Problems PS3 Internet Connection
  • My PS3 is connected to the Internet via ISP(VIRGIN) broadband.
    Am getting a succesful 'Obtain IP Address'
    Am getting a faliure on 'Internet Connection'
    An error occurred while resolving the name with the server. (80710102)

    I havent router

  • David, i would suggest going into your PS3's connection setting and add in the DNS servers (those numbers are given to you by the internet provider when they set things up). Also, you may have to power down the modem for a few seconds after switching the cable around to free up the IP address the computer would have been given.

    In all honesty, I would say get yourself a router to simplify this. After a quick bit of set up both your PS3 and your computer could be online at the same time (just in case you get stuck in a game and need to come back asking about it ;) ).
  • hi m8 i had the same prob,i borrowed a router to try and straight online,i had spent a day trying to share the connection and gave up
  • MIchael Griffiths Im having 100% signal off my orange livebox but the playstation is refusing the security wep key could you tell me why please
  • You are absolutely sure you didn't make a typo when entering the WEP key? That's the only reason i can see for a PS3 not taking it.
  • michael griffiths typing was correct
  • You know, you don't have to start your post with your name- we see it fine at the top of it. ;)

    Would you be able to try changing your WEP key on your Livebox? It may be something about it that makes the PS3 not accept it- try one that is a different length. I realize this will mean a change for other devices on your network as well but there may not be a choice in the matter. You may also want to try changing to a different encryption such as WPA (which is more secure) if possible.
  • Hi there,
    just thanking you for your help a few days ago.
    I had problem putting my ps3 onto my lan through my router. I was getting 80710102 error code with error message: an error occured while resolving the name with the server.
    Seeing as nothing worked automatically as it should through the router i then went through and did everything manually dns nos the lot and lo and behold still did not work!
    The problem i relised in the end was that my router although an 8port ethernet switch is so old that they no longer make them and therefore it was my router causing all the problems! At least with your help i eliminated all other possibilties before discovering it was a router problem. I have a new one winging its way from amazon as we speak!!!
    I am using ps3 straight through the modem and it works like a dream!!
    Even no delay on internet game playing as you used to get on the pc (ok only a few secs delay but it makes a difference!)
    But thank you for your help and fast replies and i hope i've posted this thankyou in the right place i'm a bit new to this posting thing!!!!
  • Looks like as good a spot as any to me. B) Glad to see you got things figured out- enjoy the online gaming!
  • I need help/guidance about COD4 online. Until recently, about 3days ago, I could find a game no problem, now whenever i go online with it i get the message DOWNLOADING GAME NSETTINGS on screen for 45mins or until i get ticked off n turn the unit off.

    any ideas why this is happening?
  • It could be something in their servers causing the problem- they have has some troubles at times. That would be my guess considering you say you had no problems before.

    One thing you may want to try is unplug your router for a few seconds to reset the connection somewhat, just in case it's a case of "brain freeze".
  • if that was the case would it not be affecting my laptop also?
  • it workd thanks mate
  • Told ya didn't I? ;) Sometimes the tech needs a good ol' fashioned kick in the pants like that to get things moving properly.
  • PS3 internet problem solved.


    I to had the same problem with my PS3. I could not access the Internet. I kept getting DSN error messages. Here is how I solved my problem.

    1. I upgraded my wireless router ( D-Link 524) version from 3.00 to 3.23.

    2. I changed my SSID name from default.

    3. I changed my WEP password from the default 9 zeros to my phone number (easy to remember)
    4. I went to Network connections on my PS3.
    5. Changed my SSID and WEP password and to my suprise, it worked.

    Please e-mail me if this solved your problem. I hope this saves someone a little time.
    My ps3 connection is very low on any game i go on and glittches
    but on my connection test it says everything is fine
    and i have 100% signal.
    So why cant i get a good connection?
  • Nick, you may need to open up some ports in the router's Port Forwarding. These are the ports you need:

    * TCP Ports: 80, 443, 5223, and 10070 - 10080
    * UDP Ports: 3478, 3479, 3658, 10070, and 50100

    If some of these are closed by your router, this would be blocking the data coming in for your gaming connection.
  • Hi i'm new to the site:) i've got a problem and that is that when i try connecting i keep getting DSN error messages. I've typed in the right ip address, dns ip and subnet mask ip. It says ip addres: success but then the error message. And yes, i've also tried doing it automatically.

