Checking The Mail
  • I have a question!

    How often are you supposed to check your e-mail?
    The reason I'm asking is that people get somewhat upset with me at work/school since I have a tendancy to check my mail every now and then. By every now and then I mean 2-3 time per week, usually monday morning and saturday evening. ^_^
    I have explained to people that if they need me to know something ASAP they better phone me but it seems like they have no understanding for that. Aparently it is so that if you have an e-mail adress you are supposed to check it atleast 3 time per day!

    Is this so? How often do you check your mail?
  • Well, I am on MSN almost constantly and that tells me if I have mail... so I check that constantly. Then there is my University Email addy, which I only check once a week, maybe less even though it is usually more important!
  • I usually check both my emails twice a day abouts, and I never, ever use msn (can't f00king stand it :o ).

    If anyone wants to contact me, they'd use my phone :blink:
  • I check mine at least once a day! I would be overrun with stuff if i left it to just 3 times a week!!
  • It's usually twice a day for me to check on it, once with my morning coffee before going to work :crybaby: and again in the evening. Other than that unless I happen to have signed up for a site that has a confirmation e-mail Thunderbird stays closed down.

  • Boy do I feel lazy, I check mine perhaps once or twice a month. Most of mine is jokes or humorous stories that people have already sent to Star and she's told or shown me. I don't pay attention to the ones that say I have a new PM here because I log to this site before I turn on my MSN. Then there's the garbage of no interest to me like Insurance, mortgages, breast implants, tampons, etc... Things I don't ever look at.
  • i dont believe for a second u wouldnt look at breast implants ;)
  • I check it once or twice a day. I could see becoming very attached if you had a computer in front of you for some or much of the day.
  • Checking mail for me is very impulsive. The email addy I have with ACi here I only check once a year simply because my dad is telling me we will be getting rid of that company soon.

    I have a Yahoo! email adress which I check about three times a day. :blink: ...if I'm not working.
    If I work it usually gets cut down to about once a day..but I still do check the Inbox Religiously. :clap:

    Geez manne, you're SUPPOSED to make use of modern technology!! That's probably why your acqaintances get so frustrated with ya. :harhar:
  • I just check mine once a day, sometimes maybe twice. As I've mentioned a few times now, I can only access the internet via the local library so if I'm downtown I'll nip in and go on the computers. Can only get on the internet certain times depending on the day (due to library opening hours plus if there's a computer free, oh and the network aint down which seriously :censored: me off)
    So I'd say once to twice a day is about right :D
  • I have no set amount of times that I check it. It's always open in my broser and will tell me when I get new emails, so I don't need to constantly be checking it. I will look at it from time-to-time to make sure that it's not that time of the month where I need to re-enter my login info. See, working for a site in the pr department, I get quite a few emails, so I have to keep a fairly close eye on it. For example, I hadn't checked my emil since yesterday about 5pm and I had 23 new emails when I woke up at 9am this morning. Granted, most of it was spam since it is the weekend, but many times It will be genuine mail. Sometimes it gets crazy, the amount of email I can get in a day.

    In any case, at least once a day, if not hundreds.