rune: viking warlord....riverworks
  • I have beaten all dwarves swam over and pushed both switches so doors close and windmill slows but can advance no further. Now what? Please help!!!
  • Hi there Rick, welcome to Absolute PlayStation !

    Here is some info that I hope you will find useful:

    Step outside to meet my favorite characters in the game, the
    Dwarves, these guys weapons really rock. Head right from the house, and follow
    the wall, behind some trees is a cave with a switch which will lower the floor
    outside the cave, run out, and hop on it (not before pickin up that cool dwarf
    work hammer tho =). To the right of the platform directly across from the
    grate fence is an area you can swim into, swim thru the tunnel, emerge, flip the
    switch, jump back in the water, and swim down the tunnel you didn't come thru,
    if you'r not fast enuff, the gate will close before you get there, once thru,

    Swim to the peer nearby, and hit the switch (it his hidden behine/under a
    bunch of barrels, kick them with the use key, or bash em with a weapon).
    Go up the ramp that lowers, take a right through the door, and a left thru the
    next, bashing open the wall, and ascending the stairs. Whereever you choose,
    jump down to where the dwarves are werking, kill them, and go thru the wide
    wooden door. Go forward, pop the gong, go up the stairs, and into the next
    room, where you will promptly be jumped. This guys should prove NO problem to
    the combined strength of the work hammer and the Bloodlust Rune in the middle
    of the room. Once they are dead, head into the back left of the room, and
    down the ramp.

    Outside, cross the bride and enter the room, press the switch and exit the
    huge doors. At the end of the water (swim/drift) climb the cliff, avoiding
    the blades of the windmill, press the switch at the end of the top ledge (the
    dwarf up there has a cool dwarven work sword). After you press the button,
    head back down, and go in the now open door, and press the switch. Now climb
    back to the top, and this time, ride the windmill blades now that they have
    slowed, to the open door at the top (past one door), you may have to make a leap
    just before the blade your on reaches an angle so steep it pushes you down
    into the center (which will kill you). Once in, follow the gears around till
    you fall down a hole. After falling, head forward before you get squished,
    and down the stairs. Then break the bottom of the gear, and enter the hole
    where it once was.

    Best of Luck !