    Please help me.:D
  • Jazz, you may want to try some of what eb did up above with some settings changes in the router itself. If you are using encryption you may have a mistake in the password.
  • Yeah im sorry, I didn't make myself just clear enough. I'm using a wired connection from my modem and i don't really know what ssid and all that stuff eb was talking about is, so i probably should check the manual ( thought of that just now) sorry for any inconvenience:( but thank you for your answer.
  • The SSID is the name of the modem/hub/router your PS3 will be trying to connect too. You haven't been an inconvenience at all? If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. It'll be a pleasure to try and help...:)

    Mainly what Eb is saying is change the wep and SSID of your router (by going into its network settings) to something else and input this on your PS3 after. That will rule out any indication that its a problem with your password or a general mistake or something similar, if it doesn't then work that is...;)
  • I'm havin some problems with my ps3 internet connection. Good connection on my pc and when i try to play online it connects no problem, but once i play for a little it comes up with a error between communication and the server. I have fios internet got any ideas id appreciate it,
  • Dia, if you are connecting via a router you most likely need to open certain ports that it is blocking by default so that the traffic from the PlayStation Network can go through. I've listed these ports in a number of threads in this section- a quick search for "port forwarding" should bring them up.
  • how would i do that could u somehow get me started in how to fix the problem i would greatly appreciate anymore help you could give me thanks
  • This is done in the router settings itself. You access this through your web browser. The instructions that came with your router should include the default log in details (it varies by brand as to how to get there).

    Once you are in go to the Advanced section and look for a section called Port Forwarding, then it's just a matter of filling in the blanks. You'll see the ports needed up in post number 17 of this thread, just need to scroll up a bit. Once everything is in click the button to save the settings.
  • recently i purchased Battlefield Bad Company. when i first started playing everything was awesome. then a couple days later i kept getting booted from the game during online play. a message would come up saying "Connection problem: connection tot the game has been lost. please check your network connection and try again." i check and recheck my connection and every time everything is working fine and i am at 100% connectivity. i am not sure how to fix this problem. if anyone knows anything please let me know. Thanks.
  • Have you played any other games online on your PS3, does this happen regularly with them...?

    What is happening is that you're losing connection to the host. This could be due to a number of reasons, such as a sudden loss of connection. But what i would put it down to at the moment is the BFBC servers. They're a bit 'unstable' at the moment, lots of laggy games and connection losses. You may just be getting stuck in the middle of this, the only thing to do then would be to wait until the servers are improved, or play at off-peak times...;)

    If this is happening often with any other games online though then it is a definite problem with your connection, does this happen with any other game...?
  • I have not tried any other online games yet. i just got my PS3 recently and this is the first online game i have gotten since buying my PS3. But i do not have any problems with any other internet functions with my PS3.
  • You may just have to put this down to the unstable Battlefield servers for the moment. Give it a little more time, maybe a week or so and see if it works better then. If there's still a problem after this time, then we'll go through all of the other options (port forwarding etc) with you, and try and get you gaming comfortably again.:)
  • Thanks a lot for your help and insight. hopefully this problem will go away soon.
  • hey im having the same issue with battlefield bad company online, i play mgo quite offen aswell as tekken 5. they both work all the time with no problems, any sugestions??
  • Like we've mentioned before the Battlefield Servers are having issues at the moment. If your connection is fine with other online games, and it's just Battlefield that poses the problem, then there's nothing you or we can do.

    It's just the Battlefield servers, dimsims. I would suggest to just give it time. They should improve eventually...;) I know it's hugely annoying and unfair, let's just hope EA get them fixed soon.
  • yea ok cheers buddy it really is a pain as i got it for xbox first then swapped it for the ps3 as my mate had it too, oh well wat can u do? ill just give it time thanks again;)
  • hello there i wondered if someone can help me, ive set my internet connection up on my playstation 3 using a wired connection through a modem. i did the test and set everything to automatic, and the test came back sucessful, the browser and everything works fine 2. i went on pro evolution soccer 2008 to play a network game online and it comes back wit a port error message???
  • You'll most likely have to do some Port Forwarding then...;)

    Here's a link to a site that will guide you through the Port Forwarding Process: PortForward.Com Just find the exact model # (should be found on the front of your Router) and then use these port numbers:

    * TCP Ports: 80, 443, 5223, and 10070 - 10080
    * UDP Ports: 3478, 3479, 3658, 10070, and 50100

    Once you have these in place on the router, this should fix your connection problems.
  • Hi guys i bought a ps3 a few days ago and i want to connect it to the interenet.

    i remember i had a ethernet cable which connects a desktop with a laptop so i used it to connect the ps3 with my desktop coz my modem doesnt have a lan slot . it's an adsl dial up modem that's why.

