Real life fiction
  • Some 7 years ago, me and my girlfriend got us a dog. It was a jack russel and we called him Oge. Times went by, the family exanded with 2 little children, both very fond of the dog. One day we decided to move all across the contry since me and the missus were done with university studies. We brought the dog along, but he didn't adjust well to the new location. Partially because he had to be left alone in the new apartment for exceedingly long periods of time.
    The neighbours complained that he was howling and we too saw that he didn't really got the kind of stimulance (physically or mentally) that a dog needs. So, one night I called up my friend who had told me that his parents could take care of the dog for us and asked him to take us there.

    The next morning I told the kids that Oge had gone to live with two older persons who lived on the country side and that he'd be much better of there 'cus he'd have all the space and interesting things he'd need. They even had a dachshound for him to make friends with. My olders child constantly talks about going to visit, but I reject the proposal since we don't have any car and I think it is better for the dog if he is let alone in his new setting.

    Pretty soon my girlfriend came to realise that the scenarion I was telling were quite similar to the classic lie-to-children that parents pull whenever a loved pet is, how to put it, terminated. And I agree, it is, with the difference that this really happened.

    Or did it!?!? :eek:
  • Having grown up on a farm, I heard this story quite a few times. When I was a wee laddie I would always be'friend a bovine (cow) and when sale time would come along and ol' Bettsy would go missin' I would get that story or one very similar. Then I went to the sale one spring, I decided that Bettsy made me some good gaming money. :redface:
  • As far as dogs going somewhere else, I was never fed that story. By the time my first dog passed away I was close to 18 years old so there was no way my parents could feed me that story and expect me to believe it. My parents didn't have any pets before our first dog so when our first dog passed we all knew he was gone.

    In fact, now that I think about it..I haven't really been told any story remotely similar to that. Only thing I could compare to that would be my cousin telling me of his german shepherd puppy that went on a trip to some training academy and would be better off biting criminals to bits rather than biting our fingers (mind you, he had bitten my sister, me, and both of my cousins).
  • While growing up, my dad raised alot of g. shepards and was very much involved in dog training in the community. He were also contacted when ever it was time to put a dog to rest and the owner felt it was better it was done the way my dad did it than in the vet's office. So every once in a while my dad would take a dog, a shovel and a gun for a drive. He was also a firm believer in speaking the truth so I always pretty much knew what happened to the doggies and often also why.

    What happended to Oge is however true.
  • Yeah, that is the classic story. "Rusty has gone to live on a farm with lots of other dogs and he can finally run and play all he wants and he's happy all the time, so you should be happy for him and try not to be sad that he's gone." It's right up there with Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Electoral College. Funny that it works out to be true in this case though, innit?