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  • Today is Thursday right? The Playstation Store has been consistently getting updated on Thursdays right, or am I just having a brain fart? I don't see anything new in the store. I know they're probably scrambling to get ready for E3, but come on.
  • I'm not too surprised there was nothing new last night. I have a feeling they'll make up for it next week with some goodies from E3.
  • Yeah, they'll probably put a couple videos in the store. Hopefully they give us a demo of anything, preferably not the usual lame demo. I just need something new to play.
  • Er, I think they're releasing a new downloadable game called Calling All Cars soon (not sure when though).

    Looks quite er different? lol
  • I may just be slow and not get that if it's a joke or unless you live in the UK because Calling All Cars is already out.
  • It may be for us, jrs, but they didn't release it in the UK yet.
  • Yeah, what Lyn said...
  • Calling all Cars is out in the UK people. It came out in the UK PS store on the 29/5/07.

    And i hope they do treat us with some E3 goodies, i need some TLC lol.... :laugh:

    No please Sony i cant wait for something new. :)
  • robcoxy said:
    Calling all Cars is out in the UK people. It came out in the UK PS store on the 29/5/07.

    And i hope they do treat us with some E3 goodies, i need some TLC lol.... :laugh:

    No please Sony i cant wait for something new. :)

    i noticed that last night Rob after I'd already mentioned this.
    It's cause i got an email from Sony as i'd already purchased stuff from the Playstation Store. I dint really understand the email they sent me so i figured they were sayin it was due out soon and that i could order it before other people or something like that :confused:
  • I want to say right now, if you haven't yet, buy yourself Super Stardust HD. This game is a blast! Picture the gameplay of Geometry Wars, only you move around a sphere in orbit around a planet. Add in 3 upgradable weapons (each of which can get powered up immensely) and a crapload of stuff to shoot at and you have a simple game that can get frantic fast.

    The graphics are very impressive on this one- the sharpest PSN game yet. The developers of the game, Housemarque, managed to squeeze out very impressive performance here. Over 10,000 active objects with full physics and collision at once along with 75,000 particles simulated- and all running at 1080p/ 60 frames per second.

    Best bit of cash i spent on a downloadable game yet! B)
  • So I take it you like the game? :D

    When I turned on my PS3 for the first time, I downloaded Gripshift (I was the only one :() and GTHD (Oh my God what is that). Needless to say, I have regretted most of my purchases from the PSN. I had really hoped that Super Stardust would come with a demo, but it didn't.

    The demo for Rub a Dub was the reason I didn't buy it. Too annoying for me.

    I have heard an enormous amount of praise for SSHD though, mostly on the Official Playstation Blog... so I'll probably pick it up soon.

    How is the replayability for Super Stardust? Are you allowed to pause and Save mid-game, or must you play for 30 minutes straight to avoid dying? How does all that work?
  • You weren't the only one to buy GripShift- I have it as well. Just didn't bother with the online play at all. I've deleted it for now- if i want it again it's in my download history.

    When you do end up ending the game any planets you have unlocked stay unlocked. When you fire up the game again you can choose to go to any planet you have available. It saves just at the end of the game- no pausing to save required.

    When continuing during the one session (say, game over in the second planet and decide to start there for another session right away) your weaponry will stay powered up. If you leave the game and come back to it (checking the messages, folding, etc.) you'll have your weapons at basic strength and are better off going back to the start of the first planet to power up again.

    Replayability is excellent- i easily find myself killing hours trying to get just a bit further in. It's more of a quick "pick up and play" arcade title in the same vein as Asteroids or other outer space shooters.
  • The only things i've brought off the PS Store so far are the Crash Bandicoot PSN game and the Resistance Map pack. Nothing else has caught my fancy, but SSHD sounds good i might get it soon. :)
  • I bought Lemmings (which is both weird and hilarious) and Mortal Kombat II (is it 2? I think it is).
    Oh and I AHD to buy Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection as well.
    Only played Lemmings though :confused: lol.
    I've tried transferring a downloaded game to me PSP but it wouldn't work. I'm VERY confused how to do this, any ideas? Oh I tried both wireless connection AND using a mini-usb as well. Oh and YES, I do have a connection set up on both my PSP and PS3 so they recognise that they are both there.

    Anything else I need to do that I haven't done?

    You any ideas Lyn, or anyone else for that matter because I'm stumped :eek:
  • What game did you try to transfer over?