    When i make an internet connection test on my PS3, obtaining the ip address is successful but the internet connection fails with an error saying the connection to the server timed out. 80710092 PLEASE HELP! i want to play online MGO! :D

    ohh and one more thing i also made sure my pc was on interent connection.
  • Hello, I need some help with my PS3 internet connection. After reading other threads, I realize im not the only person with problems. I am trying to access the internet via Sky broadband (ADSL) to play online and it refuses to connect. It used to work fine with no problems at all with no port forwarding or complicated setup when connecting via wireless but now all of a sudden the PS3 times out and fails when trying to obtain an IP address during the internet connection test. I have tried it on my girlfriends internet connection which is also ADSL as I thought it was my connection/router but it does the same thing. I have double checked the WEP key and everything :( . Could it be a malfunction with the PS3 wireless system :confused: ? I havn't had chance to try the wired method as im a bit confused as to why it used to work fine via wireless. :confused:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP, any help would be much appreciated as im missing online gaming. :crybaby:
  • Was there any sort of change made in the router settings that may have led to this?

    I think your best solution would be to completely re-do your connection settings as well as make some tweaks in the router, either port forwarding or perhaps set up a custom IP for the PS3 and put that in the router's DMZ.
  • Hi Lyndon, Thanks for the prompt reply. I can confirm that no changes have been made to the router and I have tried setting a static IP on the PS3 and still has the same result :crybaby:
  • Allrighty then- here's a possible simple solution if you haven't tried yet. Power cycle the router (unplug the power for a minute and plug it in again). Sometimes the router's memory get a bit of brain freeze which would cause the connection to act up.

    If that doesn't work you may want to try either going wired or get into the other settings like port forwarding- the wireless on the PS3 can be a bit flaky occasionally.
  • OK, I will try the wired method. You say the wireless facility on the PS3 can be a little flaky, will the problem rectify itself or by any kind of system update when available? reason being is that my router is in the attic :redface: and maybe a little difficult to run a wired connection. Maybe thinking if I run a wired connection for a while, would it be worth trying wireless at somepoint in the future?
  • If running ethernet cable is a problem one solution for you may be "power networking"- this uses the existing power lines running through the house to network to wherever you want. Companies like Netlink and Linksys have the adapters available now- may run you about $80 or so but it is something to consider.

    The flaky bit comes from the wi-fi card in the PS3 itself- there are times when it just isn't nearly as dependable. I don't think any sort of firmware update would fix it, they just went a bit cheap on that end.
  • Lyndon, Thanks for your help. I will try your suggested methods. If all else fails, do you think it may be worth looking into the warranty of the PS3 as it is under 1 year old?
  • I'm doubtful if they would say it requires sending in but they most likely would be able to suggest other solutions to get things working.
  • OK, Thanks for your help.
  • Hey guys, sorry if this is a stupid question but i need some help.

    I just bought a ps3 but having trouble connecting to the internet. I have a wireless setup using an Netgear WGT624 router. It wont automatically detect my settings so i manually type it in. It is able to obtain the IP address but unable to connect (some sort of DNS error message). My router does not use security access.

    Also, my signal strength is around about 80% as the router is in my room but i have the PS3 out in the living room, Is this a problem?

    Any help to get me going would be much appreciated as I've spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out the problem and it is getting a bit frustrating.
  • I wouldn't call it a stupid question- a common one perhaps. ;)

    If you are getting a DNS error have a look in the router settings and make note of the DNS servers listed in there- these are what you want to have in the Primary and Secondary DNS blanks on the PS3. As for the rest of it, i would suggest checking out the port forwarding on the router. The ports needed are listed in a number of threads in this section (a quick use of the search function for "port forwarding" will find them) and the site - Free Help Setting up Your Router or Firewall will give the step-by-step on how to use them.

