Crash Bandicoot WOC How to defeat boss 4
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    I have lost about 100 lives trying to defeat this colossus creature. How can this be done and be very specific and detailed in your response.

    Thank you.
  • Boss 4: Atmospheric Pressure

    Shoot Crunch where he shots you. If he shoots you from hand, shoot his
    hand. If he shoots you from head, shoot his head. If he shoots you from
    chest, shoot his chest. If he shoots you from body, shoot his body. That's
    the secret of this boss.

    Power: Fruit Bazooka: To fire fruit at a target hold L1 to raise the gun.
    Aim with the directional buttons, press circle to fire.

    Here is how to dodge the attacks:
    Attack 1: Energy ball: Use the barrle roll
    Attack 2: Alot of energy balls. Shoot them or barrel roll
    Attack 3: Laser: Go under it then over it
    Attack 4: Massive attack: Get in the space you can see when he uses it.
    Shoot crunch when he is turning electrified. When he is about to fire
    the first energy ball, shoot at his hand. Keep firing at him, and this
    will take down his health. When he is shooting all of the energy balls,

    Let me know when you beat this tough one !


    (RESPONSE TIME 2 hours)
  • Giant Crunch cannot be harmed most times because of his force field. The only time he is able to be hit is when preparing to attack. So shoot him either as he is getting ready to atack you or while he is attacking.

    You can use the barrel roll to dodge the single energy ball and energy beam. You can avoid the energy wave by getting into the one space he leaves in it- you'll see where that will be as he preps.