    Here's how they say to transfer it over in the online manual:

    1.Connect the PSP™ system to the PS3™ system using a USB cable.
    You must have Memory Stick Duo™ media inserted in the PSP™ system.

    2.From the PSP™ system's home menu, select (USB Connection) under (Settings).

    3.From the PS3™ system's home menu, select the PlayStation® format software that you want to copy under (Game) and then press the button.

    4.Select [Copy]. Follow the on-screen instructions to copy the software. You can start the copied PlayStation® format software on the PSP™ system in (Memory Stick™) under (Game).
  • I know it's wishful thinking (Really really wishful), but do you think we'll get anything good in the store update this week?

    I could make the "Oh Boy, More Trailers!" joke for the 43rd time, but I think we are all tired of that one.

    I really really wanna play Echochrome, and Small Large Planet :). Did I say really?

    Did anyone buy that Castlevania game? *Whistles, scratches forehead*, um, so yeah, I heard Lair was pushed back again. Guess that means no demo. Yep... OK then.
  • Yeah, has anyone heard anything about this week's update? Also, I haven't seen anything about Lair being delayed. It was planned to release on Aug. 14. So, what's the new date?
  • jrs2088 said:
    Also, I haven't seen anything about Lair being delayed. It was planned to release on Aug. 14. So, what's the new date?

    According to the Official Playstation Blog, it is now set for release on September 4th.

    Due to an extra step in QA testing to enhance the community features in the game, the release of LAIR, originally set for August 14th, has changed to September 4, 2007. Natural challenges that arose while finalizing the offline game to include key online features - such as leaderboards and medal systems - have led to the difficult choice of pushing back the release date.
  • It was too bad to hear about lair being pushed back- still, these things happen so no use making a fuss over it. better they delay a bit and fix things than send it out with the glitches.

    As for "that Castlevania game", yes i did buy it and it is still every bit as good now as it was then. Castlevania: SOTN is considered to be one of, if not the, best game of the entire series.

    I'm not expecting this week to be too eventful for store updates. the japanese store did get a demo for Bladestorm: The Hundred Year War recently, however, so we may see it or possibly Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction (not holding my breath, these are rumored on other boards so don't take it as fact they're coming). To be honest, the most we can likely expect to see are some videos/ movie trailers and maybe one downloadable demo/ game.
  • I haven't seen anything about Lair being delayed. It was planned to release on Aug. 14. So, what's the new date?

    Yeah sep 4th for North America, they are holding back in order to, "enhance online features". You know Medals and Leaderboards n stuff... :D

    so we may see it or possibly Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction (not holding my breath, these are rumored on other boards so don't take it as fact they're coming). To be honest, the most we can likely expect to see are some videos/ movie trailers and maybe one downloadable demo/ game.

    If we got a R&CF:TOD Demo, i would be so pleased, the game looks awesome, maybe the best in the series.... :D The weapons in Tools of destruction, look every bit as imaginative and fun as the ones in the first four games, so good job so far Insomniac ;)...

    And yesterday the UK store got a new Lair Trailer, a Juiced HIN teaser trailer, and yess you hear me a demo!!!! its only a GRAW 2 demo though, is there any GRAW fans around here, i'm more a Rainbow Six kinda guy, even though the demo for Graw 2 is/was pretty good....

    I took a look in the American one aswell, and there was nothing new :confused:, but there is a time difference isnt there so maybe you've got something now ?????
  • The North American stores got the GRAW demo along with a demo for The Darkness. We also got an expansion pack for Blast Factor and several movie trailers (Get Smart, Underdog, The Game Plan, one or two others) and some Resident Evil 5 wallpaper.
  • Yeah a lot more stuff than us... :rolleyes:
    Even though its no problem for me now i have an american account it still annoys me a little.... Even though i prefered the UK store update this week, its not right to give each store different things... Like theres not one wallpaper on our store, and you didnt get the Lair trailer ???? Even though its not exactly exciting a measly trailer, there are a lot of differences between every store, maybe Sony are giving us all content that suits each countries culture or something :confused: I dunno, i hope they sort it soon though, for everyone who doesnt have 'multiple accounts', sake...;)

    But hey we got the Darkness demo weeks ago, so i dunno what happened there...
    That Resident Evil 5 wallpapers pretty cool...... :)
  • The North American stores got a bit of a mixed bag this week. We got three movie trailers (Superbad, 10000 B.C and Fred Claus), 2 gaming videos (footage of Turok from E3 and a "Making Of" video for Heavenly Sword), a Heavenly Sword anime episode which gives a bit of backstory to the creation of the weapon, a new wallpaper based on that anime and a new downloadable puzzle game called Piyotama.

