Try carving a pumpkin like THIS.
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    I always enjoy seeing things people have made in their spare time. It often trumps most things you could buy in a retail store or online. What this guy did is awesome. What you see above was done completely using pumpkins. Everything up there has been carved from pumpkins. It is amazing isn't it?

    I know I'll at least try doing the skull this Halloween. I'll post pictures of my results when the time comes.

    Click HERE to see the instructions for how you can do this yourself (Click the little square pictures to go from one step to the next).

    The best part is, someone asked how long the sculpture lasts. He answered: "The skull turned into a shrunken head, but lasted until the following EASTER". Hilarious. I have to see if he is telling the truth on that.
  • Wow, that must have taken like an entire weekend to complete. Pretty cool!