• any idea's or solutions to my psone freezing or taking an extemely long time to load? gt2 is the game i play most often and the longer i play the longer the wait. metal gear solid dosen't give any trouble. my disks are clean and i run a lens cleaner through the console as well as clean the lens with rubbing alcohol. tapping or opening the cover works maybe 50% of the time. the model # is scph-5501.

    thanx for your time
  • well first of all if you play for a lon time the system gets hot and it takes long to load second what condition isthe gt2 disk in?
  • try standing your PSX on its side (PS2 style), it should help a bit.
    You might want to put a cushion or 2 next to the PSX, just incase it falls.
  • youre psx does not have a fan none on them do so that is why it freezing on u
  • my gt2 disk is in excellent condition, i figure spending
    50 - 75 bucks on a game warrants not using them as coasters!! i've tried standing it on it's side with little sucess.
  • my advice to you is to play less to keep it from getting hot and it wont freeze
  • Play less!?
  • i think playing less would be a great idea
    because its stops the PS to overheat! just
  • KILLa thAt might just make it worse.
  • Is your Ps on a carpet?
  • no, it's in my entertainment centre. it is four years old so it could just be age. anyone know if i can open it up to vacuum it out if it's dusty inside?
  • I wouldnt do that I would just dust it with a duster or a rag. Hope that helps.
  • Another thing is that you should never use alcohol to clean the leanse. It could seep into some of the more important areas in your PSX and damage it permanantly. There is always the possibility that your PSX is getting older and you might just need to get a replacement lense but it may cost you less just to buy a new one. If you've owned the console longer than the Warranty period then i would go with option two.
  • not to sound rude but i don't pour rubbing alcohol straight into the console. i just put some on a Q-tip and rub the lens with it.
  • None sensed, but I don't mean to say that you poured alcohol in the PSX. What I was trying to say was that even the least tiny amount that could possibly by accident get on the board and mess something up. I'm not saying that it was your fault, it's just that by using alcohol there is always a chance that it could drip. Check to see if any of the components are loose and if you're poficient at soldering then you could fix that problem but if you're not sure then take it to a licensed solderer. Just a suggestion but you could use canned air. Just use that to clean the dust out because if you use a vaccum and there is a loose component then it may be sucked up.

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  • i am not sure if this does the trick mine was doing that till i dust it and it hessest done it again if it is youre lens use a lens cleaner i dont know if if works on ps's of not