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  • I figured I would start a thread for us to list all the gooey details about our latest bundles of joy (or not so joyful?)

    Basically, list any games, dvds or cds that you have bought recently and whether or not you are happy with them and why. Maybe even list prices if you think you got a bargain?

    I am a uni student, and therefore have limited cash, so I havent purchased anything in about 2 months. The last two games I picked up from Electronics Boutique at a 2 for $50 sale.

    I got

    Doom 3 and
    Crimson Skies

    Heres the lowdown;

    Doom 3
    I had originally heard not so great things about the latest Doom release and so I was skeptical, I didnt actually play it for a while after I bought it because I was busy with CS and I wasnt too interested. When I did get around to playing it the first time I was rather busy and got a little way in before I died, I didnt bother saving or anything just switched off and wasnt sure I would come back for more.... Good thing I did about a week later because I fell in love with the game and played it solidly for a few days until I finished it. Very good game and not bad for $25.

    Crimson Skies
    I had played on PC (demo) years back and enjoyed so I picked it up. Really loved that game, totally ace, although it can get a bit repetitive. Still a very very good game.

    Well, thats me. :tongue:
  • My latest bundle of joy is Hitman:Blood Money.

    i have just completed the first couple of missions and i would have to say that the control isnt quite as intuitive as before and the AI are much smarter. The graphics are a bit tastier and the newspaper article at the end of the mission is clever, so if you use the signature weapon silverballer every job it begins to form a bit of a trail.

    so far so good. however the War here is keeping me away from earning cash for my killing :devilish:
  • My latest purchase is a return to the fold, so to speak- decided to once again pick up Hot Shots Golf Fore about a year after selling it off. Good thing I still had my save on the memory card though! Now if someone could tell me how the heck to get past the challenge using Mel on that windy jungle course! :censored:
  • My latest purchase... geez that was ages ago! I think ISS Pro Evolution Soccer 5 was my latest PS2 purchase - totally worth the money though, excellent game and still play it pretty often now. Best football (soccer) game around on the PS2.

    As for my next purchase - haven't really got any plans yet, although I've got some money I may treat myself to a game soon! So this thread maybe rather useful to keep an eye on!!
  • LOOOOL...that was also my latest purchase! And I must say I totally and completely agree with you, no regrets on PES5...and still have a lot to play on it (though I must be on my 4th year of Master League!).

    As for my future purchase, that is more than will be FFXII, I've been eagger for that game for quite a long time, since the last one from the series' I played was FFX. My money is all gathered and ready to vanish for suchwork of art! I say this ude to my antecipation and, although what I've heard is mainly excelent "reviews" there were some negative comments...guess it's best to keep waiting and see for myself!

    Happy gaming!
  • Haven't bought many PS2 games latley due to buying a PC last year and trying out a few new PC games and recent PC classics from the last few years to see what's out there in PC land.

    A few of my latest games purchased are

    Oblivion :notworthy:
    Sims 2 Open for Business
    Quake 4 (only $35.00 AUD. Kmart clearance) :59:
  • My most recent New Additions include:

    Red vs. Blue
    Season 1
    Season 2
    Season 3
    Season 4

    Overall review: EXTREMELY SATISFIED! I watched Red vs Blue over Christmas vacation last year and was fairly entertained by Caboose more than anyone. Now that I've seen all the seasons so far I'm even more a fan of Caboose and a growing fan of Church.

    Season 1

    Overall review: Ehhh..kinda felt it was a little too random for my liking. I did like how it was made so nicely with the Sims even to the point where they each had their own little perks.

    The Wreckers-Stand Still, Look Pretty

    Overall review: I love it. I'm not much a fan of country music, but Michelle Branch pulls it off really well.

    Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town(Nintendo DS)
    Trace Memory(Nintendo DS)

    Overall Review: Harvest Moon was nice because I get to play a girl which was a nice change from all the other moons where I had to play a guy. -_- Trace Memory has been good so far. It reminds me of the old computer game called Myst...anyone remember that? Anyway, it's good as well.
  • Please red, *do not* I repeat *do not* talk about Myst. God that game really really :censored: me. I didnt get very far and I remember running around for hours trying to figure out what to do. Not my kind of game, I prefer a more fast paced action kind of game.

    Sounds like you made one hell of a haul recently! Go you with all your money earned playing with puppies and kitties. :P
  • QUOTE(Lethal @ Jun 2 2006, 08:07 PM) [snapback]64995[/snapback]

    Please red, *do not* I repeat *do not* talk about Myst. God that game really really :censored: me. I didnt get very far and I remember running around for hours trying to figure out what to do. Not my kind of game, I prefer a more fast paced action kind of game.

    Sounds like you made one hell of a haul recently! Go you with all your money earned playing with puppies and kitties. :P

    That is what you'd like to think huh? Hahah. Nope. Have yet to touch my first paycheck from playing with puppies and kitties. I don't get it for another week. The last haul I made is a combination of Federal and State Refunds from their taxes on my checks as a Ride Operator. :tongue:

    Either way though. It's good. ^_^
  • I thik the last DVD's i bought were Angel season 3 and 4 -

    I missed the series when it was on TV due to stupid shifts at macdonalds - but since my friend mark got me into it and they re-released all the box sets at 'affordable' prices i could indulge and spend a sunday afternoon watching HOURS of angel

    Cant afford season 5 for a while yet tho!
  • Hmmm, last I bought stuff..... Oh yeah, it was a big day of stuff for me:


    Wild ARMs 4 - XSeed Games - PS2

    My thoughts: Well, I beat the game, which is more than I can say for any other WA title in the series. I liked the story, despite its dependence on "Growing Up" as a plot device. Overall I'll say a 3.5/5 for now. I might write my full review of the game this upcoming week.


    Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children - Sony Pictures - DVD/PSP

    My Thoughts: Well, I bought the PSP title on launch day, April 26, but I couldn't find the DVD until well after the $14.99 sale was over. The movie is awesome no matter how you watch it IMO, but the DVD has extra features not available on the PSP UMD. So, unless you need the portability of the PSP Videos, then the DVD is the way to go. I'll give the DVD version a 4.5/5 and the PSP one a 4/5.


    Tool, Red Hot Chili Peppers

    I forget both of their titles and am not at my house, so I'll edit this further when I get a chance. Tool is quite bleh, which is a disappointment. RHCP, however is two discs worth of awesomeness.

    My Thoughts: Tool - Thumbs down | RHCP - Two Thumbs up

    Overall thoughts: I had some great buys out of this one. Well worth the $72 I shelled out on this trip. If you're looking for a good cheap game, WA4 just dropped to $19.99 and is a standalone story, so you won't be lost if you have not played the other games in the series. AC is a great movie and I've now watched it no less than 10 times, so I may be biased ^^. The cds, steer away from the new Tool album and buy the RHCP cd full of 28 tracks of hits (IMO).

    EDIT - Also.... Angel.... and Buffy.... Both great series. I am definitely sad to have finished with both. I actually cried at the end of Buffy. If anyone else has seen it, they know what I mean. Angel's ending just left me pissed off that it was done. ^^;;
  • I cried at the end of buffy too mad. The red hot chillis album is in my car (totally forgot about that purchase lol!!) But havent got around to putting it in the stereo yet......

    What i will say is - STAY AWAY from the new pearl Jam album - dont know what they been up to but its pure pants!!!
  • I've been going a touch biff over the past few months........


    Both my PS2 consoles died so I had to get another. Just after I got it, I got this assignment away from home so gave the new console to my son. When I got here I needed to play so got myself a console for here


    Of course I had to get some games when I got here to..... the list....

    Tomb Raider Legends - Short but good
    Burnout Revenge - Fecking Brilliant
    Rogue Trooper - Best 3rd person shooter since Syphon Filter 2
    The Godfather - Good story mode but boring after.
    The Bard - Funny as h#ll
    MotoGP 4 - Best motorcycle racer
    GTA Vice City - Not sure why I never played this one before.


    All the music CD's I've got lately have been Israeli so I have no idea what their names are but I can say they do some good rock and metal.
  • Haven't bought any music in a long time. Most recent DVD is Frank Miller's Sin City. Not terribly deep but enjoyed it. Last game purchase was Shadow of the Colossus. Have made it about halfway through. An unusual game. It's odd running around without having to hack and slash your way through countless enemies. Very well done scenery in an immense, empty landscape with nothing but boss battles. Big boss battles. The immensity of the giants are well captured.
  • new toy is a sony ericcson w810i - proper piece of kit of a mobile fone. 2 megapixel did cam, mp3 player all the bits!! Tis proper smart!!!
  • Had a few more game titles to "grace" the PC lately which include:

    Battlefield 2 (came with a Pizza Hut meal deal. "Hold the anchovies.... and errr... shrapnal thanks)
    EA Battle pack (Battlefield 1, Lord of the Rings, MOH Allied Assault and C&C Generals)
    Dungeon Keeper 2
    True Crime Streets of LA (On special from Ezy Video, bl00dy fourth disc is so badly damaged I can't install it despite Ezy Video resurfacing it three times) :angry:

  • Newest goodies huh ? Let's see here.

    For my PC I bought Lord Of The Rings : Battle For Middle Earth. It's basically a tactical type game which looks to have some potential, I haven't really played it much due to time constraints. I picked it up for $20 which seemed a more than fair price.

    Also for my 'puter I bought a DGX-305V which is about the size of a pack of cigarettes and functions as a videocam/digital cam/webcam/audio recorder/MP3 player. It has a flip-out full color viewing screen and 4X zoom. My local Rent-To-Own got it back from someone who didn't pay their bill and since they no longer cary or support the item they sold it to me for $30. The thing works wonderfully and doesn't have a scratch on it so I concider that one heck of a steal. ( has upgradeable memory as well !!! )

    Ooops, gotta run to work, I'll finish my list this evening. :punk:
  • Newiest toys are mine & Janeybobs laptop and a fast wireless network for all the PC's in the house.

    Slayers new album - Christ Illusion, very good work from the original line up again. Can't wait for there tour.

    Eyetoy game - KINETIC, good work out & need to get the combat one to go with the tai-bo boxing routine to get my back & legs sorted for climbing.
  • The nintendo DS!! I love it - have been playing Resident Evil DS (a remake of resi 1) and have forgotten how purley class this game really was!! Have now decided when i have finished this i am playing through the series again!!
  • Two latest purchases were V for Vendetta on DVD and X-Men: The Official Game for PS2.

    V for Vendetta wasn't exactly what I expected but it was okay. Some of the dialogue goes by quite fast and between the mask V wears and the accent, it is hard to catch it all the first time.

    The X-Men: The Official Game storyline is supposed to take place between the 2nd and 3rd movies. If you are an X-Men fan then you will probably enjoy it. Playable characters are Wolverine, Nightcrawler and Iceman. While Wolverine (*snikt*) is the best at what he does, Nightcrawler is the most fun to play. Unlimited teleporting, acrobatic moves and sneak attacks make him a very elusive target. The Iceman character is not so easy to control but the ice slide looks pretty slick. Best part about the game - I used a gift card I received at work to buy it! ;)

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