• Im stuck in Silikawood. I know I need to talk to the moogle boss and get the 9 apprentices but know moogles appear on my map. Ive been to EVERY hut but they all say no one appears to be home. What am I doing wrong?
  • Echo, here is a guide to The Salikawood in FF12 for the playstation2

    The Wyldhares can cure you if you don't attack 'em. They also drop
    Magoroku two-hand katanas (Attack: 62) if you chain 'em enough.


    Simple, straightforward path to the northern exit. Try not to get
    everyone Silenced by the Pumpkin Heads, or Confused, which is the
    status inflicted by their physical attacks. -__-


    This is the outpost that Fran talked about. Save, talk to the
    layabouts, learn that the hunter dropped his map somewhere, leave.


    Up ahead, take the right (east) path and keep following it to find
    the Salikawood's map urn. Inspect the map now. To the far east, you
    can find the exit to the Phon Coast.

    Anyway, the shortest route from Trunkwall Road is taking the east
    exit of the maze into...


    As you enter, the path diverges, side by side. Take the ramp which
    brings you up to the second main part of the area. Make your way
    east until you get to a bough with a long groove in it. Take it
    northwest to the exit.


    The last moogle is here, and warns of bombs along the eastern path.
    And boy is he right. To prepare for the battle ahead, equip Fire
    Shields to all applicable characters -- both can be bought at Mt.
    Bur-Omisace (to name one place).


    Broken bridge, big bomb...

    | BOSS: King Bomb | HP: ???? | Weak: ---- | IMMUNE: Blind |

    NOTE: Using the Nihopalaoa accessory with a Vaccine/Remedy can
    put Disease status on the boss, making Renew do nothing!

    YOU CAN RUN AWAY FROM THIS BATTLE! It's not immediately imperative
    that you proceed this way. Make sure you come into battle with a
    full Shell on, too.

    As soon as you enter, gun to put Silence and Slow on the King Bomb.
    The regular bombs are easier to deal with once you have the Flame
    Shields, but should the King Bomb call for Mass-Destruct, manually
    move all of your characters away from the bombs so they don't get
    caught in the blast; the mini-bombs quit moving when they have to

    One attack you'll have to continually deal with is Renew, which
    makes the King Bomb's HP restore to full. Wait for it to use it,
    then unleash your summons. ONLY SUMMON IF IT IS SLOWED! Belias can
    absorb fire-elemental attacks, so leading off with him isn't a bad
    idea; just make sure you dismiss before he does his fire-elemental
    super attack. If you orchestrate the summons, you might be able to
    pull it off at a lower level; should you be unable to beat it at
    your current state, no biggie. This doesn't have to be done right

    Whether you choose to fight it or flee from it, make your way east.


    There is a carpenter moogle here who needs you to find his missing
    apprentices (x9) before the road to Phon Coast is opened. Where are
    they, you ask? Well, they're the layabouts around the forest. Find
    them in Trunkwall Road, Path of Hours, and Garden of Decay to send
    'em scurrying back to the foreman. Talk to the boss once the gate's
    functional to get [QUASIMODO BOOTS] as a token of appreciation. Go
    east into...
  • ive done all this gone every where no moogles except for the overseer, gate still not open
  • No problem echo, here is some more detailed information on how to find those moogles in FFXII

    In the far northwest walk up to the Moogle Boss by the gate and speak with him.
    It seems he needs to get his moogle workers back to complete the gate so access
    to the Phon Coast can be granted and that just so happens to be where your
    party's headed. A moogle counter will appear on the right hand side of the
    screen letting you know how many moogles need to be found. Open your map to
    find several exclamation points highlited on your map - these are the locations
    of the moogle in the bungalows throughout the Salikawood. Go to each of those
    areas and talk to the moogles to get them to head back to the Moogle Boss.

    Trunkwall Road (middle) - 2 moogles
    Garden of Decay (west) - 4 moogles
    Path of Hours (north) - 3 moogles

    The last set of moogles will give you an option to follow them to the gate.
    The gate will open up and your party will be free to go to the Phon Coast. Be
    sure to talk to the Boss Moogle along the way to get a free pair of ++QUASIMODO
  • no counter or exclamation points appear. I know all this its like my game has a glitch or something ive gone to those three places found the huts and they all say no one seems to be home. The moogle boss tells me that he came with his 9 apprentices and that if i want to go through the gate i have to wait till they are done. Then i can get him to tell me why they are building the gate but thats it. ive killed the king bomb been to the other two places past the king bomb but then had to run away. but that seems like all i can do. ive been going in circles for about twenty hours now.
  • That is odd. When I went through this area there were exclamation points shown on my map. This must be a bug or glitch. I'll do some searching to see if others have had this problem and any fixes that there might be.
  • thanks this is driving me nuts
  • Any idea yet what is wrong?
  • echo isn't the only one having the problem

    i know i have to get through that gate to move forward in the game.
  • I have searched, but haven't found anything. Maybe you could call Square's help hotline and inform them of your situation.
  • did anyone find out why the moogles never appeared in the salikawood. i did everything in the walkthrough and still no moogles. i have spoken with square-enix and they say there is no glitch in the game. i have gone back and retried and still no moogles appear. this is driving us crazy:frown:
  • yeah i just got the same thing, did this before and the moogles were there now there not. so weird gonna save and reset see if that works but odd that it wouldnt show up
  • found out, if you didnt fight the judge in mt buromisase or however its spelled than they havent gone on their break yet. go back and fight him and they will show up
  • I know the last post on this was sometime ago, but I ran into the same problem. I went back and redefeated Judge Bergan. The only thing I did different than the story line was use the Stone of the Condemner right after I got out of the Bergan Boss fight. I spoke with the monks outside again and they said the same thing as when you first come out of the stilshrine. So there is a little help if anyone comes across this again.