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    I'll be happy when Home comes out in wide-release. I have been on the beta, but at this point, all of the secrets have really been given away (Read them all in the newest Electronic Gaming Monthly). I have a couple of reasons why I'll be happier when Home is in wide-release.

    First reason is that Home is quite boring at the moment because there aren't enough people in the Beta. Imagine walking into your local mall at about 9 A.M. on a Tuesday. That's what Home is like. Not too many people there, but you want people there, because it's supposed to be a social community.

    Second reason is that I feel like the only thing that connects PS3 users right now is the Folding@Home program. While that program is phenomenal, and is a great way for people to team up for a better future, there is no social aspect to it. I just notice that when I cut on my PS3 every day, there are usually 1 or 2 of my friends playing a game, and the rest are folding. Again, that is great, but also sad that my friends are all folding, when we could be in Home (Hope that's not making me sound like a jerk) having fun.

    Third reason is that, once the beta is over, Sony will be forced to step it up. I mean, at the moment, there is a limit to the things you can do in Home without getting bored quickly. Once every network connected PS3 user (I'd assume at this point they're mostly all connected to the net... wouldn't ya think?) has Home, Sony will definitely have to step up on their end, and add more places to roam around (Including the one pictured above - outside your personal apartment), more games to play, more videos to watch, etc.

    At this point, only rumored dates have been mentioned for Home's full release. Not much at all has been said about the PS3's coming trophies, but the Beta has a little space that says something like "MCW's Gamercard". If they launch one, they have to launch the other simultaneously, or close to it, I would think. Either way, they are both confirmed for release.

    What are your thoughts on Home, what you're excited about, what you want to do on there, what you don't like, etc.?
  • I had seen around different sites that "gamercard' you mention will only be viewable in Home- it won't be available to use as a sig or whatever around the web.

    We should be hearing a definite date on Home soon- the Tokyo Game Show is on from Sept. 20 to Sept. 23. I can see Sony announcing a date during that.

    To be honest, I haven't really been following many of the updates regarding this other than the rumored date that got bandied about (and shot down by Sony). Not being in the beta myself makes it harder to say what i would like, don't like, etc.
  • Im jealous of you guys! I don't have a ps3 yet and home looks unbelievable.

    You guys have seen jim's news post about home right?
  • I'm pretty sure, once Home is available to everyone, that yeah there will be more things to do, and of course more people around...;)
    I also agree that Sony will have to step up their game. Especially now that you've described it as getting kind of boring.. Surely they'll answer the calls and improve and add tons of new stuff..

    As for what i'm looking forward to in Home.. Well the whole idea of Home really excites me.
    Just creating your own apartment and avatar, is so cool and being able to meet up and do a whole host of things with friends, and going straight into games.. It brings a whole new concept to online gaming and the social side of gaming itself... :D:D
  • Haven't you guys heard Home has been delayed until spring 2008:crybaby:
  • Yes we have heard- i reported it myself on our news page.

    Still, better to be delayed and work right when it does come out rather than rushed out and buggy.
  • Lyndon M STAFF said:
    Yes we have heard- i reported it myself on our news page.

    Still, better to be delayed and work right when it does come out rather than rushed out and buggy.

    Ya I suppose it is when you look at it that way.
  • To put it out this fall would have been a bad idea. I'd rather them keep releasing updates to the beta, and adding more features while excitement builds. Most importantly, they need to get XMB working in all games and not just Home, so that it is universally on the PS3.

    Also, they have to get the "Trophies" system going and get people used to it first before they go randomly sticking them in Home.

    Home looks really good graphically (Aside from the creepy looking avatar people), but graphics aren't so important in this "game". What matters is whether or not there is a reason for anyone to use it.

    It doesn't bother me that it has been delayed a little longer.
  • I'm not too angry, now they've announced the open Beta.

    It will be worth the wait..;) :D
  • where can I get the beta
  • Unless you suddenly find the download in the PlayStation Store, you don't. Sony selects who gets in.

    If the rumored date for the open beta is true (there hasn't been an actual announcement yet on the date, just some speculation) then it shouldn't be much longer until we can all check things out.
  • Lyndon M STAFF said:
    Unless you suddenly find the download in the PlayStation Store, you don't. Sony selects who gets in.

    That's right. The only way I got in, was many months ago, Sony opened registration up for "Underground" members. I signed up immediately, and several months later, with no confirmation, I opened the Playstation Store and saw it sitting there. It was the very first item shown on the store list.

    So, if and when you do get into Home Beta, it will always be listed as the first item on your Playstation store. That will save you the trouble of looking for it when you go there. It is still shown in my store, even after downloading it.
  • then let me use yours
  • Even if he wanted to, he can't. That would mean giving you his PSN log in details and he's not about to do that. Plus Sony has measures in place to make sure no one crashes the Home beta- doing that could make him get kicked out of the beta, leaving both people out.

    This is maybe as good a time as any to say this- do NOT share your log in details for PSN, this site or anything with anyone (even friends or family). We've had several cases here where friends or family have logged in as someone and promptly acted like asses. You can guess what some may do because they think it's funny if logged into PSN and you have a credit card stored in the info for PlayStation Store purchases.
  • The only thing I think the 360 has over the ps3 is xbox live. So when HOME does hit, if done properly, it'll be what the ps3 needs to win over all the people on the fence.
  • games score makes it good fun and drives you to 100%games and gives freindly competion between your mates of who can get the highest scores on their profiles. I was hpoing sony where going to intergrate that inm to their sysystem
  • I still hope they will integrate that into the experience, i like the idea alot........:)