Would You Rather?
  • I really liked this game so I'm bringing it back.

    The rules are simple.

    You chose one option.
    You don't have to make two new options if you don't want to but it is more fun if you do.
    You can answer several old wouldyourather:s at the same time, not just the newest but you MUST always answer the newest.

    OK, let's get going then.

    Would you rather:

    1. Get a fully functional Playstation 3 and 10 new games for it delivered to you today, but you'd turn into a hairy pig for a week every time you used it?


    2. Get a fully functional Playstation 3 and 10 new games for it delivered to you today, on one condition, that you amputate both your thumbs first?
  • Er, can I just get my PS3 and only have one or two games? I'm not greedy.

    If not, then nevermind, because I've already got mine bought. Was gonna get Smackdown! vs Raw 2007 for it but apparently it's been delayed until "Holidays 2007". Whenever that is :wacko:

  • Sorry, forgot one rule. When you answer the most recent "would you rather" you must choose one of the options. That's the whole point. If you have a problem with this you can always imagine there being me holding a 12 gauge repeater against your forehead and giving you the extra option of being shot if you don't answer correctly. :tongue:
  • Er would that be Russian Roulette with One Bullet?
    Hope so. At least that way I've got a 5 in 6 chance of staying alive. Provided you're using a 6 chamber pistol of course :blink:

    Anyway, ok I'll choose the pig.

    no No NO, actually I'll choose the Thumbs because if you had them amputated, you could then have them put straight into Ice so you could then have them put back on your hands, lol.

    Please let me have that one :(

  • QUOTE(manneman @ Jul 25 2006, 09:23 AM) [snapback]67274[/snapback]

    1. Get a fully functional Playstation 3 and 10 new games for it delivered to you today, but you'd turn into a hairy pig for a week every time you used it?


    2. Get a fully functional Playstation 3 and 10 new games for it delivered to you today, on one condition, that you amputate both your thumbs first?


    I would rather turn into a hairy pig. Why? Because...

    #1 Ham and bacon are so tasty
    #2 The other option would prevent me from hitchhiking (not that I do now but I might want to try it sometime) and I'd need those thumbs to play my shiny new PS3!

    So, what time does this thing get delivered? OINK! OINK!
  • Im down with Jay, I think its pretty easy to get your thumbs re-attached, I know... Ive seen it done. Worked at a glass factory, dude cut his thumb straight off and grabbed it, off to the hospital, ended up with just a scar, mostly fully functional thumb!

    So yeah, after a year I guess your ok, but youve only really saved the money on the PS3 and games that they costed on realease. Might be that price anyway by the time you have your thumbs.

    Still, I stick with amputation, in the spirit of Rick Allen (famous def leppard drummer, lost one arm in a car accident and continued to play drums by use of intuition and made loads more hit songs and still plays to this day!) I would soldier on with, feet, teeth and all other extremities!... get your mind out of the gutter.
  • I would choose the hairy pig option, because according to the wife, I am already there, and thats only when I play the PS2 :huh:
  • OK, I'm gonna go ahead and add a new one, all you others are free to contribute as well. But first:

    The hairy pig option, that way I would at least snap out of it once in a while...

    Would you rather
    1. Only be able to eat the leafs that falls from Maple trees
    2. Only be able to eat mushrooms picked at random by a tiny blindfolded Hungarian woman?
  • Probably maple leaves I guess. :blink: Mainly because I don't like mushrooms.

    Which would you rather:
    See your father in a speedo?
    See your mother in a thong?
  • :laugh: Altough both options would probably render me blind and unable to ever love again I'd have to go with the FATHER option there. :laugh:

    Would you rather
    1. Be knowned as the person who taught Steven Segal all he knows about dresscodes
    2. Slaughter a dolphin at a Greenpeace convention.
  • I'd have to say the Steven Seagal option.
    I just couldn't bring myself to hurt Flipper and/or one of his friends :crybaby:

    So would you rather

    Eat raw Shark, Crocodile, Pirahna (spelling?) etc, that could quite easily BITE BACK if you weren't careful, for EVERY meal for the rest of your life
    Regularly eat Pet type creatures, like Dogs, Cats, Horses etc...?

  • To all the above

    1) rather just eat the leaves - i HATE MUSHROOMS :wacko:

    2) My mother in a thong - Have seen it before and will no doubt see it agian - But my mother is relativley young and works out at the gym 5 times a week

    3)Would rather eat COOKED meat of any description - besides have probably eaten it without knowning from the chinese on a friday night!!
  • Oh I could eat a horse, or a hampster. I don't know about eating out p***y having cat on my plate, but I guess I'd manage. :harhar:


    Would you rather:
    1. Be constantly intoxicated for 10 years
    2. Have everyone around you being constantly intoxicated for 10 years.
  • Here we go...

    1. Im going to Trust the Hungarian woman and eat the mushrooms, can I cook them with a little garlic and butter though?

    2. Father in a speedo, its probably not as strange here in Oz, used to swim a lot so Im no stranger to men in speedos, always went with the boardies myself though.

