• how long roughly does it take to complete all 4 discs?
  • I went through and did everything the first time and it took me 63 hours.
  • I finished the game in about 45 hours. I really didn't like the game much because the story was very weak compared to the past FFs. And the Draw system was horrible.
  • The draw system was really bad.
  • i've seen claims that FF 8 can be completed in less than 10 hours.
  • 10HRS.!!!!????? Hmmm... let me see..........uuummmmm............. sorry no comments!
  • I beat it somewhere in the 55-60 hour range.
  • Im sorry punk buddy but I loved the draw magic thing!!it made the game much better than any other ff-game:o
  • I must agree! I also enjoyed the way GF 's were the source of your charactors abilities and thought the Junctioning system was excellent! I think FF8 did go one better than FF7 (dodges multiple projectiles from FF7 fans) but FF9 for me was a bit of a let down (Ifrit especially)
  • I beat it in 30-40 hrs each time except win I do everything thin it takes me 60 hrs
  • i finished the game at about 50 -55 hrs.
    but sometimes if you are in a hurry youll forgot
    to draw some GFs You should be very careful
    because some GF's are very powerful and can help you
    in the game.
  • u people had issues ibeat the game in 13 hours and got all gfs and completed all sde quests. oh yeah and i wasnt cheating. the first time i played tho it took me 19 hours to do all this. whats my secret. IM SMART LOL no actually im naturally good at these games since i beat ff7 in 21 hours 9 in nothing flat cuz they gave me another player on my team lol 1, 2, 3, and 4, are a joke 7 hours each. 5 was a little more difficult at 11 hours and 6 was 14 hours chrono trigger i have clocked 4 hours on so far and thats cuz i fell asleep and im half way through. id rather not mention the times i clocked on other games cuz u will definetly think im lying then. lol oh and in chrono cross there r several characters u cannot get. i also beat legend of legia in 15 hours on level 33 no lie and i didnt cheat lol. oh and i have a tendency to level up so sometimes