Final Fantasy XII (Henne Mines)
  • Hi, I need help. I am at the save crystal in the henne mines going towards the new area but there are a lot of abysteel and glaring eye plus the gel's and I ran into the green ones like the ones that were at the crystal can you tell me what magic can be used to kill them cause they sure killed me. Any help would be appreciated.
  • Hello velvet!

    Henne mines... If you are having trouble with the new area, chances are you are either underleveled or using the wrong weapons. Just a quick question - Are you using Libra? I always have one party member cast Libra at all times. Anyways, let's see if this will help.

    Abysteel are most vulnerable to holy weapons and spells. With Bravery cast, even weaker characters should do 5000+ damage with a Holy Lance or Excalibur. Stronger characters will do 6000 - 9999. Same for the Holy spell with Faith cast. Although attacking with the Holy spell takes more time.

    The Glaring Eye is actually Rare Game and should only appear once, after you've killed a few Hecteyes. It's a Necrofiend, so the same weaknesses should apply. I found that physical attacks work best against it, although you can Dispel it and try magic attacks. A well equipped, Hastened party can make short work of it. Be sure to have plenty of Remedies because it will most likely hit one or more of your party with Doom before the fight is over.

    The Hecteyes are vulnerable to Ice Spells but the spell I prefer to use is Warp, especially when there are two or more. It seems to work more often than not (especially if cast by a strong magic user). I also like to equip at least one party member with a Bowline Sash to avoid Confusion from the Mythril Bubble or Phantasmal Gaze attacks. It only takes two hits for one of my confused characters to wipe out it's own party.:frown:

    If you are underleveled, try equipping your strongest character with Excalibur and accessorize with Genji Gloves or a Cat-Ear Hood. Accessorize the other party members with Embroidered Tippets and work on leveling up as you fight through the mines.

    A word to the wise... If you cannot take out an Abysteel with three or four hits, you are going to have serious trouble making your way through that part of the mine. If you get surrounded, run like mad! ;)

    I hope this has helped? If you need more info, let me know.
  • HeyChris, thanks for your advice the characters are near 80 and vann is 95. I got excalibur with your help and also the zodiac spear and shield. I think that I need to fix my gambits in a way that they act automatic.The glaring eye maybe a rare kill but it appeared more then once and when I killed it it didn't say rare whatever trophy like the other rare creatures I have killed also those green thing surrounded me and goodbye to all.Listen I still haven't gotten the ribbon I hope I find the one in the henne mines.
  • Well, your characters are plenty strong enough so you may be right. It might be your gambits.

    You must have been at Pithead Junction C when they all fell from the ceiling and surrounded you?! That only happens when you open the gates/change the configuration of that junction. It is an easy place to die!

    I am surprised that the Glaring Eye appeared more than once but it is Rare Game (look in your Beastiary). I've noticed that not all Rare Game drop trophies. I'm not sure why?! I'll have to check into that...

    Good luck finding the ribbon down in the mines. I looked in there (what seemed like forever) and never did find it. Maybe you can tell me exactly where it is and how to get it when you find it! ;)
  • Hi Chris, I looked at the secret area of henne mines on line and there is suppose to be a brave suit, ribbon, another zodiac spear and more stuff. I am still stuck you see when I get near special charter shaft that where there are a lot and I mean a lot of etem's and that gleaming eye keeps popping up now I can handle two or three etem's but the whole place is full I try running but it's no use why don't you check it out there has to be a way to defeat them. I do the holy and I have excaliber and holy lance but like I said too many. Let me know if there is somethng else that can be done. Check it out and you'll see.
  • Okay, I went down in there all the way up to the special charter dig site. Of course, I took the direct route (not really exploring or messing about as I've already been down there searching around before.)

    I ran into some Etem (I tortured them for you...slow and painful were their death) and I got enough info out of them to maybe help. They are definitely vulnerable to Disable. The minute one is in range, start casting it. It does miss sometimes though, so you might have multiple party members cast it to increase your odds. Once they are disabled, hack them to bits! If you run into a group, disable is a group spell and will affect any foes in range. Hopefully, you might catch a few with the spell, giving you time to fight any that didn't get caught and then finish off the disabled later. The spell does not last forever though...

    They are vulnerable to Holy weapons and spells as well. Many of them have buffs, so casting Dispel will also make it easier to defeat them and/or lessen the severity of their attacks. They only have around 35,000 hp, so four maxed hits can take them out. They also attack with Stop, so you might equip at least one party member with a Power Armlet.

    As for your Glaring Eye problem... I never did run into it?! Of course, I usually Warp the Hecteyes and they are tied to making the Glaring Eye appear. I did run into plenty of Necrofiends (which look like the Glaring Eye), but they are easy kills. Three or four hits and they are dead meat.

    By the way, what kind of Weapon/Helm/Armor/Accessory are you using in the mines? I've got for my main party...

    Vaan - Tournesol/Golden Skullcap/Maximillian/Ribbon or Bowline Sash or Power Armlet
    Basch - Excalibur/Golden Skullcap/Maximillian/Genji Gloves
    Ashe - Perseus Bow or Volcano/Assassin's Arrows or Stun Bombs/Circlet/Glimmering Robes/Sage's Ring

    I've had no problems getting through any part of the mines using this party equipped this way. All my characters are level 88 or higher. I've got gambits set in order...

