Need info on PSOne with screen
  • Hi

    I have an old Playstation with the flip up screen. I don't play it anymore but I would like to use the screen for another purpose. I'm currently putting together a computer for my car and the screen is the perfect size.

    Does anyone have any technical information about the monitor, i.e., power requirements and connectors etc.? Has anyone adapted the screen to connect via vga or dvi or even composite rca?

    Any information anyone has would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks again.
  • There never was a PSOne with a screen built in (at least I don't remember that- may not have been released worldwide) but I do recall several people that attempted to bring out screens you could attach.

    A quick search for "PSOne with screen" did turn up a page where someone did some reworking to put the PSOne screen into a computer. While I'm not really allowed to link to the sites found doing a similar search should find you some help.
  • That is the type of PlayStation I got using the search terms above. Try it using both PSOne and PlayStation One in the search to maybe get more hits.
  • psone screen information - Google Search

    Maybe I should have just went to google first, instead of taking the time to register here. I could have asked my 8 month old daughter the same question and got an equally helpful response
  • I've already explained the reasons for not giving the direct link to the sites- it is against our rules to link to other gaming-related sites (other than official sites from game companies). That first link i see on your search is the exact site i found myself.
  • i used to have one its not built in you can attach it and remove it whenever you want.