    3. Couldnt hurt a dolphin, too inhumane, so I go with the "Shame of Segal"

    4. I would most likely go with the raw meat option, Ive actually eaten crocodile before but it was cooked.

    5. Duh manne, be constantly intoxicated for 10 years, no real stranger to it heheh. Tiff is currently living that dream in fact I hear.

    New Question:

    Would you rather:
    1. Be returned to the cretacious and try and survive there?

    2. Be returned to the middle ages and try and survive there?
  • Pig or thumbs? I'm happy with my PS 2 so will weasle out of that one. Also pretty difficult to chop off one's own thumbs. We actually had a Slavic sounding woman direct us to some mushrooms we were picking and eating(though not for the food value). We always refer to her as the lady from Ultraoslavia (still chuckle about that). Put me down for shrooms. The Speedo. That is a particularly ugly one, but I will have to say Mother (ugghh!). Perhaps slaughter Segal at a dress code convention? Meat is meat so give me the cute little kitten(I hear they taste like frog). Have been intoxicated for years so we're good there. Give me the middle ages. At least the girls aren't reptilian and they had at least invented underwear.

    option 1 (for the boys) - end up with a healthy set of moobs (man boobs),
    (for the girls) - ending up with a chin which needs shaving at least once a week.
    option 2 - discovering that you in fact really do have little in the way of common sense.
  • manne - I would rather be drunk than with the drunk!!!

    Lethal - Middle ages

    James - i KNOW i have no common sense so i'll go with that one
  • 1) Hairy Pig. I doubt anyone would notice the difference

    2) Maple Leaf Salad

    3) Dad in a speedo.

    4) Slaughter a Dolphin at a GreenPeace Convention. Without hesitation. Easiest question so far. Some people here are far too fold of Dolphins (You know who you are). They're evil, manipulative creatures who are trying to poison the minds of earth-walkers with political correctness. Besides, Dolphins are the original thrill-killers. They taste like chicken, too.

    5) Raw fish and gator for life. I get rice, seaweed and wasabi with that, right? I expect that I've eaten dog/cat/rat/horse/etc. before, and it hasn't hurt me any, but the idea of someone taking a cleaver to my dog gets me kinda homicidally angry, y'know?

    6) Intoxicated for 10 years? NO WAY! I'll deal with the a-holes without being one myself, thank you.

    7) Middle Ages for me, thank you. As it's in the realm of "what if," I'll go back with the body I had at age 25, and be a crusader.

    Now for my question:

    Would you rather.....
    Be a twice-elected President of the United States of America during wartime?
    Be remembered as the worst President the United States of America has ever had, during peacetime?

  • Depends. Could I send the Secret Service round cut off Bill Clinton's you-know-what, and to decapitate George Bush Jnr?

    Either way, I think Best President in War times. Can you imagine being able to launch Air Strikes at your targets and whatnot. I LOVE the Command and Conquer games, so would be a real life version of that. Except the people who would get killed would be real ;)

    anyway, Would you rather
    girls: Date (and have a one night stand with) George Bush
    boys: Date (and have a one night stand with) Hilary Clinton
    girls: Date (and have a one night stand with) Tony Blair
    boys: Date (and have a one night stand with) Margaret Thatcher
  • This sorta thread can get really weird. :blink:

    What have I missed...
    • Mushrooms - Might get a "magic" one and it works for Mario!
    • Speedo - Worst choice yet. (worst meaning ewww)
    • Segal - Ponytails are in.
    • Seafood - Couldn't eat man's best friend.
    • Constantly intoxicated - Does that include liver damage?
    • Middle Ages - Real knights doing battle... got to see that.
    • Moobs - I need my common sense to point out those that don't have it.
    • Worst President - It's still being President without the killing!
    • Hillary - Do I get a side order of Lewinski like Bill did?
    Would you rather...
    #1 Be locked away in a dungeon for 6 months and have to eat your own flesh to survive?
    #2 Be locked away in a dungeon for 30 years and have to eat other prisoners to survive?
  • Oh boy, this is an interesting one!!

    Let me go back to the beginning....

    1: Thumbs, for the same re-attachable reasons others had.
    2: Mushrooms. I could handle *finally* hanging around with someone shorter than I am!
    3: Considering the fact that my Dad has been dead for nearly 16 years, (and was creamated!), I'd have to go with Mother in a thong. (egads!)
    4: I'd rather be known as the person who DOESN'T know how to dress Mr. Segal. I don't have a problem with killing dolphins, but I *do* have a problem with dolphin-lovers killing me!!
    5: I'll go with the seafood option.
    6: I'd rather have everyone around me intoxicated for 10 years. Never been drunk in my life and too old to start now. I don't like how alcohol makes me feel either... I'm such a weenie! LOL!!
    7: Definitely middle ages!! I'm already used to being called "Wench" by hubby. :devilish:
    8: Would rather have to shave, I prefer my ignorance of the fact that I have no common sense. =)
    9: Twice-elected President during war-time.
    10: Prime Minister Blair, DEFINITELY!! Could not for the life of me imagine "bumpin' uglies" with President Bush!! :blink: Just let the Prime Minister talk while I have my eyes closed, that should help a lot!
    11: Do I get local anesthesia!?!?!? Ok, 30 years eating other prisoners... uuuggghhhhh!!!!!!!

