Chat Schedules

  • This might help us all out. Post here what times you are most likely to check the chat area, thereby we can schedule with each other.

    Right now Mon-Fri is 7:30-12:00 Pm CST (US) Sat and Sun are wide open.
  • Between 8-10pm (UK time) during the weekdays and sat/sun pretty much open (Apart from this sat when we going to cinema to watch Silent hill)

  • I'm around at swedish evenings. That is 10PM - 1 AM (greenwich +1) any given day.
    That will be 3 - 6 PM CST, right? :blink:
  • I can be around pretty much any time, but many times I won't be able to! It's random scheduling. I'm available a lot of the time, but at the same time, I have matches scheduled on random nights. I go see family at random times, etc etc, so there's a chance I won't be there! Then again, there's a large change I -will- be here!

  • During the week I will be here in the morning, around 9 'till 11 in the evening 9 'till midnight that is Eastern time. On the weekends it is usually... well anytime actually.
  • During the week my sched. on here will very as my work sched. is 2am- around 12pm-3pm and my weekends tend to be full, but I too miss the old chats so I will make it a point to try and attend.
  • Well, Mon-Thur. wouldn't be good for me as I'd only be here between 10:30pm and 4ish am EST. Fri-Sun varies, as I have no work but I sometimes I visit my mom. But, she has a PC, so just let me know the time and I could probably make it.
  • My work schedules are so chaotic at the moment that i havent a clue when would really suit me. And even if i did suggest a time odds are that my missus would decide to use "our" super expensive PC for something unholy like wordprocessing!! :wacko:

    I wont even be in the country for the first 2 weeks of May as I have a family wedding to attend in New York state.
    Ahhh a holiday without the wife....... sorry honey :harhar:

    But I do miss the live chats so if times are suggested i will try to make at least some of them
  • Well, err... That is something I will need to look into but right now, I think that from 8:00 pm to 00:00 am, I'll be on most of time. But in general, I'll be on most of time...Unless my net connection does not refuse to work that is...
  • My schedule is fairly simple. I work two on, two off, three on, two off, two on, three off. That's two weeks worth. Times two is a month. Times three is a quarter. Times four is a year.

    So, that's 2-2+3-2+2-3=2 which is really 2=14, then 2x2=1(+ the .3 or .4, depending on the 1). Then 1x3=1/4, but then again that is really 13=1/4, because of the extra 1. That x4=1 or 52, depending on how you look at it.

    Now that the basics are understood, I work 8-8=12. Add .25x2 (there and back) + 1 (shower, :pooh: , shave) and what's left you basically have the hours I'm available (minus 5 to 6 depending on the 2 or 3 in the first equation - got to sleep sometime). Did I mention I'm currently on nights?

    That should help clear it up a bit, until July when I stop being a zombie and return to days (for 1/4 or 13, depending how you look at it).

    BTW, all times are Central Standard Time. Somebody might check my math, but I think it's pretty close. :g:
  • Sunday afternoons/evenings would work best for me after next week as things get into full gear work-wise. :crybaby: I made a suggestion in the other chat thread going of 2 PM Eastern/ 7 PM UK time for the weekly get togethers but not many seem to have checked that out. :( .
  • Hmmm, well I can do anytime maybe the wee hours of the morning...cuz I do need beauty sleep.

    I am completely unavailable on Thursday nights and occasionally on Fridays and Saturdays too. It really all depends on whether or not my boyfriend and I are spending time together or not.

    Just name a time in Pacific Standard time and I'll tell ya if I can make it.