Guess whos back :)
  • Yes after 4 weeks of fighting to get my phone line our broadband was switched on an hour ago!! Have had a horrible day though coz my car has had to be towed home from work and its sat out side the garage now :(

    Lots has happened but hopefully we will be able to upload our wedding video to youtube soon so everyone can see it
    What have i missed??

    Oh and yes ive managed to get plenty gaming done - have completed 24 the game and may write a review for it if im allowed!!
  • You'll find your answer regarding 24 in the squad section, Jane. B)

    Not sure if you've checked at the main site on your return. Jim has been quite busy lately-he has added sections to the main site now for PS3 and PSP games. We will soon have information up for all the PlayStation systems. You'll find lots of articles to proofread in the squad area as well-feel free to go in and put your two pence in.
  • WB Jane, how u and the Tiffmeister been? :laugh: lol

    So, glad to see you both back on here, the table has been lonely while you've been away. The gentlemans club just hasn't been the same without you and Mel doing a dual-table dance, lol.
  • Great to have you both back Jane... we are looking forward to catching up on all your news.
  • Glad to have you back!!

    How is Tiff doing?
  • Tiff is fine!
    Im sure he will be back soon - We had problems with our main PC last night but its working now!
    My car is going to cost the best part of
  • sounds like life is cushty there Jane, good for you and Tiff both...long may it continue :)

    sooo...any pitter patter of tiny feet yet? ;) spill...
  • Not yet - I have to work 12 months in my current job before i would get any maternity benefits so its gonna be next year at the earliest

    Not any rush though - we just chilling and getting on with life - Its FAB!!!

    Whats the news with everyone else then?
  • Nm, I've just been dieting down for my bodybuilding show.

    As of today I am about 3 1/2 weeks out (its on sept 22nd).

    Im exhausted and hungry all day. Some days I even have to be in the gym for up to 3 hours. I look good though. I can't wait until the show is over. Im craving ice cream and something with melted cheese on it.
  • hmm, let me see if i can remember what everyone is up to.

    Jim has won the lottery so he aint around much, cause he keeps pimpin the servers. aparently every single bit of the circuits from the hard drive to the RAM to the power buttons to the wires are made of 24 carat pure gold, or so i've heard.

    Lyn? er he's apparently moved to Niagara falls and he's bcome the guy who checks to make sure the idiots don't try to go over it in beer kegs.

    er dunno bout Mike or Chris...

    Oh Rory is joining NASA so he can become a Space Scout or something like that.

    Oh and Mel is just, well, she's Mel. Busy trying to take over the world with her creative writing.

    As for me, well i'm due to start at Leeds Met next month for four years.
    then i'm gonna be warping the minds of children as a primary school teacher.
    you see i'm planning for the future in terms of taking over the world. you capture the minds of the young, and then you've got the minds of tomorrows scientists, presidents, etc etc :laugh: MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    hehem, so yeah we're all good, thanks :)
  • Well if Jim won the lottery im off to chat him up lol!!!
  • Well I found out that I have the exact same birthday as Lyndon... jeez we have been working togehter for years and never knew !

    Have done zero exercise, so am guessing my body is going in the complete opposite direction to Mike C's

    Spent a week at the Edinburgh Comedy festival...which was mental - you have to go sometime Jane.