Red Joins The Work Force
  • Well folks, I thought it wouldn't happen...but it did!


    Yeah, that job I've been venting about via posts on here for awhile? I got it! Pretty much all I have to do all day is babysit doggies and pet kitties. Easy Job!! (It's no different than what I do here at home)If you guys want your doggies and kitties watched here in So Cali...I'm your woman for the job!!

    I had to share this with ya'll since you are all part of my family. ^_^

    Thanks for all your encouragement. :D
  • Congratulations Red. :D

    Hope you love the job and that the job loves you.
  • Fantastic news! Good stuff Red - hope you enjoy it there! Working, doing something you enjoy will be excellent - make the most of it! :clap:
  • Aww congrats Red - This is THE perfect job for you!!!! If i had a dog and i lived in california there is NOONE i would trust more!!! :clap:
  • Congrats Kenny. Welcome to the workforce. Now you can :censored: about the money that the government takes from you and does little with. I would sooner keep the money and not :censored: at all.

    If you get a really cute Bernese Mountain pup in there would you mind sending it to me? You could just say you lost it.

    Thanks, I owe you one. ;)

  • Have fun cleaning up :pooh: red :tongue:

    Official job title : Doo Doo Officer

    Lol, just kidding, have fun and earn lots of sweet cash!
  • QUOTE(Lethal @ May 22 2006, 08:48 PM) [snapback]63727[/snapback]

    Official job title : Doo Doo Officer

    No Lethal, that would be the SLANG job title.

    My official job title is: PetsHotel Pet Care Specialist :tongue:

    I don't mind shoveling :pooh: . If I get paid good money for it (which I do) I wouldn't mind if I had to do that everyday. It would be no different than what I do here at home! :harhar:
  • Yoowwwwzaahhh!!!!!! Congratulations my Little Pup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :flex: (<~~~ that's you!)<br />Welcome to the wild wild world of the "W-word" force!! (I'm not gonna say it, Lyndon will :bash: me)

    How are you enjoying yourself so far? Sounds like a fabulous job!!!!! Got room for another little lady to join you!? :blush:
  • QUOTE(RedKenny @ May 23 2006, 03:20 PM) [snapback]63741[/snapback]

    My official job title is: PetsHotel Pet Care Specialist :tongue:


    That sounds so cool !

    Well done Red, cool to get to do something you :wub:
  • Congratulations Red!!!

    That's a wonderful job!!! And I can see by everyone elses' posts that you're perfect for it! :clap:

    Wouldn't mind doing it myself...I'm an keen admiror of cats, and a terrible pup lover!! Husky can agrre to that, I'm sure! (by the to take him to his 1st of 2 annual baths as sson as possible...the guy is starting to smell already! :g: )

    Enjoy yourself...oh, and thanks for sharing the news with all of us!!!!

    P.s.- this is the lame side of me you won't see much...I'm still the 23/6 killer around here!humpf! :devilish:
  • Congrats on the job Red! :clap:

    If you are doing something you love, then it isn't really work then, is it?!
  • Alright, Red!

    If Barney ever needs to be tended for a few days while I'm away, you'll be the first to know.
  • Nice! And nice choice of job, too! Kudos, Red! ^_^
  • you get payed to play with puppies all day?? Dang girl. though i wish you were here so that i could get you to groom my irish wolfhound...she constantly needs clipping (she grows hair like a sheep)
  • Congratulations to you :)

    Good luck with the new job Red, :)

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