Region Free Software for Watching Movies on Slim PS2
  • Hello.

    I have a North American v12 slim PS2, and I've been looking for a region free disc in order to play some region 3 DVDs that I recently bought. I'm not great at tinkering and would like to avoid mod chips as much as possible. I'm not looking for expensive all-in-one software for cheats and playing back-up DVDs either, just a simple software in the $10~$20 range that'll turn my PS2 into an all-region DVD movie player, that's it.

    I have discovered that DVD Region X and many others will not work on the new slim PS2. I have found out though about a software called Zone Free DVD on many UK/NZ sites, that is said to be able to work on all PAL PS2 versions including the new slimlines, but I have been unable to find out whether or not it works on North American NTSC versions as well.

    Does anyone know if Zone Free DVD will work on my PS2, and if not, are there any other software you know of that WILL work and where I can buy it? Thanks in advnace.
  • I would have to say that Zone Free DVD would not work. Honestly, I don't know of any software made for the North American market to do this. I'll try to do a bit of digging around on this one.
  • I have a Max drive and the Action Replay Max discs and it has a region free player program on it, I have played a few Japanese wrestling DVDs on it with no problem, but that is all I can vouch for.