Happy B-day JaY!!
  • Jason F of our staff turned 24 today. Id like to wish him a happy birthday! :clap:

    So did you get any good presents?
  • Thank you Mike for the pleasant message, it is really appreciated.

    I haven't really had any presents, I've just had a little bit of money. Unfortunately that will be going into my bank account to clear my iddy biddy overdraft :( ah well.
    My mum and dad will be possibly buying me something in a week or two when they have a bit extra money so not too bad.

    Anyway, thanks again everyone for the birday wishes and/or thoughts :)

    Site Squad
  • Happy B-day mate..... ;) :D
  • Best wishes for the day, Jay. Many happy returns ;)
  • Belated Happy Birthday Jay!

    I hope you had a great day! Best Wishes!
  • Cheers Chris, a little late granted, but, as the saying goes, "Better late than never" :)
  • Happy Birthday have a great day :)