    Foe: Party Leader's Target - Attack
    Ally: <50% HP - Curaga<br />Self: Bubble
    Self: Regen
    Self: Bravery

    Foe: Targeting Ally - Attack
    Ally: <50% HP - Curaga<br />Self: Bubble
    Self: Regen
    Self: Bravery

    Ashe has slightly different gambits (some are for the party benefit)...
    Foe: Targeting Ally - Attack
    Ally: <90% HP - Cura<br />Self: Bubble
    Self: Regen
    Self: Libra
    Self: Hastega
    Self: Float

    What else can I tell you? I remember one time we had talked about getting Tournesol?! Maybe that could help?
    As you can see, I actually only have one Holy weapon (Excalibur) but my other fighter has a very powerful two handed sword (Tournesol) to make up for it. I do keep one reserve party member equipped with a Holy Lance and a Cat-Ear Hood for special substitutions. My magic users stick to ranged weapons (Bows or Hand Bombs) to keep her out of harms way as often as possible.

    All this is just my strategy... It does not mean it is the only way to do it. It's just the way I like to do it. Take what you want from it. I hope it can help?! I really dig this game and I don't mind talking about it at all! I learn something new about it every time I play it!;)
  • Hi Chris, I'm going to try that. I got a ribbon today in the Pharos at absyteel I went there cause I found a map on line there are others tresures there also. I use a little trick on my gambits which is pretty good I put any foes and hit them with sap and it sure helps out. Also I found the magic pot but all it wants are elixers that's not so good now I have to go and get some more. Write me and tell me how to get that sword. Thanks for all your help.
  • On getting Tournesol, first off.. you want a few things. The Canopic Jar, the Hunter's Monograph, three sets of Thief's Cuffs and it would help if you are at least a Paragon of Justice in the Clan.

    You probably have everything but the Canopic Jar. You will need it if you do not have enough High Arcana. It can be bought in the Bazaar by selling Phobos Glaze, Horakhty's Flame, and Deimos Clay together - then buying the Morbid Urn.

    To get the Tournesol, you must sell 9 items (3 of each - Empyreal Soul, Gemsteel and Serpentarius) to create a Sunflower in the Bazaar. The Sunflower is the Tournesol and it cost 600,000 gil.

    Some of these items you might already have... like an Empyreal Soul or a Gemsteel... the rest you will have to create in the Bazaar. Most of these item can be stolen, some stolen from Rare Game. In the case of stealing from Rare Game, NEVER KILL THE RARE GAME, ONLY STEAL FROM THEM!!! Once you do steal the item, leave the area, go away three screens, then come right back and steal again until you get all you need. I recommend turning off any attack gambits once you are in the area and setting up gambits Foe Highest HP - Steal. The RARE GAME will always be the highest HP in the area. Also equipping all party member with Thief's Cuffs will help with stealing.

    To make an Empyreal Soul you need...
    2 Wargod's Bands +1 Soul Powder + 1 High Arcana

    To make a Gemsteel you need...
    2 Hell-Gate's Flame + 2 Damascus Steel + 1 Scarletite

    To make a Serpentarius you need...
    4 Snake Skins + 2 Serpent Eyes + 1 High Arcana

    You may already have much of the ingredients listed above. For what you do not have here is where to find them...

    Wargod's Bands - Steal from Victanir, RARE GAME in the Nam-Yensa
    Sandsea at Yellow Sands.

    Soul Powder - Steal from Vorres, RARE GAME in the Necrohol of Nabudis.

    High Arcana - Steal from Esper or Sell 10 Arcana + 1 Feystone + 1 Soul of Thamasa in the Bazaar.

    Hell-Gate's Flame - Chain Cerberus in the Feywood. They will drop them, usually between 10 and 20 in the chain, if not break the chain and start over.

    Damascus Steel - Steal from Bluesang, RARE GAME in the Cerobi Steppe at the Crossfield between the windmills.

    Scarletite - Steal from Aspidochelon, RARE GAME in the Cerobi Steppe at Feddik River.

    Snake Skins - Steal from Wildsnakes on the Giza Plains at Toam Hills (during the dry season)

    Serpent Eyes - Chain Basilisk in the Feywood Ice Fields. They will drop them, usually between 10 and 20 in the chain, if not break the chain and start over.

    Once you have all the items needed, SAVE YOUR GAME (in case you make a mistake) then sell them off to create new items in the Bazaar. You can use the same High Arcana for creating both the Empyreal Soul and the Serpentarius. Just sell the items together. But only make one Empyreal Soul and one Serpentarius together at a time.

    In the Bazaar, Empyreal Soul is called Jewel of Creation, Serpentarius is called Jewel of Serpent, and Gemsteel is called Matchless Metal. The Tournesol is called Sunflower.

    Sunflower = 3 Empyreal Soul + 3 Gemsteel + 3 Serpentarius

    I've probably got you very confused at this point?! Are you following me? Let me know? It really isn't that hard to do. It only took me about 3-4 hours to complete everything. And that Tournesol has made a HUGE difference to my game.
    Let me know what you think of all this?! :rolleyes: