Better Shooter game than Black
  • Hey I am into the army games and shooting games I have played all the call of duty ps2 and ps3 some of the Clancy Rainbow six can you give some ideas on another game like that that is better than black
  • if i were you iwould get battlefield2 modern combat 4.5 sars outa 5
  • no its poo if yuo have adescent pc then yes get that game dont ever ever get this on a console !
  • Any of the SOCOM series are good. If you are looking for something a little different, try Red Dead Revolver & GUN.
  • Had some recent fun with mindless destruction playing Battlefield - Bad Company from EA.

    For something more involved and/or different, check out Fallout 3 (although it is not strictly a shooter, it definitely has some bite.)
  • Another AWESOME shooter that I was playing until the PS3 took a dump is Dead Space.

    I can't wait to get the console back just so I can continue playing this game. Superb graphics, great story line and more than a few jumps as well.
  • Dead Space is well worth a look, gonna get it again when it's out on platinum as there is a few trophies that I need to collect & also still got DLC suits on the HDD. Have you seen it on the Wii? will be looking to hire that before buying as it looks pretty good