through broadband providers' websites. They will cost you anywhere below $400(no official price announced yet).

    Right now it's hard to gauge how well these consoles will do because theres no details on what games will be made specifically for the consoles(which has been said there will be some). I think that both of them have a chance to do ok since they both provide serices that current consoles don't cover but it all depends on how well the public receives these new consoles.

    Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • There is a slim chance I may be able to provide more detail on Phantom in the near future-I had signed myself up for possible beta testing of the console (they were looking for people in the US and Canada with broadband connections) and just lately recieved an e-mail from them saying they will be contacting testers in September for the agreement signing.I say slim chance because they received over 40,000 apps and plan to pick 300 out of them.They do say they will add more over time to the testing so one can hope. :peace:
  • Well i hope they do well because the main thing i want to do on my comp is play games, but with my current comp i cant do that, and buying one of them would be a lot cheaper than buying a bran new comp.
  • Well look at the X-box, thats nothing but a console PC! I wouldn't call it a success, but it not a failure Cough Cough Sega Dreamcast cough cough. But with all the money in bill gates back pocket, it can't fail really can it! But what I wouldn't give to see it fail, and backfire in Bill Gates face! Oh how I would laugh :woot: ! It would be like a :birthday: !
  • Ok, I thought i'd bump this topic up because i've read up a bit on the Phantom (during my IT class of course :rolleyes: ), and thought i'd share my opinion.

    Frankly, whoever desinged this thing deserves to be shot.

    The system specs look good, and it would have no trouble competing with the current generation of consoles, but I would fire whoever decided that it would be cool not to give it a CD/DVD-Rom Drive. This is my understanding so far:

    - Online ready out of the box (a positive)
    - More powerful than the other consoles (another positive)
    - 50 games pre-installed onto the 100gb HDD (lookin good so far)
    - $10 a month for access to the phantom network (guess I can handle that)
    - Download all your new games (at an extra cost no doubt?)

    Now, for one, what happens when your hdd fills up?
    And two, these games are supposed to be up to/surpass the standards of the other consoles meaning these games will be > 3gb in size. What a brilliant idea to make people download them! After purchasing a game, I just love to wait 24 hrs (assuming you get max speed and don't use your internet connecting for anything else - not to mention, there goes half my monthly quota) before actually being able to play it. Nice one boys -_-

    Please correct me if i'm wrong, I wouldn't want to sound like an idiot if a customer asks :)
  • The phantom isn't a valid example since it's a fake.
  • The Phantom is not a fake, its just so crap, it should be! :notworthy: :stink: :notworthy:
  • Originally posted by Spike666@Sep 7 2003, 04:40 AM
    The Phantom is not a fake

    Yes it is.It's a hoax, a prank,a scam, red herring, a phony.Do a couple of searches on it.
  • i wonder if these consoles will be the next big target for virus attacks

    heck, i wonder if the XBox OS and network have the same vulnerabilities that the rest of the MicroSoft-coded world is dealing with ...