This Is Just Too Hard!
  • Ever have a game that you play and play and play but just can't seem to beat? Ever get so frustrated that you want to just give up?

    I'm having that problem right now with Black, I'm on the last level, last area but just can't seem to beat it! I think what ticks me off more is I'm waiting to beat Black before I play MGS: Subsistence.

    This isn't the first game I've wanted to give up on. Well this one I did give up on, Medal of Honour. Hmm... maybe I'm just no good at first person shooters. :huh:
  • I give up on games all of the time. I actually don't even try that hard to beat them.
    The problem is that I get bored with the games or in other cases find myself totally consumed by it. In both cases I just leave it.
    One game I did not get bored with nor totally obsessed with was Tony Hawk Underground. Had to give it up unfinnished however to avoid smashing the controller. No matter how many times I tried to beat that ex-buddy in the final challange I couldn't do it.
    Usually I try harder in those cases (or find other ways of doing it) but the thing was that the logic was screwed up. My character were obviously the better skater and yet that punk did tricks that I couldn't even get close to. It just didn't make sence, and that's why I didn't bother.

    Other games I havn't finished:
    Ratchet and Clank (bored)
    FF X-2 (got halfway through the game and discovered that I missed a thing in chapter 1)
    The Getaway (too hard)
    Mark of Kri (got too engaged, will finnish when I have more spare time)
    Kula World (is there an end to that game?)
    Prince of persia (bored)
    Dark Chronicle (bored and sort of annoyed that I couldn't win the fish race)
  • I try to finish every game I start. There have been a few I never finished although it's usually from burnout more than frustration. I have never finished 100% any of the 4 GTA titles I own. All those side missions don't appeal to me like the bigger/main missions do. I'll play one level of a side mission to see what it's about and unless there is an in game reward crucial to completing the main story (or one I particularly enjoy), I usually forget about it. By the time I complete the main story, I hardly want to go back and finish all the little side missions.

    I did quit on Kingdom Hearts. For some reason, I just got quickly bored with it. Somewhere around the little mermaid section (it's been so long I forgot exactly). I had heard (from members here) how great it was and then the disappointment and boredom grew to where I just flat out quit. I said I'd pick it up again one day but that has not happened yet. It is collecting dust.

    If I find myself getting angry or frustrated with a game, it is usually because the tactics I'm using are failing miserably and I keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again. That's when I sit back and try something completely unorthodox and more often than not it was something simple I was too involved to notice or try.

    I admit some games (when played on the hardest level) are almost impossible to beat. I usually give up playing if that is the case, because I'm in it for fun not torture. I did that most recently with God of War. God mode (especially the Challenge of the Gods level 10) drove me nuts and made me slam my controller more than once.

    QUOTE(Rex77 @ Apr 8 2006, 08:19 AM) [snapback]60757[/snapback]
    what ticks me off more is I'm waiting to beat Black before I play MGS: Subsistence.[/b]

    That's what you get for having two games at once! :D I know that feeling. I've been there myself. You know you'll never pick it up and finish it if you start another game. And that other game is calling you....
  • The Grinch on the PSOne. Seriously! There was a timed section where you had to control a submarine and because the actual controls were so rubbish, it was impossible to control. I thought it was maybe because I
  • QUOTE(hangoverqueen @ Apr 11 2006, 04:45 PM) [snapback]60781[/snapback]
    And I
  • QUOTE(LolaNicolina @ Apr 12 2006, 12:22 PM) [snapback]60814[/snapback]

    You know, there are bits on that game that I figured out but have no idea how I did them....or why! LOL! It seems that at some points you just have to get on the same random wavelength as the Millers and accept that some things just *are*! Yes, I'm talking about the marble puzzle! Why? What was the point? Where was the relevence? But it was cool!


    For me it was the giant spiderweb that you've got to crawl up into for something, then crawl back out of without being seen.. never did get away scott-free. (at least, I think it's the same game, been so long now, I'm not entirely sure). After about 2 weeks of constantly trying that over and over.. then starting the game over and getting stuck at that part *again*, I just gave up.

    Yeah Rex, I feel your pain.
  • I'll have to agree with you on that sub mission in the Grinch, HOQ- it was definitely one of the more frustrating parts of that game (although I did eventually get past it and finished the game).

    Admittedly I don't finish most games I have- not due to overall difficulty necessarily but more due to me buying games before I'm finished of the older one and not getting back to it.
  • I never finshed FF 7. Now i know its about 7 years since i played it and i spent nearly 4 months at it - i was laid up ill at home, and out of my tree on codine most of the time - i just got deeply fukked off with it and decided that enough was enough. :bash:

    i have to say that i have never played another RPG since. Unless you count GTA San Andreas as an RPG. :unsure:
  • The final mission of Black was incredly hard. So hard that i actually went out and bought a new action replay just for it :p
  • First it was Emelious and then it was the final boss in Grandia III.... I bought this game over a month ago and I still can't finish it. Battles in this game are way too hard, making it a pain to level up to even have a chance on these bosses, and even regular battles in some cases.

