Happy birthday Daggers Lover!!
  • Well folks, I don't know that any of you all noticed, but today is Daggers Lover's birthday!! Daggers Lover is the person whom originally brought me to this site in the first place, so I figure he should get a thread to welcome him when he logs in!

    He's turning 19! Not too old yet, but not necessarily too young!

    Happy Birthday there my friend, DL!
    I'll give ya your present in an hour or so!!:cool:
  • awww thnx for the thread im loving it :) wish it didnt fall on a tuesday though everyones in school oir working so gunna be hanging out with family today :) thanks again :)!!
  • Happy B-day DL!!

    Looks like you'll have to save your partying for the weekend!
  • Hope you had a great day Daggers !
  • Happy Birthday DL - It sux when your birthday is a weekday. (my 18th was my biology exam day)

    Never mind - hope you celebrate your sox off - and milk it all the way to the weekend!!:p
  • Hope you had a great day yesterday, Dags.
    My birthdays the end of July so it was always during the main Summer hols when I was at school. Not too bad, but means I never got to have my birthday off school because I always off properly, er if that makes sense :confused:
    Always thought it unfair that people who's b'day was through the school year got to have the day off from school. Really unfair :(
    Ah well...
  • Happy Birthday DL! I hope you had a good time!
  • Hm. His birthday's two days off the most awesome day of the year. At least I can give him props for trying! Then again, that also means he turned 19 two days before me!

  • Happy Birthday DL! Come on up here to Stratford, Ontario and we can go out for a few beers!