    The movie trailers are of not much interest to me as all 3 movies look like ones I would not go to see. The wallpaper and the anime are free so I will check them out for curiosity's sake, along with the videos. The puzzle game might be worth getting as it is something different from what is available now plus it's only $3 US- not a big loss, really. I am disappointed the poker game didn't come as originally scheduled, however.
  • I like Piyotama. I'm going to have a hard time remembering the name of that game, but it is your everyday puzzle game (Clear 4+ Bubbles - or in this case Eggs at a time) with a twist. Sixaxis can jumble the puzzle up and hatch eggs :p.

    Set aside an hour to play though... Looking forward to playing Co-op, or against some of you guys if you buy the game.

    The new Heavenly Sword Anime wallpaper is a vast improvement over the other recent ones, mainly because they put a Red ribbon across where the Main XMB is. Worth downloading, as it is still free.

    The Store is finally coming around. I am happy. Hopefully future weeks go this well (At least 1 game - PS1, PS2 or PSN - or demo a week isn't that impossible. Trailers... well they're free HD content, I can't complain too much about them. Plus, I like movies, so, gotta fill up that 60GB somehow).

    EDIT: Don't know if the dates will hold true, but it appears "High Stakes on the Vegas Strip: Poker Edition" and "Snakeball" are both set to be released on August 16th. That would be something, to get 2 original PSN games in one week. But as Lyndon said, dates change, Poker was apparently pushed back.
  • To be honest, at first i wasn't quite sure what to make of Piyotama. My first play i didn't check the controls in the help menu (a good idea to check) and was just kind of floundering with the controls. I had deleted it but re-downloaded it today and, after seeing how the controls work, was able to get into level 14 on Free Range mode and made it to 1,514th place 9roughly, going by memory there).

    This game is very different yet somewhat addicting, kinda like how Loco Roco was. Good to see some original concepts being used for puzzle games.
  • Same here, when it comes to Piyotama. First play, I read the 1st page of the instructions and skipped right on over to the game :p I was so happy to have something new to play, didn't bother to pay attention.

    If you read them though, it doesn't instantly make you better at the puzzle game. You're either good at puzzle games or you're not. This game gives you a little breathing room, in that if you get stuck, you can shake your controller to death (Six-axis finally being put to good use) and hope you can get out of a sticky situation. At least, that's what I had to do a couple times.

    I'll be playing it more tommorow, hope to play against you Lyndon, or Co-op with you.

    I can't wait till Locoroco comes to PSN... heard a while back it was... I've never played it, but always wanted to.
  • Hey... the Playstation 3 Release Dates were edited on the forum... Snakeball (PSN) is missing :(. It was supposed to come out in July... what happened?

    Well, hopefully you're misinformed. I don't think anybody really knows concrete dates for PSN releases, Sony usually goes for the surprise approach to it every week.

    I wouldn't mind some ports from PS2 or PS1 this week... another classic game for my collection would be nice.
  • Snakeball may have been pulled off due to problems- it is completely gone from where i source the release dates.

    Haven't even seen any rumormongering about what may be coming other than some begging for particular demos such as Lair. This week may come off as being one of the poorer ones as far as content goes.
  • Has anyone else had an email from Sony regarding the Folklore Demo that has apparently been released on a temporary basis until August 28th?

    I got it today, I've just check the Playstation Store and there is nothing there.

    I'm hoping it will be there tomorrow when the store is updated.

    The game sounds interesting in that it's a "mystery action-adventure game exclusive to PLAYSTATION 3".
    It's apparently the exact same demo that was showcased at Leipzig 2007, but like I said, it's only available for a limited time to download.

    It sounds interesting, and well worth a look, I just hope they get it on the store soon as I don't want to miss out on this demo.

    Has anyone else heard anything about this game?

    If so, then reply here.

    Site Squad
  • Nice, i havent really followed up on this game, except from i've saw a few trailers, and i know its already released in Japan. And its soon to be released here in the UK, Jay, in Oct.....

    I'm hoping this demo will give me a better view of this game as obviously, i dont know a lot about it and i've heard many great things....... :)

    I always look forward to thursdays.............. ;)
  • I haven't received any emails about a Folklore demo, but it is entirely possible. Sony is starting to push the game, and I have gotten emails about some Folklore related contests.

