Network Connection Problem
  • Hey i got my PS3 this morning and ive been having a really hard time trying to get it to connect to the internet. I am able to get the ip address but the internet connection fails (80710102). i am using the crappy Scientific Atlanta modem that Virgin Media gave us (sorry i dont know the model) and a thompson speedtouch 510 router, i dont know the ip's for either to get on to the admin page so i dont really think i can change the settings there. ive done everything i can think of but the internet connection keeps failing.

    any ideas guys?
  • Unfortunately you will need to get into the router settings for some of the things needed to get the PS3 online smoothly. The IP for the router should be in some of the documentation for it.
  • ive now found both the ip for the modem and the ip for the router and their both different. i can get into the modem page but there is no option to change anything there. when i try to connect to the routers config page it says "Problem Loading Page"
  • Sounds like you have some serious messups there. My advice would be to contact the tech support for the router and have them help you get into the router page. Then we can get you going with the PS3 wih a few tweaks on both the router and the PS3.
  • there might be a problem with that because i got the router when i my ISP was AOL and they wont talk to you unless your using AOL. and the router itself is discontinued so there isnt really any tech support for it.

    do you think it would be better just to buy a new router?
  • In that case, yes, go get a new router. One by Linksys or D-Link will likely give you the most satisfaction.
  • yeah ok or another think ive noticed is the WiFi MAX from (Six of the Best!) would that work?
  • WiFi Max is more of a relay to let your system online using a current wireless connection- in others words, your crap router. You would be better served getting an actual router such as the Linksys WRT54G.
  • Hey ive been messing around with my router and modem and ive now been able to get the PS3's MAC Address and IP into my router. In the PS3 ive got all the details i got from ipconfig/all put in and when i try to connect i am able to optain the ip address but fail the internet connection part and i get the error " An error has occurred during communication with the server. This is a DNS error. (80710102)"

    Anyone know whats wrong
  • I would say you don't have the DNS server names in correctly. Go into your router's status page, which should have the right DNS server numbers, and edit those into your connection. If you didn't before also put in the IP address you set up for the PS3 earlier, the router's IP address (the same IP you use to get to its setup) and the Subnet mask.
  • ok i found another problem i cant get into my router config page again. when i was trying i disconnected my modem so it was just the router that i had plugged in then entered the ip of the router into my browser (firefox) and it says that it cannot find the page
  • The modem still needs to be plugged in for all to work so reconnect it and have at it again.
  • ok ive tried that and it still wont connect to the page. the modem im using is a WebSTAR EPC2100R2 that was provided to us by VirginMedia (since we get tv phone and internet through them) it only has one ethernet port so the way ive got it is an ethernet wire going from the modem to the router and another ethernet wire going from the router to my computer
  • Something is definitely working right otherwise you wouldn't be able to get here. B) You are sure you are entering the IP for the router in correctly? That is the only reason i can think of that it won't come up. Are you still trying to use that Thompson router?
  • Yes im still using the thompson router since after buy the PS3 its left me rather drained of funds until i get paid in 2 weeks time:D . im sure im entering the ip right because i book marked it just because im lazy. also i can get onto my modems page but it doesnt appear that i can change anything there
  • You may want to try something simple here- power down the router for a few seconds and then plug it in again. Give it another try getting to the set up page after that. It may have got a bit of 'brain freeze" with the disconnections earlier.
  • still nothing. im doing computing at college and one part of the course is networking and i just dont have a clue why this wont work. i mean im able to connect to the internet on my PC as you can quite clearly see but not on my PS3. Also i can connect to my cable modem which is connected to my PC via a router but i cant connect to the router itself
  • Isn't technology great? :rolleyes:

    I am at a complete loss on that one- only thing i can maybe think of is run the router install again. Myself, i would just say forget it and wait until getting a new router before hooking up the PS3- that one is being too much of a pain for my liking.
  • yeah i think ill just wait until i get paid and then buy a new router. is there any wired routers that you would recommend?
  • As I mentioned above anything from Linksys or D-Link will likely give you the most satisfaction. Currently i use a D-Link DI- 514 wireless for my sharing needs (wanted the 802.11 B capability for the PSP).

    It wouldn't hurt to get a wireless router just in case you decide to use this in the future for a laptop or other device. Have a look at the Linksys WRT54G or its more compact version, the WRT54GC.
  • ok thanks for your help
  • im trying to get an internet connection with my ps3 , im using my laptop with a wireless internet card , and the manual gives know specifics. ip address timed out is all i keep getting.
  • If you have wireless access you shouldn't need to use your laptop at all, King. Set up your PS3 to tap into the same hotspot your computer does.
  • Here's my 2 cents on the PS3/xbox router problems.... I had problems way back when xbox live was starting... had a D-link(wired) routerDI-604... tried to get online gaming a go and no luck until I went to D-link's homepage and downloaded the latest Firmware for the router & it even kept all the settings that I made for my other computers connections... now xbox & PS3 work fine using the auto setup feature to go online. One other thing is some ISP's will CAP your outbound bandwidth making it difficult to host games and can cause ping failure. Now when sales people come by to get me to switch providers thats the 1st thing I ask them " If they support online game consoles?" & their Up/down Data rate....
    Happy gamming..Cheers