What Brought You Here ?
  • Welcome to the Absolute Community! :clap: You know we always wonder just how you found this site?

    Some people came here looking for cheats, some came for game help, and some just found us by accident. I know a few members were referred by a friend. We'd like to know just what brought you here to the Absolute Community!

    I personally came here a few years ago looking for PS2 game help. I was working on FFX and was looking for advice. A week later I was stuck big time trying to get out of the embassy in Splinter Cell. Everyone was so nice and helpful I decided to hang around and eventually became a regular posting member.

    So tell us what brought you here!
    How did you find the Absolute Community?
  • I remember it like it was yesterday!!

    My cousin bought me resident evil survivor for xmas in 2000. I was playing it and relaised i couldnt find a save point!! I did a search for 'playstation help' and fell upon this place! I was told that there is no save point :crybaby: !!

    I didnt come back onto the forums for a few months until i got a newsletter or something off jim. Came back to look at the forums and got friends with tiff, lynny, lola, madhtr, speedie, ve1tch and the rest is history!!!

    I love this place and have made some great friends on here!!
  • Wow...way back in the day..I believe it was February 2002....yes that's right..it was right after Valentine's Day.
    When Daggers Lover had a crush on me he told me that since I shared an interest in gaming I should come look at his website. He gave me the URL and I checked it out.(madhtr later told me that DL was lying and that this website was actually the work of Jim da Man)

    I didn't have a playstation at the time. My best friend did, as did Daggers Lover...but I didn't. The only game I knew was Final Fantasy VII...which I wanted to know how to get Yuffie and Barret on dates. madhtr gave me two guides to it and so I decided once I would get a chance to play it I would make a Yuffie date and Barret date.

    I remember I posted in this new members area and met quite a few people. Made friends with several of the members and teased a few others (theve, killa and many others) as well.

    I think what kept me coming back here was being a bit of a hussy at the time. :tongue:

    The rest is pretty much history. ^_^
  • Hard to believe it was that long ago I found the place

    Way back in march of 1995 (month before the original PlayStation launch in North America and soon after finally getting online for the first time) I went to a search engine (most likely Yahoo at the time) and looked for PlayStation. The site was perhaps the third link on the hit list- i figured a site calling itself Absolute PlayStation would be as good a spot as any to start looking. So, i clicked the link and have been here ever since for the most part. I'm not sure but i think i may be the only member still hanging around from that period.

    Been a lot of changes from then and now- kinda wish some of the old members from way back then would come around again, would be interesting to see their reaction to the changes.

  • I was scootin' around the web lookin' for Playstation wrestling game info, and lo and behold I ended up here. I realize it is not a very exciting story, but Aci is the first board I ever posted on, and I am still here.
  • For me it was about 1996 or something like that. I was looking for cheat codes for tomb raider I believe. I found APi and have been coming ever since. I think the forums opened up in December of '00, but I didn't end up joining until July '01.
  • I had been to the site a number of times, looking for help with this and that as well as checking out reviews for games I was interested in purchasing. I had no idea what the site was actually about and for some reason decided to sign up (the first time I'd ever signed up for any kind of computer thingy). It was quite a pleasant surprise to find out what it was actually about. Then it disappeared and seemed as if it would never return. A great big thanks to you folks who make it all happen.

    I may be listed as an exec member but looking at the year I was born am definitely in the senior category!
  • I'm in the same boat as Lyndon. Was back in 1995 and got my first major PC built, A lovely 166MMX with 64mb RAM, 128 Soundblaster, 6gig HDD, 32mb Voodoo 3DFX, 8x CD-ROM and 36kbps modem and it cost nearly
  • I have no idea of how I got myself into this place. :huh:

    'Twas back in 2001 and I was a home-husbond, taking care of the household and our 1 year old daughter. For obvious reasons I had quite alot of time on my hand and an rather unforfilled urge to interact with someone who could communicate in other means than "Bah" "Gah" or crying.

    As far as I remember I was surfing randomly, just googling words that popped into my head. I remember playing some of the Final Fantasy games, maybe it was number 9 I don't know, so maybe I was looking for some info on that. Anyhow, at the time I signed up and tried anything I ran into. Once I got access to the forums I spent about a week readung through all threads in the general- and jokes and trivia forums (I had alot of time on my hands and wasn't getting much stimulance in all).

    After having done that it I felt I knew all of the members pretty well and could jump right into any discussion or game. I also hit it off with speedie and we talked alot on through the PM system. And that's about it...
  • Woweee, trying to remember that far back is giving me a headache! Let's see. I think we had just gotten either Tomb Raider or one of the Final Fantasy games, it was 2001 or 2002, and I was looking for help for the game when my search led me here. I had never signed up for anything online before that, but I was determined to get an answer, DARNIT! Whatever my question was, it was answered promptly and very nicely, so it didn't take long at all before I was totally hooked. My first time getting into anything like this, and I struck Safron (which is much more valuable than gold) right off the bat!! :clap: I was welcomed with open arms by everyone, and have always been thankful for finding this place. :wub: