Roach room puzzle
  • Hello! :)

    I'm in the room with lots of bugs and the door is locked. I've read one post with replyes to this puzzle and they talk about a code on the door. I see no buttons on the door. I just walk to the door and it says it's locked!
    Am I missing something?

  • Yes you are missing something, i made the same mistake :)

    Right of the door theres a key pad where you have to type in 3 numbers but the numbers are random each time but there is 3 light yellow buttons and the rest are muddy.

    Lets say 123 are light yellow, these are the combos you should try...


    Hope you know what i'm getting at.

    Good luck
  • Is your flashlight working? :holidays2:

  • Santadog, his flashlight has to be working or he wouldn't know there were roaches in the room. So he's probably already used the battery.
  • Good point, ER. ;)
    Have you tried killing the bugs?
  • OK, so let me see if I got this straight.... whichever buttons are lit up, THOSE are the ones you're supposed to use to make the correct combo?
  • What I would do is once you get the 3 numbers, pause the game & write out your 6 combinations & them try tham all. And don't forget to press X to get out. I'm always forgetting that. :2silly: