• hi m8 was wondering if you could help me,i have the same prob as the guy who connected ethernet cable from pc to ps3,i have gone through the set up network and it has moved on from earlier,my prob now is when i do the connection test i get these results

    obtain ip address.......................succeded

    internet connection....................failed

    it says an error occured while resolving the name with the server
    (80710102) and gives that number any ideas whats up
  • What the other fellow did was go back into his settings on both the PS3 and for the internet connection sharing and doublecheck the settings. looks like he found something was amiss as he came back and said all is well now. I would suggest go back in and make sure everything in the connection sharing on the PC is exactly as it should be.

    here, again, is the page from Microsoft telling in detail how to set up the internet connection sharing.
  • mmick26, i had the same problem as you, what i did was make sure the internet connection sharing option was turned on in control panel/network connections(under dial-up(but i got broadband!!???!!) hope this helps
  • been a bit thick but does my computer have to be connected to the internet aswell
  • Yes it does, mmick, otherwise there is no internet to share. ;)
  • well i dont know what i'm doing wrong but it just wont work,been at it now for near on 5 hours
  • hi all,

    right i rang pc world support,aol tech support and they cant help me,still the same prob internet connection failed,after i chose easy on ps3,checking network connection a network cable is unplugged came up on my pc,but then it goes through do the problem part,now i know some of you said imput the numbers manually on the ps3,but what numbers,maybe if its not a prob some one could talk me through it on msn messenger,here are my system details

    aol broadband with average speed of 4.8mbs
    bt voyager 105 adsl 2 connections rj11 and usb
    ethernet cable from pc to ps3
    and have enabled ics

    so what am i doing wrong pllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllsss hhhhhhhhhhhelp
  • OK, I've got a possible answer to your question as to why this isn't working. The only answers I could find relate to setting up a PS2 via a pc to use the internet.

    Anyway, the reason people can't do that with the PS2 is that the ethernet is a straight through cable and they need a crossover cable.

    Now I'm assuming that this is the same problem when trying to set up the PS3 via a pc to use the internet.

    Maybe go to a computer store (like PC World) and ask specifically for a "Crossover Ethernet Cable".

    Maybe that will solve your problem? I'm not 100% sure though, but it's the best, and only, answer I've got.

    Sorry we can't find any other help for you relating to your query.

    Site Squad
  • the cable that supplied with the ps3 is this not a crossover cable
  • As I said in the PM, I'm not totally sure what type of specific cable the Ethernet cable is.
    I'll go check and come back in a min or two (hopefully with an answer).
  • The cable that comes with the PS3 is a normal CAT- 5E ethernet, not crossover. You could try picking up a crossover cable as Jason suggested and give that a try.

    If all else fails you may want to give Sony's tech support a call and maybe they can figure out what needs to be done.
  • hi guys borrowed the mother inlaws router and on line straight away,did buy a crossover cable but that did not work,so i guess i'll have to get a router thanks all for your help
  • Good to hear mmick. B)

    I definitely recommend using a router for this sort of thing instead of getting the internet sharing up and running on the PC- Microsoft just doesn't make things easy unless you really know your stuff.