Happy Birthday Kentucky_Fried_Hippie!!
  • Well folks, it's another birthday! Except this time it's the crazy member known as Kentucky_Fried_Hippie!

    Happy birthday there my friend! Hope your day is completely awesome!:)
  • Happy Birthday KFH! You ought to come around more often!;)

    Hope you have a great day!
  • Well b'days are certainly coming thick and fast now aren't they?
    We need a dedicated birthday sub forum thingy. Then we can just post on there.

    Anyhoo, Happy B'day KFH, well for yesterday I mean :eek:
  • Happy B-day KFH!! Good to see you back around the forums btw.
  • Happy Birthday KFH! Grab DL on your way up to my place so we can go out for some beers!
  • <_< Ahem. I'm SO here and paying attention. Yay for the happy birthdays, even if I get around to seeing them like...two or three weeks late!<br />
    Really should come around more often. ;)

    Thanks, guys!