vip at babylon club
  • im having trouble getting the vip out of the babylon club without him getting killed any idea on how to beat it or to pass that part up anyhelp would be great [email][/email]
  • There are two enemies on the way to the VIP, just take them out and get to him. Before you go straight into the toilet the gangs will appear behind you. Before going to the VIP, take out the gang members until you get RAGE. Next, get to the VIP and escort him through the room. Take out as many as you can and use RAGE if you can. Don't get him out when there are loads of gunners everywhere. When there are fun escort him up and go out towards the left doors. There are a few medkits around so use them when you can. Go slowly, taking out all the gang members. Once you get outside escort the VIP to the marker. They will keep
    coming out of the door so be careful. Use RAGE when you have it to save trouble. Once you are done get the VIP to the car. Once done, talk to the manager. The club costs one million dollars so make sure you raise the cash!

    Hope this helps ya.
  • is there a cheat code to bypass this part , been trying to do this for days my vip always gets killed when i get outside , in rage mode tonys all over the pass , which gun do i want to use ? when do i want to go towards the exit with the vip any help would be good
  • I hope I answered most of your questions via PM, I will throw a few facts out here so if anyone else is looking for help they can find it.

    You'll use a Deagle at the beginning. Good thing is it's one-shot kills. The bad thing is the VIP.

    Rush to a toilet north of the radar where the VIP is and protect him from the gangs. Accumulate your Rage meter. Watch the
    "traffic" influx of the gangs using the radar. At one time, there will be just a few gangs, so take the opportunity to escort the VIP across to the manager's office. DO NOT bring him out when the place is swarming with gunners. If your timing and prediction goes off, just guide him back to the toilet and take out the ever spawning gangs until you fill-up your Rage meter. At the office, there is a Medic Kit at the shower. Slowly escort the manager across the kitchen to the back entrance of Babylon. Observe your radar for the gangs. When you're outside, draw the VIP to the red marker. Step on the marker until it triggers a cutscene. The VIP's car is coming. Use Rage now and take out the ever spawning gangs that are coming out from the club. Try not to let them spread out too far from the doorway or they can hurt the VIP. Once the car arrives and the VIP leaves talk to manager of Babylon club.