Water Softener
  • My mom is going to buy a water softener. The water is pretty bad here.
    Does anyone have one? If so, would you be kind to tell me what brand you have and are you happy with the choice you have made. Thanks. :)
  • I have a pur water purifier. It screws onto the facet and tastes pretty good.
  • im a snob and only drink bottled water because our water is horrible!
  • Water softener? Now I've heard everything.

    I actually don't drink the water here in the house. I'm a snob like Jane and only drink the bottled kind because that way I KNOW it's good...and if I get sick I can sue.;)
  • we have one that stays under the sink, and then has its own nosel that comes out of the top of the sink, ours is by whirlpool, and it does make the water taste better!
  • Best way to soften water & it's the most healthy way instead of buying "from source" bottled water is to take 1.5ltrs of tap water, bring it to the boil, let it cool, place into a 2ltr bottle, screw cap on tight, shake like mad for 3mins & chill for 3 hours. It kills off alot of the chemicals in the water from treatments, softens it & makes it more refreshing drink.

    Or if you can't be ar$ed then just get a fridge water filter jug.
  • I think kremzeek is asking about a water softener, not a purifier. We have a Culligan water softener and other than your normal cleaning and such it has been pretty good.

    Here is a little tip for ya. Ask the guy installing it to hook it up to your outside taps as well and you can use soft water wash your car. No more spots! No more hand drying or chamoising! The trick is you have to us potassium chloride and not sodium chloride (normal water softener salt). Since if you water your lawn with the water that has been softened with sodium chloride you will kill your lawn since the sodium levels will be too high. But the water softened with potassium chloride is actually good for lawn!
  • Softer water is better for your clothes when washing them, but hard water is better for cooking & watering plants
  • Just had a new hi-tech water softener installed today for the combi boiler & general use. Made the bath water very relaxing soft, my bum is kitten soft from the bath