Alone in the dark. a new nightmare
  • please help me ........................ my character is carnby and ive managed to get to the library where ive managed to find a statue of a bisons skull.
  • Once you get the bison statue pick up the telescope. Also check the shelves for Jeremy Morton's riddle which reads...

    This would give moving from left to right along the 4 portraits in the lobby...
    Richard Morton 1852
    Archibald Morton 1874
    Jeremy Morton 1899
    Howard Morton 1931

    To get the code for the control panel go to the very top of the library and go up the ladder and along the ledge to the left up the next ladder into a turret room. Pick up the charm of saving. Put the telescope on the bracket and look at the fort and use X to get the maximum magnification.

    Hope that helps and if you need anymore help you know where to come
  • thanks for that, ive had found the
  • In the library you need to locate the 4 books mentioned in Richard Morton's will and push them into place in a certain order which is... Light/Dark/Dark/Light. The two Light books are on the top floor - one at the very end of the walkway and the other further back behind a pillar. The other Dark books are on the bottom floor, one at the bottom of the steps and one behind the ancient statue. Once the last book is in place the final portrait opens.

    Remember the order... Light book first, then the two Dark books and finally the other Light book.