    The signal should be good enough but, to be honest, I much prefer a wired connection if possible for stability. Sometimes it does not take much for the PS3's connection to get interfered with.
  • I just checked my router settings and the DNS servers are blank as it gets this information automatically from the IP. Is there a way to show the DNS addresses?
  • On your PC head to Run> Type 'CMD' and enter> Type 'IPConfig' and enter. Your DNS Address will then be listed under Default Gateway.
  • Appreciate your help guys, but im still not getting a connection.

    I port fowarded the ports that needed to open, and i entered the DNS that my IP provided but still getting an DNS error (80710102).

    What i find interesting though, is that the DNS that i see on the run cmd is different to that of the one provided by the IP. Is it advisable for me to change this setting? I ask this because nothing seems to be wrong with my setup.. I have a few wireless setups running and its all working well (including xbox 360), I just cant seem to connect with the PS3.
  • Very odd- using the same DNS Server addresses your IP gives should have fixed things up. Also, even with them getting the numbers from the ISP they should still show in the router settings.

    Did a quick search around and maybe found an alternate solution- set these as the primary and secondary dns servers, both in the router and on the PS3: and . This page has the instructions on how to add these to your router.
  • I am new!

    Ok so I am trying to connect my PS3 to the internet and i succeed. I get the browser and everything but when I go to download actual updates for games I get an error and it cannot download. I also cannot play any games online. My signal strength is ok, usually between 30% and 60%. I read some answers before and saw this port forwarding business. I have a lynksis WRT110 router which I am using for wireless and I have no idea how to do what you say about the port forwarding. I checked the site you gave and I am more confused than ever on how to do the port forwarding. Help me plz.
  • 30 to 60% is not strong enough to get a strong signal, Rock, in regards to the gaming. You may want to look into trying a wired connection, if possible.

    As for the port fowarding, the site - Free Help Setting up Your Router or Firewall will guide you through the how-to of setting up the ports in your router- just use the ports you would have seen listed in the other threads you read.
  • Lyndon M STAFF said:
    Very odd- using the same DNS Server addresses your IP gives should have fixed things up. Also, even with them getting the numbers from the ISP they should still show in the router settings.

    Did a quick search around and maybe found an alternate solution- set these as the primary and secondary dns servers, both in the router and on the PS3: and . This page has the instructions on how to add these to your router.

    So I changed DNS servers to the one above, still no luck, same DNS error message. I've played around with my router settings a whole lot trying to figure out what might be wrong but still not getting through.

    I guess just about most avenues have been explored and I'm just about to give up with it for now. I'll try again soon but i don't know what else could be done.

    Appreciate the help guys..
  • help I'm new to his website and my connection for my ps3 isn't working. I've set it up but I'm not getting a good sigaal and i keep on failing on my ip adress. Can you help:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:
  • If your signal is low there isn't much that can be done. You will need to either look into getting a range extender to use as a relay between the router and your system or look into running a wired connection.
  • i dont know wat to do

    i hav a wireless router (BT Broadband). It says on my PS# hat it is 80% connected but it keeps signing me out and if i can stay signed in long enough i cant even get through one game of cod4. eveything else in my house usign internet works perfectly fine. its just the ps3. Ive even started switching my laptops interent off while using it but to not much difference. wat should i do?:frown:
  • Have you set up the port forwarding on the wireless router as suggested above, SA Chick? This may solve your problem. I've linked to the site with the how-to's a couple of times up above ad you should be able to find the port numbers in among the recent threads in this section.
  • ok cheers ill try that thanks. :D
  • :D :D

    THANK U THANK U THANK SOOOOOOO MUCH!!! it actually worked! :D now i can spend whole weekend on cod 4 again! lol thank u!

    tbh i didnt think it would work because wenever i try to fix something i always end up breaking it :/ but its gooooood! THANKS AGAIN!!
  • i take that back. it worked for like a day and a half but now it still keeps signing me out ALL the time and everything else in my house is still working fine.
  • I love technology. :frown:

    Is there much other wireless stuff in the house (cordless phones for example) or other devices in the path such as microwave ovens? Sometimes these will cause enough interference to muck up the signal.

