new gammer 50 years old
  • OK I got a Sony Playstation 2 and the Madden NFL 07.

    At 50, I need a step by step how to on the controler and the game.

    I am lost.

    First game.

    Where can I go or what can I do.

    Thank you
  • Hi there, welcome to Absolute Playstation, here is a list of the controls for madden 2007:

    Call an Audible [] button then [], X, O, L1, L2, or R1 button
    Cancel an Audible /\ button
    (before selecting an Audible)
    Run original play [], L2 button
    (after selecting an Audible)
    Flip Play [], R2 button
    (at the line of scrimmage)
    Quiet the crowd Click the left analog stick
    Coach's Cam R2 button
    (with passing routes)
    Coach's Cam L2 button
    (without passing routes)
    Fake snap Click the right analog stick
    Call timeout SELECT button
    Snap the ball X button
    Switch Direction of Running Play Right Analog Stick <-- or -->
    Hot Route Right Analog Stick <--, -->, up, or down
    Primary Receiver
    Change Primary Receiver/Lock on to receiver R2 button + receiver's button
    Hot Route /\ then the button corresponding
    to a different receiver to the receiver, then:
    D-button Up for a Fly Pattern
    D-button Down for a Curl Pattern
    D-button <-- or --> for an In or
    Out Pattern
    L2 button or R2 button for a <--<br /> or --> slant pattern

    You can also press the left analog
    stick to change the direction of a
    receiver's route.

    Move player/run D-Button or left analog stick
    Sprint X button
    Dive [] button
    Slide (QB) [] button (tap)
    Dive (QB) [] button (hold)
    Cover Up/Protect Ball /\ button
    Spin O button
    Juke/Cut Left L1 button
    Juke/Cut Right R1 button
    Stiff Arm Left L2 button
    Stiff Arm Right R2 button

    Look left/right Right analog stick <--/-->
    Precision Passing Left analog stick or D-button as
    you release the ball to lead the
    pass in a certain direction
    Pass to the receiver with X icon X button
    Pass to the receiver with O icon O button
    Pass to the receiver with [] icon [] button
    Pass to the receiver with L1 icon L1 button
    Pass to the receiver with R1 icon R1 button
    Activate Playmaker Passing to guide Click right analog stick then move
    to closest receiver the stick in any direction
    Throw ball away L2 button
    (while passing icons are up)
    Scramble/Toggle passing icons OFF/ON L2 button
    Pump Fake R2 button

    Control intended receiver O button (while ball is in air)
    Dive for pass [] button
    Sprint O button
    Jump for pass /\ button
    Call for ball L1 button - this only works when with
    a teammate in a multiplayer game, and
    in Superstar Mode when playing as a
    WR, RB, or TE.

    Cycle through defenders X button or O button
    Reposition player D-button or left analog stick
    Defensive Playmaker Highlight a player and press right analog stick:
    Up to put LB and DL in a hook zone (yellow) or
    DBs in a deep zone (dark blue); if the DB is in
    a deep zone already, it becomes a short zone.
    Down to blitz
    Down twice for a QB contain blitz
    <-- to go into QB spy coverage (orange)<br /> --> to play a flat zone (lt blue)
    --> twice to play a curl zone (purple)
    Defensive line shift L1 button then D-button:
    Up to spread DE outside the tackles
    Down to move the line in tight
    between the tackles
    <--/--> to shift the line left/right
    L1 button then right analog stick:
    Down to make the line crash in
    Up to make the line rush to the
    <--/--> to make the line crash
    Reset defensive line shift L1 button then L2 button
    Linebacker shift R1 button then D-button:
    Up/Down to spread LBs out/in tight
    <--/--> to shift LBs left/right
    R1 button then right analog stick:
    Down to blitz all LBs
    Up to put LBs into hook zone
    <--/--> to blitz the right/left
    outside Linebacker
    Reset linebacker shift R1 button then L2 button
    Call a coverage Audible /\ button then D-button:
    Up/Down to put DBs into press/loose coverage
    <-- to show blitz<br /> --> to shift safeties and LB into better
    position to cover their assigned man
    /\ button then R2 button to disguise the
    coverage by sending your defenders back
    to their default positions.
    Reset coverage audible /\ button then L2 button
    Shade Safeties /\ button then the right analog stick <--/<br /> --> or Up/Down to shade the safeties' zone
    coverage to the left/right/up/down
    Change individual matchups /\ button then the button of the offensive
    player you want to match up against, then
    Down/Up to bump/play off the receiver
    --> to double team the receiver
    Pump Up Crowd (LBs only) Click the Left analog stick
    Call timeout SELECT button

    Control player nearnest the ball O button
    Commit to Run/Pass Right analog stick right after snap:
    Up - Pass
    Down - Inside Run
    <--/--> Run to the left/right
    Hit Stick Right analog stick (any dir.)
    Move player D-button or left analog stick
    Dive [] button
    Sprint X button
    Jump/Intercept/Hands Up /\ button
    Strip Ball (when not engaged) L2 button/R2 button
    Rip/Swim/Spin (when engaged) L1 button/R1 button
    Strafe (when not engaged) R1 button
    Swat Ball (when not engaged) L1 button

  • Thank you so very much. I do not understand why the game does not give you something like this with the game. Tell me if what I am seeing is true. If I am the Jets, then I have the Jets playbook. Next time if I am the Colts my play book is different. Does that mean there is not one play book, but each team has a team playbook? again thank you!!
  • That's right- some teams have plays that are unique to themselves along with the standard plays so they have separate playbooks.

    It's strange that you didn't get an instruction book with Madden 07 if it was a new copy. If it was a rental, though, it's nothing new for them to not be included.