Playstation 3 stock levels
  • Well Mr. Consumer, we pushed you to pre-order as levels on the day will be in short demand and over the next few days they will be hard to get.


    I was in Argos today and how many have they sold out of the 50 allocation level they were allowed?


    There's 49 of them still stocked up behind the counter. Later in a Supermarket and were tons on display. Didn't see anyone fighting to buy one. I was close in getting one today. Needed something to cheer me up from my Stag night (good night, fell asleep in toilet & cracked my head and hung over from hell), If I had paid off the wedding that week I could have picked one up, hell may even pick one up in the next few days on the credit card after transfering over balance to another one.

    Has anyone had problems getting there hands on a PS3?
  • no i had no problems at all. i pre ordered mines from virgin megastores and there was a notice in the window saying that the store would be open from 6am on launch day. i was gonna go up for 6 but me being stupid forgot to set my alarm and ended up waking up at half past 8. Once i got there the store was empty the games display looked as if no one had touched it. That was really suprising seeing as it was about 9-9:30 by the time i got there, fair enough that alot of people may have being going to work but the store is located on princes street, for those who dont know its one of if no the busiest street in edinburgh. i think people are waiting for prices to go down
  • DarkOne said:
    i think people are waiting for prices to go down

    I couldn't agree more. According to what I've read/seen, the 'run' for the PS3 wasn't as wild as some were expecting. I still haven't seen a PS3 around here in Portugal (much due to being lazy enough not to go to any convenience store near my house), but I do know that the search for one the PS3 didn't break any records at all. It was all too 'casual'.

    But then, again, the PS3's price and the small quantities of games released did make a number on it's launch day in Europe. People are certainly waiting for a drop in it's price and the release of other much awaited games like Metal Gear Solid 4, Devil May Cry 4.

    But, to put it simply, the price of the PS3 is to blame. Not everyone has the money to buy one head-on. So, why not wait for a price drop? I'm certainly waiting for it to drop. There really are games which I want to own, having a PS3 or not.
  • Chris, given the choice of going through the misery that was the 360 launch and having a huge number of consoles available on day 1, I would much rather be in the situation we currently find ourselves.

    I have no idea how many have been sold, but there were thousands of Europeans playing their PS3 games online on Sunday night (you get shown a figure when you log into the European Playstation Network servers on most games). Every game I played there were loads of online games to choose from, many of them full.... compare this to what it was like on the 360 at launch due to the tiny number of consoles available.

    All the best coming to a decision.

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  • Chris N STAFF said:
    ...I was in Argos today and how many have they sold out of the 50 allocation level they were allowed?


    There's 49 of them still stocked up behind the counter....

    I nipped into the Leeds Argos store on the Headrow (well it's on the same street as the Headrow but it's classed as a different street name) on Friday morning (where I got my Wii from back in January) and just typed in the code on the stock checker. They had 6 available.
    That's nothing though. The Argos store that is in my town (and take into consideration it's only a small market town) had 29 available on Saturday. My mum, dad and nephew didn't believe me. I went in again with my nephew, typed in the item number, and it said 28 were available (so someone had obviously walked in and bought one between me checking first time and then second time).

    It was said there would be loads available though, but 29 in a small town like mine? damn :o
  • My dad got his on friday and said there was no hassle picking his up. Although he said he got swindled into buying a couple of cables he didnt need because they were in the box!
  • Well originally, I had to buy another cable with my bundle because there was, apparently, not going to be a cable for connecting to the tv included with the console.
    I didn't have to in the end, luckily, but I almost had to pay an extra