    Only other thing I can suggest is give the router a power cycle (and probably your modem as well) to see if that helps.
  • what's a power cycle?

    and yeh there is a cordless phone and a microwave in the way kind of....but it's never interfered with the connection before. It has only started recently that its mucking up. :( oh well...i fworst comes to worst ill just phone sony and put the blame on them :P after all....nothing else in my house is messing up. lol
    cheers for your help
  • "Power cycle" just means pull the power cord from the router for a minute then plug it in again. Sometimes it's a matter of a memory blockage that causes problems and this usually clears it up.
  • ooo yeh i tried that anyways and it seemed to work :D cheers again! its working for the moment but ill be back! lol
  • Hello
    so I decided to go blow my student loan on a ps3, all is cool, how ever when It came to linking up my ps3 to the internet in my room I hit a problem, I went threw the steps under
  • Chances are, orbit, the problem stems from having certain ports closed by your school's IT department (most times they keep these locked down pretty tight to make sure the internet isn't abused). You'll likely have to talk to them about this.
  • hi all .. just want 2 no if any1 can pls help ???????????/
    i have had ps3 online 4 the last 6 months and all of a sudden it didnt want 2 no anymore ....and now i cant get it working again .... it keeps refuring me to network settings .... i do as i am ment 2 and do a connection scan and it can not obtain the ip address even though i have found ip on pc and entered it on ps3 .......i am getting really peed off with it now so pls help b4 my ps3 takes a flying lesson :huh: :huh: :(
  • Try power cycling the router, dan. Also you could try creating a connection from totally afresh, entering all of the correct numbers in a new connection.
  • Hello,

    I've been using my PS3 online for several months without too many problems, but in the last week or two I've started getting a new problem and I don't know what's up with it. I keep getting signed out of the PS network when I'm in the middle of something, usually when I'm playing a game I think. I have a router/ modem with a wired connection to my PS3. I noticed tonight that the internet connection LED on the front of the router was off just after I got signed out. This only seems to happen on PS3 though, never when my PC is connected to the internet. I can usually sign in again straight after, but this cuts me off in the middle of games and is very annoying. I've done power cycling, but it still ends up losing the connection after a short while. Does anyone have any ideas what might be causing this? Any help would be appreciated.
  • Could be worth calling your ISP, crispy. Seems like something is cutting your connection off when this happens. Are you exceeding bandwith limits or something similar...?
  • I shouldn't be, but I think you're right about it being an ISP issue, as I noticed yesterday that it's not just when I use the PS3 that this happening, as I originally thought. Thanks for the reply anyway Rob.
  • :mad: For some ungodly reason my ps3 has the worst internet connection in the world. I go through my modem. Ive read that the wired connection works "heavenly". But that is not my case. When i switch my internet to my desktop i have perfect connection. Ive tried rebooting my modem over and over agian but still nothing. Also i can sign in just fine and surf the web with no problems. PLEASE HELP ME I NEED MY COD4 FIX!
  • Check with your ISP, Yuuki- you may need to do some sort of special settings on the PS3 or maybe they have some ports blocked that you need.
  • Hey, I have a problem with my ps3 internet connections. I use wired connections. It says my user id fail and i used automatic. It wont tell me about my internet connections, why? Its blank. Please help me!
  • Wired directly to the modem? You may need to contact your ISP about getting the correct log in info your modem requires (if your ISP has a log in).
  • hey I was wondering if someone could help me with my ps3. I've set up a secure network in my apartment for my compter and my roomates, but since setting up my ps3 in the last few months I've been getting some disconnects from the PS network (and especially while playing online) and I've been getting disconnected on my computer. I have a linksys wireless G router, and I think that this problem has to do with the DHCP settings. I'm just not exactly sure how to set this straight. Any help would be great. Thanks.
  • hey i can't sign into my ps3 network but i can browse the web through my ps3, i'm connected directly to a modem instead of using a router, any help would be appreciated
  • jjb, make sure DHCP is on. part of the problem may be an IP address conflict if some other device is trying to take the same IP that your PS3 has.

