NBA Live 07 Online Question
  • I have been getting burned online, on 07. Last years version was a lot better with you being able to steal more a lot less three were tossed up. This year seems to be a step back in the way of defense. Seems like the only way you can get people to miss shots is to zone d fense them and let the cpu check them. I want a better way to d up but am confused as to the best way to get my steals up. The way I stole the ball with players last year was to use L1 and the anolog every time I try that now I am hit with foul after foul even when I am offline. I am trying to get better but this game really seems frustrating.
  • I havn't tried the game myself but from what I've read you are not alone in feeling this way.

    The only tip I can give you is to change the rules (via main menu). If you uncheck everything there you should lower the defensive fouls and foul outs to zero. The just get infront someone during gameplay and do a handcheck and the ball should come loose.

    But if you wanna become better at steals without cheating, I think you know what you need to do. Work hard.

    Good luck and happy gaming;)