• Hellow new and old members, this is mikey, and i'm back again .OHHH BOY lol!!!! it's nice to see some new and old faces in here.
  • Welcome back! It's always great to see a member return.
    Lots of changes happening! How do you like the new look?
  • Hey Mikey, welcome back.
    I guess you know the drill so just jump right in :D
  • MIKEY!! It's about time you showed up!! I missed you.:D

    Glad to see you've finally made it back. What's been going on in your life?
  • Mikey!!!!!!!! Hows it goin dude, haven't talked to you in a long time.

    (This is SpeedDemon btw)
  • hey mikey welcome back this is daggerslover!!!! since youve been gone so long one of the rules is you gotta buy a cheat squad member a ps3 :)
  • ty people for the welcome back. It seems like only the staff members remember me. LOL i see all you people later.
  • hey mikey WELCOME BACK!!!!

    What ya been up too??
  • Hola Mickeyito (This is Devilchild), good to see another come on back to the madhouse.
  • Great to have you back again Mikey... enjoy your stay and please don't be a stranger, as this place is all the better for having you back again !