Found by accident...
  • OK, so this morning I go into our walk in closet to get a shirt and I notice an unmarked bag on the top shelf on (MY SIDE). Me being a man and not thinking, I reached for it wondering when I put that up there. It felt like a small box. I looked into the bag and couldn't make out what it was so I pulled the little box out. It was a 16 gig IPOD Touch. :o I tilted my head and then it came to me............Christmas!! My wife got me one of them and she hid it in the closet. Why would she put it on my side of the closet?? I got excited at first but then wondered if I should tell her and let her know how ditzy she is. She really is blonde. (no offense to those that are) HAHAHAHAA!!! I'm no good at keeping anything from her. We even tell each other about who we flirted with when we go out. ::grin:: So cast your vote and comment on my dilemma.
  • Just buy her something better than that and leave it "accidentally" on the bed
    D'you have kids? Might be for them....
    If not, maybe it's hers?

    That's all I could think of
  • Are you kidding? As much as I LOVE to spoil women.... I got her a new car last week. 08 Toyota Camry XLE. Maybe she felt that whatever else she got me wasnt enough? haahaha...not that it matters to me.
  • then isn't the car her christmas present.?.?.?.?.?.?
  • It better count as one. She told me not to get her anything else for xmas but all us men know they mean the opposite when they say that.
  • That IS true
    How about a D&G handbag/purse or new cellphone
  • I got her one of them COACH ones. I will NEVER understand why those things are so expensive AND why women need a new one every month. :rolleyes: But if it makes her happy..
  • handbags are NOTHING! Talk about SHOES!!
    Every weekend "Shoes today... Damn
  • Dont say anything!! Act suprised and head doen to tiffany & co for a bracelet or something ;)

    Thats the womans perspective
  • HAHAHAHA!!! I knew that was coming.
  • Oh no, you better not tell her.
    Nothing is more deflating than having a gift you knew your significant other would like found out and them tell you.

    Keep it to yourself and react the same on Christmas day when you open it.;)

    As far as explaining hiding it on your side..maybe she was in a rush and wanted to put it somewhere and just shoved it in there. As much as I believe women are awesome multi-taskers you get kind of overloaded during the holidays.:p
  • :huh: Now don't you fill bad for finding it.. Lol"

    I have been in your spot before and I just looked sirprised on Xmas day.
    Good luck!

  • Im going to go against the grain on this one. I say tell her. Explain it was an accident and maybe she will let you have it early.

    It has just been my experience that everytime I try to hide something they always, always find out.
  • That's proof that Mike is a poor hider
  • Mike C STAFF said:
    It has just been my experience that everytime I try to hide something they always, always find out.

    There has never been a more true statement Mike. HAHAHAHA However, i've decided to leave it alone and pretend I didnt see it. Who knows, it might not even be mine. Hell....maybe its going to the milkman :o
  • I said it might not be yours.
    Maybe her bro or.. nephew or... cousin
  • HAHAHA....turns out it was mine after all. I love it!! You can even browse the internet with wi-fi on this thing.
  • cool, at least your wife gives You expensive things.
    The most expensive thing I got was a watch a R200 watch. (£€20)
  • I know it is a little late but I say don't tell her. The surprise was spoiled for you, don't spoil it for her.
  • indeed ..........
  • Naaaaa.. of course I didnt tell her. She was so proud of that gift too.
  • It's a good thing you didn't tell her because nothing squashes your pride as a woman than getting your guy a gift that they already knew about....and finding out.;)
  • Good on ya for not divulging your secret, sometimes the ends justify the means. My poor wife, she just could not contain her excitement and had to give me the majority of my gifts early, lol, she really went all out for me this year as it has been a rough one.

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