Streak Of Bad Luck
  • I can't catch a break. First my computer got messed up and now I found out im in the wrong level of biology. For my major I needed to be in Biol 1273 but im in Biol 1110. I got my courses mixed up and now its too late to change. I talked to my advisor this afternoon and I am going to have to make up the 1273 and 1274 in the summer. I just got done telling my Dad and he is not a happy camper.

    Then earlier today I got bit on the knee by a german shepard leaving my appartment on my way to the gym. It barley broke the skin so I didn't think anything of it. Later on tonight the owners of the dog bought me a sorry card and brought me a gift card. I was talking on the phone to my dad at the time so them he started to yell at me because I didn't ask them about rabbies shots. This got him even madder than he was before because it was another "stupid" mistake as he said. Anyways I am going to be stuck in summer classes again, but this time I have to pay for it.
  • same here mate

    - my car brakes went
    - i failed my pharmacy exam
    - had a letter off the pharmacuteical society to say we are being inspected anytime in next 6 weeks so my boss has a bee in her bonnett and i seriously cant cope like this for 6 more weeks
    - Had a letter off tennants association saying they are coming to do major work on the house. Basically they are ripping our central heating and water out during the coldest months of the year
    - Am sure there are a few other things !!
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  • Hang in there, Mike. Eventually, everything gets better. Or, it doesn't. Either way, most of it is out of your hands. Manage what you can and accept what you can't, and you'll get through it OK.