• Hello everybody. Do you maybe know anything about internet for playstation one? My friend told me that i can play games on psx on internet with mobile(or mobile connector). Please tell me something about it.
  • I'm afraid your friend is mistaken- there never was any sort of internet access for the original PlayStation. Sony did not start with online play until partway through the life of the PlayStation 2.
  • yeah but i read somewere, i mean on one site that americans made this mobile i was talking about. I dont want to tell that you made a mistake, i just wanna tell that maybe americans made it, not europeans. ok thanks
  • I would definitely remember something like this. There was no online for PlayStation until Sony released the network adaptor for the PlayStation 2.
  • ok thank u very much
  • I think Sony did start to do something with WAP phones linked to the Playstation. I think there were games in development that used it but I don't know if it ever got released. There was an article in an OPM magazine I read, will have a look for it.

    There was also an add-on that let you send emails and cheat codes.