• How do i get though level 11 on Finding Nemo
  • Well, there are several things you need to do, I'll try to list them all but it's always easier to help if you explain the situation you're in. It also prevents us from posting spoilers. Just a tip for next time;)

    OK, here is what you need to do to clear level 11 (nemo in the tank)

    So you are in the tank and need to prove yourself for the Tank Crew.
    The level is divided into two parts.

    Part I

    First you have to fill the holes in the bottom of the tank. Shouldn't be to hard, just
    push the red stones into the holes.
    When that's done you need to get the way to the other side of the tank opened and that
    means going through two colums of fire.

    The first column you get passed by blowing into the staues. You need to blow into them
    in a certain order. You will find instructions on the back of the sign with an arrow on it.
    Use ACTION to spin it around. If you can't be bothered this is the sequence:

    :: Right Statue, Left Statue, Center Statue, Right Statue, Left Statue ::

    Now when that is done you need to block the other one with the diver figure.
    Hit the ratchet infront of the diver and keep hitting it to lower the diver.
    Watch the Flame Column though.

    Once that's done you can proceed.

    Part II

    To get to the other side of the tank Nemo must navigate through the volcano.
    At the end of the path you'll find a puzzle. Slide the parts so that the pipes
    makes an unbroken connection from left to right.
    When you've completed this Nemo will be at the top of the Volcano.

    Now it's time for fire ring slalom. There are 30 rings and you just have to navigate
    through them. The rings will come 3 at a time. It might take some practisebefore you
    gett the right flow.

    That's all, Good Luck
  • :D Thank you very much for the help, thats what i needed to know, i couldn't get past part one. i filled the holes and i could'nt get past the two colums of fire.
    thanks again, my daughter will be very happy!:D :D :D