    Other than that.... I got stuck in Metal Gear Solid 3 very early.... just before saving that professor-type guy. I think I recall catching myself on fire once on accident and running in all kamikaze-like.... but that was probably my best try so far. I haven't touched it in at least a year.

    Resident Evil 4 is pretty much the same. I get two crazy chainsaw-wielding old ladies after me, and it just takes too much out of me to defeat them. Eventually I'd like to get back into this one, if I ever make time.

    I have others, but I own 70ish PS2 games... so my question to you is, do you really want to know? :P
  • I play alot of sports games so the defetionary levels are abit minimal. I guess the last game I struggled with would have been XIII, I love the game concept and the cell shade graphics but it seemed to me that the controls hampered my total enjoyment of the game.
  • QUOTE(Rex77 @ Apr 8 2006, 02:19 PM) [snapback]60757[/snapback]

    I'm having that problem right now with Black, I'm on the last level, last area but just can't seem to beat it! I think what ticks me off more is I'm waiting to beat Black before I play MGS: Subsistence.

    Man, Black was one muvva of a hard game near the end, spent 2 hours getting down to the end & with no game save on the way I was well pevvved when was at the final stage & kept on getting me ass well & truely whoooped! I was only meer seconds away from completing it first time around & was well chuffed when Jane's dad completed it & made me go back for the last push.
  • QUOTE(Majik @ Apr 12 2006, 02:02 PM) [snapback]60819[/snapback]

    I never finshed FF 7... i just got deeply fukked off with it and decided that enough was enough. :bash: ...i have to say that i have never played another RPG since.

    You and me both, buddy. I don't remember how many hours I had into that game when I decided that I just didn't want to play it anymore, but it was A LOT!

    State of Emergency didn't hold my attention for an hour. That's one game I never should have purchased. I figured if so many parents were pissed-off about it, it had to be fun, and I couldn't have been more wrong.

    Vampire Hunter D, or D Vampire Hunter was another colossal waste of time, I hated almost everything about that game 20 minutes into it.

    I could go on, but I'm started to get all pissy just thinking about those games. :angry2:

  • Know exactly what you all mean...... It took me an age to get thru that last misson im Black but was totally determined to do it. Even left the console on, went to bed ( about 2am ) and carried on when I woke up to beat it.

    Primal is also one of those. I haven't finished it yet because it's just purely frustrating.... grrrrr.

    I know I shouldn't mention this word here but I don't think the title's out on PS2. Doom 3 on the "box" got SO dark when I got to hell I just put it one side even tho I hear that's pretty near the end of the game.
  • As soon as I read this topic, I immediately thought of the final mission in Driver for ps1. That mission took like 10 hours to complete.

    Also, I saw a clip about "video-game stress/frustration". They were testing people with difficult video game simulations. The results were very convincing. Almost everybody who was tested did better their first few tries. Frustration usually sets in, and effects your performance greatly. Thats why sometimes it is better to just turn off your console and take a break. Come back with an open mind and your concentration will be more focused. If I can give any advice, it would be that. Just keep your cool and you can usually work your way through things.
  • I got stuck on Dark Cloud. I got through the entire game but was never able to beat the final boss. I tried like a million times but I couldn't do it.
  • Hm, when I first began to read this thread I immeadiatly went to take a look towards my collection of games to see which ones I simply put them aside because they were just too damn hard or got bored... Well, I found some...

    Sonic Mega Collection Plus - Yes, a real classic. But playing every Sega Genesis Game around 30 times just to unlock some other games?! Please. I got fed up with it. Only managed to unlock one of them. So, I quit.

    Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty - Ventured myself in the European Extreme mode, managed to get into the cutscene before the sword-fight with Solidus, thing is, when you have to mash the Triangle Button to withstand the strangling tentacles, it always runs out on the last moments. So, I gave up.

    Guilty Gear X2 #Reload - Tried so many times to reach the 1000th level in Survival Mode, only managed to reach the 542nd everytime I tried that it got frustating.

    Resident Evil 4 - Besides being the first Resident Evil I ever played, I get so mad when I get to deal with those enormous-like mounsters... Always killed with 2 or 3 blows... Frustating... This is in Normal Difficulty that is. Easy is just... plain easy. ;x

    SSX On Tour - Besides being the great game that it is, it gets really boring later on. Haven't played it in weeks.

    These are just some examples... Cause I have much more of those cases. Apparently, games like GTA: San Andreas are never dull or boring, at least in my case. I find them quite entertaining to play for hours. As for RPG, if things seem to go well to me, I can play for hours. If I mess up, I just get so mad... For example, I was playing FFX-2 and I was on the Via Infinito Dungeon, Cloister 13, when I see a Dragon jumping madly across it. I decide to engage in battle with it, and for my surprise, he dealt about 4500 HP damage on my party, when I only have a lousy 1500 HP. Frustating... >.<</i>
  • after not playing it for a long while, i have to say RE Code Veronica X (especially some of the bosses) seems a bit hard, gotta practice more.

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