Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, Flying Mission, Circle Airstrip
  • HEY, HOW ARE YOU GUYS, CAN SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE WITH THE GAME PS2 grand theft auto san andreas flying mission
    circle airstrip, when i takeoff my plane, i can't fly through those red circles because i cant go high enough.

    ANOTHER QUESTION, if you use the cheats too many times, does it affect the missions. please respond, thanks :confused:
  • I gave you about the only tips i could regarding this mission in your other thread here.

    I haven't heard anything about the cheats affecting things through overuse- I know one of the past games would not let you get the full 100% if you did use them. This may be the only effect in place if they continued that practice.
  • THANKS FOR REPLYING LYNDON M STAFF, i am not talking about the turning the plane, i am talking about the takeoff, thanks for responding though
  • using cheets will not allow you to 100% the game
  • I used cheats and I finished it 100%
  • thanks for responding guys, i will try my best, but i know i won't be able to do it.
  • horseshoe is for luck right. so if i find all the horseshoe, will i be able to pass some of missions in flying school with getting 70%.