    Ok then, let me think of something here.....

    Would you rather...
    1: Have all your hair fall out, lose your teeth, gain 150 pounds and get an oozing rash all over your body BUT be the richest person on the planet by hundreds of billions $$$$ for the rest of your long life, OR
    2: Have great hair/teeth/skin, fabulous body BUT be homeless and dirt-poor for the rest of your long life?
    (and, no, your trillions of dollars will never be enough to heal that rash)

  • Being the gym rat that I am my answer would be number two. I would be much happier with the body than any amount of money.

    Would you rather...

    1. Have the power to be turn invisible?


    2. Have the power to fly?
  • Ooohhh that is SO easy. Turn Invisible. The possibilities are ENDLESS. Do the pervy thing and go into girls changing rooms/toilets etc.. and you could even go and follow famous people, or politicians, take photos that they would pay thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of punds for for the met NOT to be released.
    Er, would the camera turn invisible as well though? That would be B) if you could turn things you held invisible as well while holding them. Well invisible to everyone else, not you of course else you wouldn't be able to take the photos properly :wacko:

    Staying on the Superhero theme... Which one of the following would you prefer to be?
    boys Superman or Batman
    girls Wonder Woman or Batgirl

  • I would rather fly. Would be much easier on the feet and with the prices of fuel these days, it would be easier on the wallet.

    As for superheroes, I'd have to pick Batman. All those cool gadgets and the costume is way better than Supes. Long live the Dark Knight!

    Would you rather...
    #1 Be burnt alive?
    #2 Drowned to death?
  • Def Catwoman - she soooo lycraised!!

    And drowning for the second one - Burning must be one of THE worst ways to go!!

  • Oh, I would rather fly!!!!!! Too old for the "pervy thing" (hahahahahahahaaa Jay, you crack me up!!!!!!!!) and I've always had dreams about being able to fly. How cool that would be!!!

    Would rather be Batgirl, she is just ultra cool!!

    Would rather be burned alive... drowning has always, my whole life, been one of my biggest eeepy-creepies!! :bag:

    Oh yeah, now I have to pose one! D'oh!

    Would you rather:

    1: Be autopsied alive (yes, *someone* has been watching Nightmares and Dreamscapes)


    2: Be stuck on a far-away planet, alone, with a limited supply of oxygen left?
  • I think I'd have to say the Far Away Planet one.
    Afterall, odds are that that planet would be populated with life and, hopefully, they would be really smart and advanced so they could somehow make so I could breathe on their planet, otherwise I get I WOULD die :blink:

    Right, how about this one then...

    Would you rather...
    go on the most luxurious Ocean Liner that you have EVER seen, but it sinks like the Titanic and you don't get saved
    go on the most luxurious Jet ever created that can go faster than the Concorde and is like THE Ocean Liner of the sky, but it crashes on an uncharted Island that is full of Cannibals?

    Quick note. My post is the first on a new page, go me, go me, go me :59:

  • Invisibility or flight. Tough choice. Flight would be fun and no Gollum chewing off your ring finger. Dark Knight way more cool than Supey. Drowning for sure. Slower but much more peaceful once your lungs are full (apparently). Definitely the ocean liner. Days rather than hours of pampering. Also pretty tough to stand on the nose of the Concord pretending you're king of the world. More like king of the trouser snake. Oops, was that my outside voice? I would definitely prefer gasping for my last breath than being placed into jars piece by piece. Easy choice there.
    Would you rather be a sentient
    1)earth worm
  • Okay. To answer all the ones on the second page:
    1) Turn invisible. Simply because I don't like heights so flying wouldn't be a good option for me.
    2) Wonder Woman. Invisible Jet?! Come on! I don't have to fly with wings..just jump in my jet! Also because I don't know who the heck Bat Girl is! :blink:
    3) Burnt Alive. Never ever..EVER wanna drown.
    4) I suppose I'd rather be autopsied alive....ew.
    5) Jet. I'd charm the cannibals with my girl looks. ^_^
    6) I suppose I'd be a starfish.

    Now for my offer.

    Would you rather..
    Talk like Yoda for the rest of your life?
    Breathe like Darth Vader for the rest of your life?
  • QUOTE(RedKenny @ Aug 18 2006, 08:54 AM) [snapback]67983[/snapback]
    [b]Would you rather
    Live in the desert and only have your own Fluids to drink but be able to survive for years until you're in like your 80's or 90's
    Live in a paradise with loads of seemingly fresh water that is actually toxic and kills you gradually, like radiation poisoning, and you only live for about two years at the absolute most.