    Roland, you may want to get some more information about your connection from your ISP- you may need to do some manual setting of some things.
  • Hi Lyndon, all of a sudden from 30/12/08 around about 10:00am my ps3 does not connect to playstation network. It worked before that as i was playing LBP with a friend of mine then i turned off my ps3 for a while to get some breakfast, then went on my computer than i decided to go back on my ps3 all of a sudden it did not connect to playstation network. It took about 1 minute to respond and it said a message and at the end of the message it said please check your internet connection details, [settings] > [Network settings]. I was wondering if you could please help me out. By the way i redone the same settings as i used before and i then did a internet connection test. As i was waiting for the "Obtaining IP address" a message came up saying "Internet connection test complete" (near enough to that) and next to where it said "IP address" It said fail.
  • Try doing a quick power cycle of the router, noob. If it has been working and then just stops for no reason this usually clears it up.
  • What do you mean a "quick power cycle of the router"? Turn it off for a while then back on? One more thing when i went on the internet it said check your connection settings [settings] > [Network settings] Then there was a phew digits in brackets (80130182) Do you think you could tell me what it means?
  • Yep, that's exactly what i mean by a power cycle. Unplug the power for about 30 seconds or so then plug it in again. Clears out the temporary memory in there.
  • ok thank you, i'll try it and get back to you :)
  • Can you tell me what this means please (80130182)?
  • It's a basic (cannot connect) error. Doing the power cycle with your router and modem should fix it up. This sometimes happens when th memory in the things have a brain freeze.
  • Oh my god. Thank you so much it works. Well i did it longer than 30 seconds :). I'd say about 2:00 hours hehe as i went Birmingham, but thank you again so much. :)
  • My nephew is having troubles getting online with his new PS3

    In his system settings it says besides the IP Address in brackets (private network settings only) and is not connecting online though the IP address is showing up as connected then fails to get by the ISP on the test connection.

    how do i change this??

    under my IP address it does not state that it's private networks only??

    Any helps much appreciated.
  • Sounds like you need to change some settings in the router- you may have things locked down a bit much and it isn't allowing the PS3 online.
  • hey im new at this, i've just moved in with my dad n i've been tryin to get my online working n when i go to network connections to make a new connection it tells me an error occured during the communications with the server this is a dns error. im going through a router have an idea about what i could do
  • please could you help me with my ps3 internet connection. it can find my wireless internet hub, i enter the wep code and it configures, but it tests it at the end and it doesn't obtain the IP address, please could you help me.
  • Some of the other tips I give above should help you , nath. Put as much info into your PS3 setting manually as you can and set up a custom IP address for the PS3 in the router using the PS3's MAC Address. Make sure DHCP is on in the router settings as wel (which it should be by default).
  • Hi.. i have problem with my network eversince i switched my internet service provider. I use a wireless router and everytime i try to connect to the internet i get an error. My computer and my laptop still work thats why im a little confused. When i go into network settings on my ps3 i get a signal str % and ip address but next to internet connection it says failure. Any advice ?
  • ive read some of the comments and i should probably add that my ISP switched from legal to illegal so i cant really call any1 for support is there any other way to get the info that i need ?
  • robo18g said:
    i should probably add that my ISP switched from legal to illegal

    Tsk, tsk. :o

    Other than getting yourself hooked up to another ISP legally you will need to go into the router settings to get the numbers needed.

    That may be the only advice we will give you due to the status of your ISP- we're against any sort of illegal activity here.
  • Kk.. Well ill try to figure it out. Thx for Help :)
  • I'm having problems with my connection (wireless), it worked fine not to long ago, but now it can't obtain an IP adress when I try to connect to the net. Will it be another simple reboot?, help me please. Also. The guy who lives above me in my flat is using my connection, will this change anything?.
  • The guy upstairs mooching your connection could affect things- if he is doing a lot of downloading it could affect your connection enough that you do not have any bandwidth for yourself. If you don't want him using your conection any more you'll want to enable the encryption on your router. Of course, doing this will mean having to change some settings on your computer and the PS3 as well to edit in the encryption type and pass key.
  • I have problem regarding this PS3 Internet Connection Setup.
    Its wireless, I know my SSID,WEP is correct.
    The rest of the other settings i didn change. (Example-DHCP,Proxy Server etc)
    I left those as the default setting.

    Router is Linksys WRT54-G

    The error : "The connection to the access point TIMEOUT."

    Please help me.
    ****I have the same problem when accessing from my PSP.****

    I have no problems accessing the internet from my PC though.

    Thanks and Regards.
  • Do the port forwarding mentioned in the pinned thread at the top along with editing in some manual settings on the systems (DNS Servers, subnet mask, router address, etc.) and you should be good to go.
  • Hello I have a WRT160N wireless router hooked up to my comcast modem and have my ps3 connected via ethernet everytime I try to set up the connection I get the same DNS error(80710102):( . I have updated the drivers on my router. can you tell me what im missing? thanks for any constructive input

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