• Something that came to mind a few weeks back We were playing Katamari Damacy and it struck me that every time we play that game we always watch the whole intro (we refer to it as the spot the prince game). All of us love the intro music and have occasionally been heard attempting to sing it ourselves. What game intros are out there that folks watch every time, rather than just buttoning through, and why?
  • Ah! Favorite intros!! This is really hard to decide. I don't remember too much about the intro for Katamari Damasy. I've got quite a few intros that I like so I'll just write out a list of them all.

    Final Fantasy III for SNES. I do like the Playstation rendition, but not as much as the SNES one. Terra, Vicks and Wedge walking a long path in the Magitek armor. Really good graphics for the SNES.

    Yoshi's Island for SNES. I love the little musicbox sounding thing and how it shows the little stork coming through the sky trying to deliver twin baby boys...It's adorable.

    Final Fantasy VII for PSOne. It worked well in hooking me into playing the game. What's with the green things around the girl, what's this train doing here...what's all this stuff? Viola! I'm playing Final Fantasy VII.

    Not really too much more I can think up right now. But I'll edit this as I get more intros I've found I liked.

  • Two that comes to mind with me is Age of Mythology's intro on the PC and good old Duke Nuken's Time to Kill (I think. The game before Land of the Babes) one the PS1. I like AOM due to the stiring tune and the battle intro. Nukem's metal intro really add atmosphere :punk:

    Although it's not an intro, the Commodore 64's "The Last Ninja" had a addictive japanese in game tune that I still whistle on and off after last playing the game about twenty years ago :59:
  • Final Fantasy VIII was great because of the good graphics and the fight between Squall and Seifer. It also left you with a lot of questions about what will be happening in the game.

    Final Fantasy X was amazing as well. The graphics were stunning and it had good music.

    Greg Hastings Tournament Paintball was a good one. I watched it every time because I used to be a sponsored paintball player, so it was cool to be able to see clips of the pros making risky moves and stuff like that.

    NHL 99 was a great entrance video to watch. It had awesome background music and showed some amazing goals and bone crushing hits.
  • I played a little Final Fantasy VII and thought that intro was great. Haven't seen anything after that. Was enough there to make a whole movie or was it a waste of time ?
  • The MGS games usually have well-worth-watching intros I find, I also agree all of the FF games have awesome intros.
  • The Final Fantasy VII movie, Advent Children, was amazing. The graphics were stunning and the story was great. I wish Square-Enix would remake the whole game for the PS2 with better graphics that would be awesome.
  • You've all missed the best game intro of all time & it has won an award for it

  • The first time I play a game I watch the intro, if I think it is pretty cool I will watch it the next few times I play the game but eventually I do skip all intros. If I'm sitting on my couch with a controller in my hand watching an intro I might as well be watching TV.
  • The very very first resident evil for the PSone - with the dodgy music and Cast intros.

    Made Tiff watch it again the other week - Oh how we laff!
  • QUOTE(oddish182000 @ Sep 2 2006, 08:17 PM) [snapback]68317[/snapback]

    The very very first resident evil for the PSone - with the dodgy music and Cast intros.
    Made Tiff watch it again the other week - Oh how we laff!

    Jill turns to Barry after being rescued from a roof collapsing room

    Jill: "Thankyou Barry, You saved my life"

    Barry: "You were nearly a Jill sandwich!"

    Soooo bad acting but funny, a bit of wee came out of me!