• Hey guys! I'm glad to be here... I hope you'll be able to help meh with all my questions... what am i saying... of course you will! we are gamerz. we rule.:cool: Gimme a shout for those who play WoW!!
  • Hello there Taksy!;) Welcome to Absolute Playstation!

    You're having trouble with Okami eh? Good game.
    Can't say I've ever played WoW. (I know, I'm a gamer and haven't played that..shocking I know.)

    I probably don't need to tell ya that if you have any questions don't be afraid to ask. Seems like you've already got that down.

    So what're your other interests Taksy?
    Look foreward to hearing more from ya around the forums.;)
  • Hi Taksy... great name by the way !

    Thanks for messaging me today, I have replied with the answer to your question.

    Its great to have you here and I hope we can help you with any gaming issues, and you can also help out other gamers too !

    enjoy your stay !
  • Hey Taksy!!!!

    Glad you have found your way to the forums and hope you enjoy posting on here!!!

    Tell us more about yourself!!!
  • Welcome aboard to what i think is the friendliest forum on the go (and I've checked out a lot of them over the years). Hope you enjoy your future visits with us, feel free to ask any questions you may have about the place.
  • Welcome to APi Taksy! Hope you find everything you need!

    I've tried to answer your Okami questions. I have completed the game so if you get stuck, I'll try to help! Great game, btw!

    Enjoy your time here and come back often!
  • Yay! I feel loved =P I also enjoy playing violin /grin and studying all things asian... ehehehe some of my friends call me somewhat of an 'egg' (white on the outside asian on the inside) =P
  • Welcome to the site Taksy.

    You seem like a great big egg of fun to hang with, hope to see more of you soon. :D
  • Congrats on joining the best Community Forum on the entire web. It's official, some guy down the road told us that his girlfriends cousins second-aunts brother loves the site and thinks we're the best on the web :eek:
    Seriously though, it's great to have you here. Now just make sure you stick with us as if we're a fantastic RPG that you can get an unlimited amount of hours out of, and a Sports game that you can take a break from, come back to, and interact with for a few hours at a time, or even just 10 mintues, whatever you can spare.
    Hope to see you around a lot more :)
  • Welcome aboard Im sure your going to have so much fun here!! Take a chance to check out our arcade and our very big cheat section. (yea I know shameless plug) If you have any questions feel free to ask have fuN!!!!
  • Hey guys im new to the members ^^
  • How are you all doing?
  • Howdy there Omega! I'm doing fine and dandy. A bit on the stressed side as my final exams are but a few hours away..but I'll be fine. Welcome to Playstation Network!

    You liking it so far? What kind of games are you interested in?
  • hey i wanna be loved to lol i am new bo hoo
  • Well howdy player123, no worries there is not a shortage of "love" around here, we always have room for more. :hug:

    Enjoy yourself 'round these here parts and if you have any questions feel free to PM us "Staff" folks, we are willing to help.:D

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