    I agree guys, I love me some Thursdays :) Used to be the worst day of the week next to Mondays. Not anymore.
  • Haven't really seen or heard too much regarding what may be coming in the update tomorrow- things might be a bit quiet in the store as they have Warhawk coming out next Tuesday. Between that and hopefully the new poker game on the PlayStation store. It is going to be a busy time next week for the network.
  • Looks like I may have been right regarding the North American PSN stores- nothing new there at all. The Uk store, meantime, gets a number of goodies from the Leipzig Game Conference happening now. The list includes:

    # Heavenly Sword Anime #3
    # Heavenly Sword Making Of Clip 3
    # Warhawk Ground Combat
    # Warhawk Air Combat
    # Warhawk Multiplayer
    # Leipzig PSN Software Showcase
    # Leipzig Heavenly Sword
    # Leipzig Snake Ball
    # Leipzig Playstation Eye
    # Leipzig MGS 4 Video
    # Stranglehold GD Trailer
    # Unreal Tournament 3 Trailer

    On top of that, the UK store gets the demo of Folklore. one thing to note is this demo is only available until August 30, after which it is being removed from the store. If you were wanting to check this one out now is the time to get it. Best check your hard drive space too- it's a big one at 1107 MB.
  • Lyndon M STAFF said:
    ...On top of that, the UK store gets the demo of Folklore. one thing to note is this demo is only available until August 30, after which it is being removed from the store. If you were wanting to check this one out now is the time to get it. Best check your hard drive space too- it's a big one at 1107 MB.

    Er, you sure about that Lyn?
    The email I got stated the demo was only available until 28th August. Have they increased that date by two days then? Maybe they thought an extra two days would be better, I don't know *shrug*
  • Actually, the North American store did get updated, just late this evening. We got the Heavenly Sword Videos (I've got 19 of those on my hard-drive), and 4 or 5 new wallpapers. We also got the Folklore demo, a couple of movie trailers, and a few game trailers.

    Pretty solid store update this week. I'm interested in playing the one demo, as I haven't heard much about Folklore to know what it even is.
  • It said August 30 in the store itself, Jay- have a look for yourself.

    Must have just been later getting the stuff to our stores here than usual. I had a look around the usual time for updating (6 PM Eastern) and nothing was added.
  • It was a hefty update, for sure....

    Took me 2 hours to download everything i wanted from the UK and US PS stores......:rolleyes:
    But there was some good stuff... Some good trailers from leipzig, and some pretty good wallpapers on your store in the US....
    The Flow one worked pretty well.... And the green warhawk one was nice.....

    And the Unreal Tournament and Timecrisis trailers were great.... I cant remember the rest lol.....

    And the Folklore demo was my favourite yet, considering from the beginning i was thinking it werent my thing. Once it got going i really liked the gameplay and all the folks you could use, and how it was pretty simple and fun once you got used to it....:)
    So i was extremely pleased with it, it was quite a long demo aswell, and the boss at the end really finished things off nicely....
    Thanks for the exclusive sneak peak Sony..... ;)
  • Yes, Folklore is a very impressive game. I did find the camera angles to be a little wonky when playing the second world. The idea of using familiars in the world reminded me a bit of Kameo on the Xbox 360 as it was the same general idea.This game looks a lot better though. :) I may have to look this one up when it comes out.
  • Yeah, i'll probably be picking this up aswell... It really impressed me too, it also looked like there was a bit of ranking up in there aswell, and everyone loves a bit of ranking up....;)
  • Another fairly solid week. Finally Wii have our act together (Just checking to see if Jason is around, lol). I did my ritualistic Thursday free downloads hour.

    I liked all of the Street Fighter wallpapers, and the new Warhawk one from the other day, but why were they too lazy to make them PS3 compatible? :huh: How hard is it to do? I guess you could argue that they are free, but they are useless if you can't see any text on your PS3 screen... don't get mad at me, I didn't make 'em.

    I hated the camera in the Folklore demo as well. I don't want to have to move a camera the entire time :( Gives me headaches, argh!

    One last thing... did you watch the new "Bee Movie" trailer yet? For one thing, I loved the Seinfeld TV show when it was on, saw every episode multiple times. But this trailer, it is hilarious! I haven't been excited for an animated movie in years, but I can tell this one is going to be funny. I suggest you download it - it came out today (Bee Movie Trailer 3, I believe).
  • Another big week in the PlayStation Store updates, I thought. Instead of listing them here, details are over in our news area- enjoy!
  • Your telling me !!!!! - Whoa.............:D:D