What Jobs Have You Had?
  • Ahh, in my (fairly) short life ive had quite a few jobs

    1)Working in a petrol station
    2)Turning newly made boiler suits the right way round in a sewing factory (but of course i had a reaction to the coating they put on them to stop them catching fire - worst job ever!!)
    3)Developing photos in a lab
    4) 2 weeks testing oil and lubrication samples from off shore oil rigs (was actually fun - but i started college instead!)
    6)Working in a camping shop
    7) Dispensary assistant in a pharmacy
    8) Customer service advisor for a call centre
    9) Pharmacy Technican and Accredited checking technician for Healthcare plus!

    Jeez thats tons when you look at it like that lol!!
  • Interesting topic Jane, various and strange jobs in my past

    Builders labourer
    in a demolition crew (doing what ever i was told!!)
    stores in a confectionery/cigarettes wholesale
    secretary (quit that as the skirt didnt fit!)
    currently a risk assessor in a healthcare organisation

    not quite as many jobs but certainly varied
  • Had a few jobs in life.

    My first job was as a storeman in a department store here in Adelaide when I was 16 (only a six week stint 1982)

    Had a three week factory job when I was 17 and then went back and completed high school.

    In 1984 I started work at General Motors Holdens here in SA. Good money.

    Later in 1984 I moved to Tasmania and had numerous temporary jobs including farm hand, saw miller, tree planter (forestry resources) and also worked for some bloke installing fireplaces. Most of the places I worked in Tasmania had crap pay so I moved back to South Oz. Great scenery doesn't pay the bills.

    Back again in SA (1986) I returned to General Motors Holdens as a press operator, spot welder and mig welder. Holdens was a means of financing travels overseas including Trekking in the Himilayas and 6 months in Africa. I used to save up X amount of cash, quit work, travel and get my job back at Holdens.

    Holdens got fed up with me quitting and re-applying every couple of years and in 1990 after returning from the USA, they told me they didn't want me back :(

    Not a big deal however as I netted a job in the public service in 1990 or 1991 and I'm still working for the government although I've moved from pillow to post in various assignments :punk: Only work four days a week now due to being a soul parent.
  • When I left school I was a typist/receptionist in a solicitors office. I then worked for a well known burglar alarm company and then went to work for a few years as secretary to another solicitor before I left work to raise my family. Now that they've grown up I went back to work in February, not in an office this time, I'm now head cashier in a store.
  • - Comercial fisherman/ various jobs within the industry
    - Logger
    - Farmer
    - Carpenter/Demo
    - Hotel maint.
    - Facilities maint.

    Those are the major ones, there have been lots in between. I call it "experience" :blush:
  • Let's see here,

    My first official job not counting shoveling snow or mowing lawns was riding an Ice Cream Bicycle around town during the summer which is short up here.

    After that I had a paper route which bought my first 10-speed and my first dog ( a Bassett Hound named Lady Charolette ( Charlie ) ) she was with me for 16 years.

    Then I became a projectionist/ usher at out local multi-screen theatre (sp for you Brits) we also had an outdoor at the time so I worked there on weekends.

    After that I had my first brush with the law and became a teen councelor for the Episcopal Church, non-paying job.

    I then started bartending at a biker/ hard-rock bar, my first shift my bouncer was sent to the hospital with internal bleeding for breaking up a fight.

    Jim, you may want to strike this next line but it's part of my past and what made me who I am.

    I then became a Cocaine dealer/user which cost me 347 days of a year of my life.

    While in jail I started working for an earth contractor. Brothers Construction ( I listed that name for a reason)

    Following that I started doing work for a small contractor doing ( block laying, framing, concrete, cabinet building, finish work, brick laying, landscaping, roofing, etc...)

    Then came my second lowest point, I was a tele-marketer for the Kirby vacuum company ( short-lived thank The Lord)

    Getting out of there I went back to bartending for 10.5 years

    Presently I'm back with Brothers Const. (told ya there was a reason I named them) It's hard work at 40 but I enjoy what I do.

    Nexy year only God knows what I'll be doing, but I will always provide for my family.
  • 1. Bus Boy
    2. Land Surveyor
    3. Grocery bagger/ cashier
    4. Produce Clerk
    5. Personal Trainer
    6. Waiter
  • In my very short life so far I've had really only two jobs.

    1) Babysitter (isn't every girl's?) and it stunk only because I didn't get paid too much.

    2) Mallet Percussion Coach-for a High school maybe a half hour away. That didn't last too long mainly because the program was suspended shortly after I got "hired" so I was out of a job.

    3) Ride Operator- I ran the big rafting ride they had there as well as the scrambler.

    4) Miner- While at Knott's I also got a job driving the little mine train that they have there. I enjoyed that a whole lot more than the rafting ride and I held that job until I couldn't stand the long hours anymore.

    5) Pet Care Specialist- spend pretty much all my hours caring for doggies and cats. It's a really tough job, but it makes it worth it when I get the paycheck. :clap:
  • Very interesting topic, I havent had very many jobs in my short life. Those that I have had are;

    1. Paper Boy (Sucky Job, Sucky Pay)
    2. Pizza Hut (Kitchenhand)
    3. Glass Worker (Pilkington Glass)

    At the moment I am an unemployed student, but not for long! Planning to get a new job soon.
  • I've spent alot of time operating CNC-mills and turners and other industrial machines for my father since I had a tendency of breaking things like windows and cars and computers for him and he thought that I had to repay him some how.

    During highschool I guess you can say I worked as an artist on and off since I acually sold some paintings and drawings.
    Then I went back to milling and turning for a couple of years and thought I had a career going but things were moving way to slow and so I got fed up and started studying.

    During summer breaks I used to work with elderly demented people.

    I've had some short term jobs (1 day-1 month) also.
    Waitor for a ball at school (got bumped up to head-waitor the next year,got to wear a tail coat and boss others around :D)
    Buying and selling berries (Blueberries is not fun to handle by the ton, you get sort of permanently dyed)
    Worked at the counter at a clothes-store.

    Currently I'm doing some sort of programing/engineering for a PhD at school. Come fall I will do about the same kind of work for Volvo (my master Thesis) and after that I will be doing some sort of engineering I hope...
  • I've had many jobs but my current job is the best paying/best benefits job I've ever had.

    My first job - cleaning up bird :pooh: in our family pet store. Not very exciting but it taught me about responsibility and gave me spending money in high school.

    Later jobs were...
    Restaurant - Started dishwashing and moved up through the kitchen to baker
    Delivery driver - Portrait studio
    Convenience store clerk - 7-11
    Baker - At a vegetarian restaurant

    Then I got a job in the moving industry. I worked as a mover for about 12 years doing everything from military pack and picks, overseas shipping, office relocation, storage, locals, industrial relocations, trade shows and electronics. I work for several different contractors, mom & pop shops and some of the big carriers including Allstate, Bekins, United, Red Ball, and North American.

    The best thing about that job was working at a different location almost every day and meeting tons of people, some famous and some just regular folks. I've touched rocket parts that later went into space, I've seen Tomahawk missles being made, I even moved a Williams electronics division and you gamers all know that name! I moved everyone from 3 star generals to aircraft carrier commanders to NFL & MLB players to the USA Olympic volleyball team and also regular folks like you and me. It was hard work but in it's own way it was rewarding.

    When I moved to Oklahoma, there just isn't the same industry in this small town so I worked as a temp for a sheet metal distributor until I landed my current job. I now work for a company that manufactures plastic film. I'll have been there 6 years in October.
  • I've had a few jobs, most of them before I graduated highschool:

    1. Two summers worth of time spent at a HVAC-R (Heating, Ventilating, Air-Conditioning, and refridgeration) place. It was a good place to build up my work ethic.

    2. I worked a couple months at KFC during school in my Senior year, before moving in with my mom.

    3. After moving in with my mom, I worked at KFC about a month before the travel became too much, moving on to a fast food place that was inside of a gas station. I worked here for a little over a year, leaving not too long after moving in with my older brother.

    4. While still working at the other place, but considerably less often, I got a full-time job at Circuit City. Starting October 24, 2000 and working all the way through, finally ending up being in charge of the music/movies/games sections. I worked there until I was fired for varying reasons that ended up allowing me to still get unemployment on June 12, 2005

    5. Last but not least, late September saw me get a job as a cashier at Sheetz - a gas station/lots of other stuff. I just recently moved into management. Fun stuff.
  • Jobs:

    Sterile supply clerk- hospital
    Supply clerk- hospital
    Fender instruments- building guitar amps
    Plastics company- removing the finished product from the mold injection machines.

    Unfortunatly they where all temporary. Hence I have moved to Arizona I have not found a job. I am still looking.