• hey all im having trubble with fishing i just caught a god fish then just caught a percilia or somthing like that if you can tell me what other fish i can use later on please tell me
  • No idea, I've only ever caught 2 in the entire game, if any1 could give me any advise on catching fish, it would be most appreciated
  • same here man so know i can ask 1 more qwestion who the he(( can help me!!!

  • I don't remember much about the fishing, and what sort of bait gets what sort of fish at what time of day, but here's the little bit that I do remember:

    If you use a carrot for bait in the matataki village pond you can catch a Umadakra (sp??) which are good for increasing your fishing points.

    If you use a poison apple for bait and fish at the waterfall in Matataki village, you can catch the Maryan Garayan. These are not easy to catch, and you may find yourself spending hours trying to catch just one! (I know I sure did!) I think the best time is evening or night. When you catch one, what it does is disables the traps that are set in some of the treasure chests. Somehow it 'shows you the right path' so you never get hit with whatever the trap is that's on the chest.

    Then there's this other fish, can't remember the name of it, but it's similar to the Maryan Garayan. You have to go to the oasis in Atla village and use a poison apple. I think the best time is evening, but I'm not sure. The only things I remember about that fish are the massive fishing points, the blonde curly hair and crazy bow tie!! No kidding!!

    Hope I was of some help to ya!! :peace:

  • yaaaaaaaaaaaay that was what i needed that so 1 last question how the freakin heck do i get past the third level on that canyon in the third chapter???? its way way way confusing!!!!!

  • Well, just where there do you seem to be stuck?? It's been a little while since I've played the game, so if you can give me just a bit more detail, I'll try to remember, or pop the game back in.
    What sorts of baddies are you fighting?