need advice on van helsing
  • how do i get out of the libaray,after killing the first vampire bride,thanks:(
  • awh, what level are you in exactly? I tried looking this up before but could not quite pinpoint just where you meant.
  • it,s in the 2nd or 3rd,right after the three vampire queens are together in the room there is on on the left andone on the right and the thirdone is in the middle while the oter two are ,looks like they are shooting elecrtic at the middle one thanks anthony
  • hope you can figure out what it is
  • Is this in the Church Stage by chance?
  • If that is the right spot this battle should be the end of the level. have you tried going back the way you came after that battle?
  • yes but can't get out pleaseeee help
  • after many trials and failure i finally got out of the library,what i did was knock over one of the book shelves and that lead to a secert pasage where you a quire the cross bow after a couple of battles with skelatons,then you battle some blackbirds ,thanks for all the help,i will get back with you if i get stck again,:p